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Vicky Shilling


How to Decide If You Should List Your Prices on Your Website

Some experts say, “You must!” Others say, “Don’t do it!” (Ummmm… confusing much?) Vicky is going deep into the pros and cons of each choice – including some you may not have considered. She’ll walk you through how to make the best decision your business.

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The Top Mistakes Coaches & Service Providers Make on Sales Pages (+ what to do instead!)

Get ready for Hailey to completely de-mystify sales pages! She’s walking us, step-by-step, through each main element that yours will need. And she’s pointing out common mistakes people make, that get in the way of conversions. Take notes!

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How to Craft a Compelling Offer Promise That Grabs Attention + Sells Your Offer

Samantha’s reveals the 3 key pieces of a bold, effective, offer promise. She’ll also help you sidestep some common (and deadly!) mistakes people make with theirs. You’ll learn you craft your offer promise -so you can use it to confidently book more people into your signature offers!

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3 Things to Cover in Your Discovery Calls (+ 5 Words & Phrases to Avoid!)

Ready to show up confidently on discovery calls? Britteney’s got you. She’s walking us through what needs to be covered and even how to phrase some of the most crucial parts of the conversation. Plus, she’s giving us 5 words and phrases to *erase* from our sales calls — and what to swap in instead. You will rock your sales calls after this download from Britteney! 

CLICK for Britteney’s Free Resource >>> 10 Questions to Ask on a Discovery Call


What Goes Into a Solid Client Contract? (& Why) 

Michelle, an attorney who says, “I don’t use legal jargon. Plain language me all day!” is here to talk contracts.  She’s detailing the clause that’s absolutely necessary for good boundaries with clients, how to avoid (but also protect yourself) from payment disputes or chargebacks, and more. You’ll feel so much more informed and confident after this short talk!

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Debunking the High-Ticket Myth: Charge Less, Earn More & Make a Bigger Impact

The standard advice for growth? Charge more, charge more, charge more. And while there *is* a time and place for high-ticket pricing, in this session Michelle shares a different model…

You can actually offer lower prices, make your services incredibly accessible to the people who need your help, and earn even more – with a low-ticket program. The best part? Clients who are incredibly grateful, less demanding and poised to buy your next offer too!

CLICK for Michelle’s Free Resource >>>  The ‘Charge Less, Earn More’ Blueprint


The ONE Email That Has Sold $80,000 Worth of Courses & Programs 

Allison has an email that sold over $80,000 worth of programs in 2023! In this interview, she’s pulling back the curtain on why it worked so well, the bigger picture strategy behind this email, and the key to getting more bookings and sales through email marketing! (And yes! You’ll get the email template!)

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Jana Osofsky, In Demand & Booked Out Summit Hostin


Creating Content that Gets You Booked-Out: Avoid These 3 Conversion-Killers

So many coaches and service providers are PUTTING IN THE REPS with their content — but it’s still not converting. No one’s reaching out about your offers, no one’s scheduling discovery calls… Ughh. 

Let’s talk about how to change aaaaallll that – and what it takes to create content that builds demand and trust, and gets people booking and buying faster. 🎯

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