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Scrappy Ways to Use Instagram to Grow Your Health Coaching Business

Scale scale scale! This has become such a buzzword.

But somewhere in the midst of the online business craze, people forgot about the foundations of marketing and growing a loyal, engaged community: 1:1 human connection.

Let’s get back to basics and learn some scrappy ways to use IG to grow! 


The Art of Growing Your Client Roster with Networking & Collaborations

Businesses need other businesses – and collaboration is one of the greatest ways to help build one another up. In fact, collaborating with others can help you increase visibility, establish authority, grow your audience, get referrals, save time, save money, and grow your client roster.

We’ll cover why networking, building relationships, and collaborating works and how to easily get started.


Weight Inclusivity: Why it’s Good for Lead Generation (& Client Health)

In health and wellness, the predominant message is that thinner is better. But what if I told you that there’s another way?

What if I told you that businesses that are weight inclusive—meaning they don’t discriminate against people based on their size—are seeing significant success?

Not only that, but weight-inclusive businesses also positively impact their clients’ health. In this interview, I share why weight inclusivity is good for business – and specific actions you can take to leverage this knowledge. 


Build a Ready-to-Buy Community Around Your Offers

Ready to engage ideal client-types in a vibrant, engaged community centered around your fitness offers?

Learn how to create a community of customers and potential customers who are just *begging* to purchase as soon as you make an offer. How to share and grow with content that creates sales opportunities for you – 24/7.


Blow-Up Your Sales with These 3 DM (Direct Messaging) Scripts!

Let’s go over some DM scripts that health coaches can use to start impactful conversations in direct messages. 

Plus, we’ll talk about what “dark social” is (Wait whaaat? ;)… the purpose of chatting with someone in DM… actionable tips for keeping the conversation going… AND a ninja phrase that works every time.


Nurture Marketing Secrets That Turn Leads Into Clients

In this conversation, Tamika reveals the BIG reason your nurture marketing deserves as much strategic thinking as your lead generation and your sales content – if you want to grow your client roster.

We’ll also talk about how LESS nurture content (NOT more!) is the key to turning new leads into new clients. And she’ll share a secret strategy you can use right now to 10x the return on your lead generation efforts! 


Turn Followers Into Leads: Fill Your Email List In 1 Week!

Are you constantly chasing followers who rarely join your list? Do you struggle with inconsistent lead flow and want simple you can count on? Does it take several months for new leads to become loyal clients?

In this interview, you’ll discover a lightweight, simple lead-generation system that floods your email list with perfect-fit clients with *ZERO* Ad spend.


Profitable Pinning: Attract Health Coaching Clients with Pinterest 

Health coaches who hear about Pinterest often say, “Pinterest marketing? Oh, I couldn’t POSSIBLY add another social media platform!”

BUT savvy coaches know that adding Pinterest can actually TAKE THINGS OFF your to-do list. (Yes, you read that right… )

We’ll cover *exactly* how pinning can result in passive visibility for your content and offers. Get ready for some serious “ah-ha!” moments about how Pinterest works to attract health coaching clients.

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30-Minute 1:1 ‘Inclusivity-For-All’ Tune-up Session
with Tomesha Campbell

The Collaboration Magic Toolkit
by Lynn Neville

The Simple Social Media Caption Bundle: Just Copy & Paste!
by Molly Cahill 

Niche-ing Demystified! Workshop for Health Coaches
with Kendra Perry

The Nurture Matrix Self-Study Program
with Tamika Auwai

Path to Profit Workshop (VIP Level Access)
with Kelly Coulter

Private 1:1, 30-minute Micro Audio Summit Planning Session
with Wendy Breakstone

Pinterest with Purpose (Online Course)
by Jana Osofsky

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