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Expert strategies for more inquiries, clients, and lasting revenue.

You’re Invited to be interviewed as an Expert Speaker in this exclusive event!

We’re sharing specific strategies that coaches and service providers can use to build demand, get booked out with motivated clients, and create real staying power 💪🏼
for their businesses.

The Basics:

As a chosen Expert Speaker for this event, you will share an actionable, value-rich strategy or method that you and/or your clients use to get results.

I’ll be interviewing you (no slides needed!) and…

✔️  You’ll share your strategy or method
✔️  I’ll ask you some pre-set questions about your topic
✔️  You’ll share how/where people can *learn more* from you


If this interview-style summit sounds up your alley,
keep reading…

Meet your host:

Jana Osofsky, Content Marketing Strategist
& Pinterest Marketing Educator

I’ve spent 8+ years helping clients create content that strategically builds trust and demand for their offers – and amplify it using Pinterest and other platforms of their choice.

I’m so excited to collaborate with you, grow our audiences together, and bring our respective audiences strategies for attracting, nurturing, and converting clients!

Event Details…

Summit Drop Date:

Thursday, November 9th, 2023

Promotion Window:

Monday, October 30th – Sunday, November 12th

Please submit your Speaker Questionnaire (below) no later than September 22nd. 

Interviews will be recorded between September 25th and October 10th. Once you’re a confirmed speaker, I’ll send you a scheduling link for your interview.

(Pssst… only the audio will be used for the Summit! No need to be camera-ready.)

To be included, you must commit to sending at least two dedicated emails to your list to promote event registration. (I’ll send you swipe copy! Easy-peasy!) 

I also ask that you promote on any of your active social channels at least twice during the promotion window.

  • ✔️  All pre-recorded audio interviews will be released at 8:00am ET on November 9th, 2023.
  • ✔️  There will be 7 speakers (small-scale = high visibility).
  • ✔️  There is no VIP Pass upsell. We’re just bringing value and expanding our audiences. 
  • ✔️  You will be able to pitch a freebie – so you can grow your list! (More on that below…) 

A little more about the Micro Audio Summit format:

This is a small-scale, interview-style, audio-only event. It’s delivered similarly to a podcast – easily listened to and portable for attendees.

There are only a handful of speakers sharing their specific strategy and actions on a niche topic or theme.

It’s free for attendees who register. There is NO VIP Pass or upsell.

The Micro Audio Summit Framework gives all of the speakers the ability to gain access to the other speakers’ audiences and grow your authority and email list. Learn more here.

What’s in it for You?

I know you’re going to love being part of this – and you’ll get so much ROI, too!

This is a fun, low-effort summit that will expand your audience and authority. (It’s audio-only; interview style. No slide deck needed.)


  • ✔️  Share your expertise in front of the other speakers’ audiences – expanding your own audience and visibility. 🙌🏽
  • ✔️  You can promote a free resource to grow your email list! There will be CTAs in several places to check out the speakers’ free resources – and opt-in to your respective lists!  🎉
  • ✔️  All you’ll need to do is (a) show up and be interviewed – and (b) send the required promotions to your list! So easy. 🧘🏾‍♀️

So… You in?
Please complete the speaker intake form below.

After you fill it out, within a day or so, I’ll send you an email to confirm you’re in, and with a link to book your interview time.  

I can’t wait to shine the spotlight on you!

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