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The simple system for creating Idea Pins that grow your influence & your income.

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Here’s what past students of my courses have said…

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Start consistently creating
Pinterest Idea Pins that grow your
audience, influence, and income.

Learn the simple system for Idea Pins that get the views and engagement you want – and put money in your wallet.

Pinterest Idea Pins are getting all the love – and driving all the growth.

These little babies are getting the most reach (by far) on the platform. And they’re hands-down the *best* way to grow your audience and your profits.

They also happen to be flexible, engaging – and lots of fun (if you’re clear on how to use them).

Oh, and they are here to stay. 

But sooooo many Pinterest marketers and creators still feel like they’re just ‘missing something‘ with Idea Pins.

Is this you?


Have you created some Idea pins… but you still can’t figure out exactly *how* they’ll put money in your bank account?


Perhaps you took a stab at a few… but they felt weird for some reason. And you just haven’t been able to get CONSISTENT with them?


Maybe you know Idea pins are ‘a must’ – because you really want to grow on Pinterest. But they take forever, and yours don’t seem to perform? Ugh. #discouraging


Or maybe you’re actually getting a lot of views on your account already… BUT no one seems to be taking action on your pins…
No saves.
Few new followers.
And definitely no sales. 


And maybe you want to use your Reels, Stories, Tiktoks, etc on Pinterest… but you need some education on how Idea Pins work – so you don’t waste your time?

Oh and… While we’re on the subject…

What is the DEAL with calls to action on Pinterest? (<< Use your Seinfeld voice to read that line.)

You know you should use CTAs, but which ones will even work on Idea Pins? And where do they go? I mean… What does a Creator have to DO around here to get people to take action? 

Well, all of that Idea Pin confusion is about to go away… 


The simple system for creating Idea Pins that grow your influence & your income.

It’s a course.
It’s a planner.
It’s packed with “ah-ha moments” about Idea pins – and all the step-by-steps you need to create brilliant ones that get results.
It’s the solution you’ve been looking for.

Enroll for $499.00
$299 (Save $200)

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Hello! Jana O. here.

I created Idea Pin Brilliance for you. Why?
Well here’s the scoop…

I’ve been supporting students and clients with Pinterest marketing and content creation for about seven years now.

When Idea Pins came on the scene, it took some people awhile to embrace them. (Admittedly, I was one of those people!) But these days, we’re seeing the unparalleled power Idea pins have to help us grow on Pinterest, reach more of our ideal clients, and earn real money.

So… now everyone wants to know how to create Idea Pins! But not just any old Idea pins. You want to know how to create ones that give you a tangible ROI… Growth. Real influence. Perfect-fit clients.

And cash, to be frank!

And that’s what I teach you how to do in Idea Pin Brilliance!

Idea Pin Brilliance will help you – regardless of which content “camp” you’re in:

Before taking the course…

Some IPB students don’t really know *WHAT* to pin about.

They’re really smart and good at what they do. Knowledgeable and passionate, they help clients solve problems all the dang time!

But when it comes to creating “content” like Pinterest Idea Pins… they have a hard time figuring out how to turn what they know into “content.”

(It’s okay if you roll your eyes when you hear that word… I get it.)

And some IPB students have oodles of ideas for content. (Like soooo many!)

They get ideas in the shower… in their sleep… everywhere. The rest of us see an Instagram comment? They see content waiting to be created.

But they don’t know which of their ideas will work best on Pinterest.

Or which ideas will actually help them reach their income goals.

The Idea Pin Brilliance course and planner will solve both of those problems.

The simple system you’ll learn here will have you sailing through your Pinterest Idea pin planning and creation like Ginger Rogers. And it will be fun. (Really!)

So what’s included in Idea Pin Brilliance?


These lessons reveal (finally!) how to create Pinterest idea pins that get reach, get pinners to take action, and get you paid.

I’ll walk you through each and every step. Together, we’ll:

Set clear and exciting goals – so you can stay motivated and get real ROI from Idea pins.

Learn powerful techniques and tools that help you come up with the right pin topics – the ones that *really* work on Pinterest.

Learn aaaaallll about and master the 3 key elements that Idea pins need to really perform for you.

Identify and use the right keywords in the right ways – so you get found by people who are already searching and hungry for what you offer and create.

Learn easy workflows and strategies for using your IG Reels, Tiktoks, and other short videos on Pinterest – and actually see results from them! 

You will learn *everything* you need to get results – and to get consistent with Idea Pins.

Plus, you get… 


The Brilliant Idea Pin Planner is your one-stop tool for organizing your ideas and planning Pins (one month at a time) around the three critical elements of an Idea Pin.

This is your structured yet customizable ‘headquarters’ for your Idea pin workflow. It also houses the ‘cheat sheets,’ and checklists you need to make Idea Pins feel easy. (Really!)

Want more?

Here’s a more detailed breakdown
of all the lessons:

Lesson 1:


  • Let’s get on the same page with a fast but comprehensive review of Pinterest strategy basics.
  • Learn how Pinterest works, get the Idea Pins 101’s, and learn *exactly* how Idea Pins help us grow and earn.
  • Get acquainted with the 3 key elements that every Idea Pin needs to be a winner.
  • Feel confident going into the course material with enhanced clarity and knowledge – and a clear purpose and goals.

Lesson 2:


  • Some Idea Pin topics perform better than others. Learn how to identify the ones (in your niche) that will perform – and have the best chance to go viral.
  • Learn my proven, easy process (and my fave free tools) for generating topics based on what your audience really wants.
  • Dive deeply with me into *exactly* how you can use Pinterest trends (if you want to!) in your Pins – without wasting your time or getting off-topic. (Plus: precisely where to find the trends!)
  • Learn my process for repurposing content into multiple Idea pins that your audience love and take action on.

Lesson 3:


  • Learn how and where to find the keywords that will get your Pins into the right searches and feeds.
  • Get crystal clear on how and where to use those keywords on your Idea Pins.
  • Get the ‘executive summary’ on keywords; the baseline info you need – before you take the (optional) deeper dive in Lesson 6.

Lesson 4:


  • You know you need ‘em, but CTAs are confusing, right? Learn which CTAs work best on Pinterest – and when to use which ones. 
  • Get the real 411 on all the different ways to use CTAs on Idea Pins
  • Learn the main reason why CTAs on Idea Pins sometimes fail – and how to avoid that happening
  • Get clear on what kind of language will do the trick to get the micro-conversions you want (like saves, follows).

Lesson 5:


  • We’ll clearly identify and break down several effective “approaches” that you can take on any given topic – to create a brilliant Idea Pin.
  • See (with your own peepers) examples of Idea Pins that use these approaches.
  • Learn how using various approaches can help you feel more creative – and set you up to repurpose and reuse your best ideas on the regular, while still keeping things fresh.

Lesson 6:


  • Discover the Brilliant Idea Pin Planner* – your included set of worksheets that bring it all together in one central spot.

  • Learn how to plan one month of Idea Pins with ease – while incorporating all the critical elements they need to succeed.

  • Use the structured yet customizable planner to track your important checklists and resources – so you never miss important optimization steps while you’re creating.

*Your copy of the Brilliant Idea Pin Planner is included in this course!
This set of lessons teaches you how to use it. 

Lesson 7:


  • Get 1000% clear on 5 key 😉 ways to optimize your Idea Pins to be found by the right pinners.
  • Step-by-step videos show you the Idea Pin keywords what, where, and how-to’s – and include examples and formulas.
  • Discover 4 additional (but optional) nerdy, awesome ways to uplevel your keyword strategy on Pinterest

Lesson 8:


  • Learn the strategies that *actually work* when adding your short form video content to Pinterest.

  • Re-use that content you’re already working hard to create – so the people who are searching Pinterest for your topics will find you!

  • Get the step-by-step workflows you need to efficiently and effectively repurpose – without wasting time or looking gauche. 🙂

Annnnddd there are some
uber- valuable bonuses and extras!


  • Screen recording videos to get you comfy with using the main features, functions, and buttons on Pinterest’s Idea Pin builder on mobile.
  • My favorite tactics, tricks, and hacks inside the Idea Pin builder – and how to use them to put the strategies we’ve learned into action.


  • A ‘take what you need’ Pinterest troubleshooting guide. 7+ lessons that are laser-focused on helping you overcome specific challenges.
  • Have lots of views – but no one’s taking action? Followers not growing? Maybe your views are down? Head to this section of the course for action items and fixes.


  • Sometimes you hit a roadblock because you have a question that needs answering before you can move forward. This section is your destination for the answers.
  • Individual videos with nuanced answers to all the questions that I *KNOW* Idea Pin creators have while they’re planning and creating.

    This course is for you if *any* of this sounds familiar…


    You know Idea pins are the best way to grow, but you aren’t sure where to start (or get started again) with them.


    You want to create Idea pins that get you paid. You don’t want to create just to create – or make a ton of content that doesn’t have a real purpose.


    Nothing you create on Pinterest has gone viral yet (or if it did, you’re not sure how to replicate that!)… but you know that quality content and consistency make that inevitable – if you stick with it.


    Maybe you want to repurpose your Reels, Tiktoks, or other SFVs to Pinterest… (What you learn here will help you do that – and see results.)


    … Or maybe you want to create just for Pinterest – and that’s cool, too! 😉


    Oh, and you might still a little on the fence about Idea pins, TBH. I mean they don’t have links, so they can’t make us money, right? (Wrong. But if you’re still not sure, this course will definitely get you up to speed.)

    This course is NOT for you if…



    You just want to stick with the immediate gratification that keeps us hooked on social media. (I see you – posting and checking back twenty times in the next hour!) So you don’t appreciate or want the long shelf-life (and the passive visibility) that Pinterest delivers.


    You’re looking for an overnight ‘get rich quick’ opportunity. (You heard someone on Tiktok say you could easily make $100,000 on Pinterest this month – even if you’ve never pinned a thing yet. And you believe her.)


    You like Pinterest, but you just want to re-pin other people’s stuff. You have no interest in creating your own content.


    You’re an e-commerce seller. This course is for online coaches, micro-influencers / content creators, digital product sellers… and other online experts. The strategies I teach are ones that I know work for these types of creators.

    Enroll today…

    The simple system for creating Idea Pins that grow your influence & your income.

    Enroll for $499.00

    $200 OFF Webinar Special available for the next few days!

    The button below will direct you to sign into Teachable and check out on that site.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will this help me create more effective content everywhere? Or is it just for Pinterest?

    You’re so smart for asking. 😉 I’m a Pinterest Educator, but I’m also secretly a Content Strategist. (Shhhhh!) You’ll be learning to master Pinterest in this course. But the concepts and tools you learn here will 10000000% help you create more effective and profitable content on all platforms. (Icing on the cake, right?)

    When does the course begin?

    Idea Pin Brilliance is self-paced and begins as soon as you enroll! You can enroll now and start immediately or wait a few weeks (or more, really). Your choice!

    Can I take the course at my own pace?

    Yes! This course is entirely self-paced and as soon as you enroll you will have access to every chapter, lesson, and resource. You get lifetime access. Plus, you’ll always have access to future updates.

    How is this course different from your other one? (Pinterest with Purpose)

    They are different and go well together. 

    Pinterest with Purpose is all about getting your profile set up… keyword research and setting up your Pinterest profile (bio, photos, boards).

    Meanwhile, Idea Pin Brilliance is about Idea Pins. It’s a course, a planner, and a simple system for creating Idea Pins that get the reach and engagement you want – and make your money.

    You can start with either course. Your choice. And you may not need both. Lastly, remember, you get lifetime access to the courses when you invest in them!

    What if I don’t like to be on camera?

    I could tell you that you “should” get comfortable with being on camera. And maybe it’s true. But, there are absolutely other ways to create effective Idea pins.

    I've been told I should stick to 2 to 3 social media platforms only. Why add Pinterest?

    I agree with this wisdom! But, Pinterest is not really social media. (It’s a search engine.) Pins can get discovered for months – and even years – after we create them! Pinterest is lower-maintenance than social media. It can actually help you be LESS dependent on social media for your visibility and revenue.

    Will I learn how to repurpose my Tiktoks, Reels, etc - onto Pinterest?

    Yes! There’s an entire supplemental chapter on that (four lessons). And it includes a crash course on the basics – in case you decide to be cheeky and skip right to that part so you can start repurposing. 

    Will this course teach me about Pinterest keywords?

    Yes, I will give you a crash course on Pinterest keyword research – and how to use them. You’ll learn what you need to create and optimize Idea pins that get good reach and help you grow. If you want to dive deeper into keyword research (because you’re a nerd like me), I have a separate course for that.

    What do I need to access The Planner in the course?

    I created the planner as a Google Sheet. So to access that, you’ll need a free Google (Gmail; Google drive) account. If you have one, cool. If you don’t, it’s super-easy (and free) to create one. All that being said, I also created a printer-friendly PDF version of the actual Planner tab. So you can use that if you reeeeeaaaally prefer pen and paper. (But you should try to use the pretty Google Sheet I made for you! It’s so cool!)

    What if I buy this, but then I decide it’s not for me?

    Sometimes you don’t know if something is going to be a good fit for you or not. And I want you to feel comfortable taking this program without risk! So, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. If during that period, you watch the first four sections, and you complete at least two of the action items, I’ll refund your money with no questions asked!

    I’m an E-Commerce seller. Will this course help me?

    You’d probably learn some helpful things here. But this course is really for online coaches, micro-influencers / content creators, course creators / digital product sellers… and other online experts. I don’t personally have experience working with e-commerce seller clients, so that’s not what I teach. BUT… if that’s you, send me a DM or email – because I can point you to Pinterest education resources that are just for e-commerce businesses!

    Idea Pin success awaits you!

    The simple system for creating Idea Pins that grow your influence & your income.

    Enroll for $499.00
    $299 (Save $200)

    $200 OFF Webinar Special available for the next few days!

    The button below will direct you to sign into Teachable and check out on that site.

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