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Vicky Shilling


Is podcasting right for you? 1 Simple Strategy to Dip a Toe In & Decide!

Itching to start a podcast, but you’re a liiiiitle wary of a long-term commitment? (Maybe you don’t want to create an episode every dang day for the rest of your life? 😉 ) … the strategy Rosemarie is sharing will be perfect for you.

Your voice needs to be heard! So listen in on this one and learn how to dip your toe into podcasting, in a way that feels great! 


9 Elements for an About Page that Boosts Authority & Converts Clients

Scheduled a root canal to avoid writing your About Page? We hear you. But it really doesn’t have to be hard… Megan’s here to walk us through every. single. section. we need – to make sure this crucial page moves the needle on conversions for you.


From Scroll to Subscribe: How to Grow Your Email List Using Instagram Reels

Jordan’s revealing her simple, 5-step IG Reels routine that builds her email list every single day!

You’ll learn how to (finally) stop over-complicating Reels, how Jordan films B-roll on the DL in public places without being embarrassed 🫣, and the simple automation she’s using to grow her list with her IG.


Using LinkedIn Events to Build Your Community & Attract Ideal Clients

If your current LI network is full of old colleagues and peers — and you want to attract ideal clients instead, LinkedIn Events will accelerate that pivot.

Jen’s sharing the 101’s for this unique strategy, plus plenty of insider tricks for engaging and converting the people you attract with it. So say “bye!” to yucky cold outreach and hello to conversations in flow with your dream people!


How to Leverage Your Sales Page to Write Your Launch Email Campaigns

Ummmm… Sales pages are a lot of work. (And they’re worth it! 😉

But let’s get more mileage out of them, shall we? Dani’s sharing her workflow for using one piece of “domino” content to create all the copy you need for your next best launch.

You’ll learn exactly what to pull from your sales pages, to save hours of writing time and ensure your brand and voice stay consistent across channels.


The Adaptable Marketing Strategy That Actually Creates the Flexible Business You Want

It’s time to make your marketing strategy as flexible as you want your business to be.

Latesha will blow your mind with the powerful framework she uses to adapt her marketing anytime she finds herself booked out, burnt out, or her kid’s school is randomly out. 😉

We’re dishing on how you can still bring in leads and make you money – even when you are too busy or too tired to show up.


Turn Your Thought Leadership Content into a Mini-Course for Lead Generation

Ready to take what you know, and turn it into an asset that will bring you leads – on repeat?

Julie’s covering what types of topics work for this strategy (and which ones don’t)… the #1 pitfall that coaches fall into when creating a mini-course-as-lead-magnet… and what you need, logistically, to make this work for your business! 

Jana Osofsky, In Demand & Booked Out Summit Hostin


Get Leverage with the “More Clients with Less Content” Method

Wish you could spend less time on the content creation treadmill, while *increasing* your conversions and income? Wish granted. 

Jana’s sharing her 3-part strategy for more clients with less content. You’ll also learn the #1 reason why coaches, strategists, and service providers don’t make as many sales as they’d like to – and a low-lift way to fix that, starting today. (It’s shockingly simple!) 

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