The most beautiful thing about some automation
in your content marketing?

It takes the pressure off you … It allows you to create content when you are inspired! … to be in the flow when you write or record… which results in higher-quality messages.

Plus, having automation in place:

  • saves you time.
  • saves you money when it’s time to outsource the non-automated pieces to a VA. 
  • ensures you’re consistently visible in the right places – even when you’re not online. 

Choose one – or more – of these projects. We’ll create the content and handle the tech – and get it working for you.

If you’re considering tackling one at a time, book a call with me and we’ll discuss a step-by-step plan.

Your business needs an active Facebook page. But, consistently posting content is a challenge, and always seems to fall to the bottom of your to-do’s. When you do post, you feel like you’re always re-creating the wheel – not the best use of your time.

There is a better way! We’ll build a bank of impactful social posts that you can re-use… and get them posting on a loop… all without sacrificing authenticity or veering from your brand! Written content and graphics are included. 

Investment: $1600 or $3900

Both package options below include:

  • Content marketing goals and branding questionnaire
  • 60 minute strategy call and creation of a customized project strategy
  • A blend of artful repurposing and creation of on-brand written content
  • Up to 30 on-brand graphics

We’ll create a bank of 75 evergreen posts for your Facebook page. We’ll pre-schedule 3 posts per week at optimal times. The content bank automatically starts again at the beginning every 25 weeks. Graphics included.

Price: $1600.00
Scheduling software cost not included – varies from $0 to $25/mo.


We’ll create a bank of 130 evergreen posts for up to 3 social accounts (Facebook page, Facebook group, LinkedIn, and Twitter are supported). We’ll pre-schedule 5 posts per week at optimal times. The content bank automatically starts again at the beginning every 26 weeks. Graphics included. 

Price: $3900.00
Scheduling software cost not included – $25/mo.


I recommend that you update the bank every 4 to 6 months. If you prefer not to handle this yourself, I offer a content bank audit and refresh service. This service includes a 60-minute strategy call, plus updating the existing content bank based on any strategy or messaging adjustments that you’ve made.
Investment: Starting at $450.00

Nurturing your email list with a strategic, automated welcome sequence is one of the most effective ways to build an audience for your services and programs.

Luckily, it can also be one of your most automated processes!

Done well, your automation builds that all-important know, like, trust factor. …And that means you make sales! (And we like sales!)


Investment: $1400

  • Creation of a 6-Email welcome sequence in Active Campaign or ConvertKit.
  • 60-minute strategy call
  • Business and branding questionnaire.
  • Mapping a strategic welcome sequence of six emails.
  • Writing and/or shaping content for six emails.
  • Includes two rounds of revisions. 
  • Setting up and automating the welcome sequence on your existing platform.

Basic Active Campaign or Convertkit account set up is available as a separate service.
List migration is available as a separate service.

A “Gotta Have it” free PDF resource (a lead magnet) is a win-win. You serve your audience by offering them actionable help – and a glimpse of your genius… and you grow your email list with ideal clients.

Let’s make your lead magnet a professional, on-brand piece that you’re proud of!


Investment: starts at $275 or $675

  • Questionnaire and 60-minute strategy call to brainstorm and plan your lead magnet’s topic and content.
  • Questionnaire to help you outline the basics of your lead magnet content.
  • Copywriting based on your outline, existing content, and the information gathered in our call and questionnaire.
  • Design of your lead magnet in Canva.
  • Image search if needed.
  • Up to 2 rounds of edits.
  • Delivered via PDF file.

Price: Starting at $675.00

  • Light copy-editing for grammar, clarity, and readability.
  • Design of your lead magnet in Canva.
  • Image search if needed.
  • Up to 2 rounds of edits.
  • Delivered via PDF file.

Copy is provided by the client. 
Price: starting at $275.00

High-quality, entertaining, and highly readable articles (or blog posts) can be the anchor of your content strategy.

But researching and writing them takes time. You know what you want to write about, but putting it into words that are compelling and organized (not to mention error-free and grammatically-correct) may not be your forte. (Good news! It’s mine!)

You can outline your piece, or record it via Facebook Live or video. I’ll create an article for you that your audience devours, and we’ll leave them wanting more from you! 

This package is also suitable for podcast show notes creation! 

Investment for articles: starts at $125
Investment for show notes: starts at $95

  • Optional questionnaire to help you loosely outline your blog post / article.
  • Re-purposing of Facebook live or other video is available.
  • Up to 2 rounds of edits.
  • Delivered via Google doc.
  • Formatting and posting on your blog’s site is available for an additional investment.

Inquire for custom pricing. 
Varies by word count and/or length of video to be re-purposed.
Re-purposing from video starts at $125, for a post of up to 800 words. (Typically suitable for an edited video of approximately 8 minutes; or a FB Live of about 20 min.).

Pinterest can be set up to be a low-maintenance, mostly-automated lead generation tool… without the big Facebook ads bill! Let’s leverage it to get you noticed, drive traffic, grow your list, and sell your programs! 

The best part is Pinterest is not “another social platform” that you need to engage on constantly. Once set up, you can invest about 4 to 5 hours per month (easy to delegate), and set it and forget it until next month. 

To learn more and book a complimentary Pinterest consultation with me,
please click here for the package details and the “book a call” button.

Want to DIY these projects instead? I can still help!

Swipe step-by-step workflows for most of these projects in the 
Systems Saved Me Workflow Template Shop! 

“Jana designed my lead magnet – a PDF guide – for my coaching program. She is organized and she knew what questions to ask me in the preparation phase. Because of this, the first draft was perfect and we didn’t need a lot of back and forth to get it right. She delivered on the schedule she promised, and the quality of the design was very high – a big improvement over what I had been using. The new thing I say to my team: ‘Make it look like Jana makes it look.’ “

Online Dating Coach,

“Jana was SO easy to work with and obviously knew her stuff. I was really impressed with the very streamlined process she had for getting to know my brand, getting assets from me, etc. The entire process was easy, fun and fast!”

Publicist for Entrepreneurs & Authors, Guide My Brand

“I’ve worked with several content managers and creative VA’s in the past. Jana O. is – hands down – the absolute best! She took the time needed to immerse herself in my brand, voice, and content. After that, she has been consistently surpassing my every expectation.

Jana excels in writing projects, and has a keen eye for detail in implementation and technology work. She’s clear and prompt with communication, organized and deadline-oriented, and keeps projects moving. Above all, she’s smart. She keeps the big picture in mind, and makes suggestions when she sees something amiss. I’ll continue to work with Jana for a long time!”

Psychology-driven Brand Strategist, Online Entrepreneur,

I had a Pinterest account for business, but it wasn’t sending my website much traffic. Jana optimized my account and it’s now on fire! The pins, boards, and descriptions she created are absolutely amazing. Jana has done far and above what I could have imagined! 

I can already see a huge growth in my Pinterest account. And, she made me a personalized video to show me the simple things needed once per month to keep the account working for me. I feel capable to carry out the concepts and steps she instructed in her video.

Professional Counselor, Coach, Author, and Speaker,

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