You’re Invited to be an Expert Speaker in this Exclusive Micro Audio Summit!

We’ll be teaching simple, specific lead generation,
client attraction, and sales strategies to help health & wellness coaches
grow their client rosters.

The Basics:

As a chosen Expert Speaker for this event, you will share an actionable, value-rich strategy or method that you and your clients use to get results.

When we interview you…

• You’ll share your strategy or method
• We’ll ask you some pre-set questions about your topic
• You’ll share how people can learn more from you


If this interview-style summit sounds fun to you…
Keep scrolling!

Meet your hosts…

Jana Osofsky, Pinterest Marketing Strategist
for Health & Wellness Coaches 

Wendy Breakstone, Lead-Generation Strategist
for Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs

The Details…

Summit Drop Date:

Thursday, February 16th, 2023

Promotion Window:

February 7th – 19th, 2023

Please submit your Speaker Questionnaire (below) no later than December 9th. 

Interviews will be recorded between January 4th – 13th. Once you’re a confirmed speaker, we’ll send you a scheduling link for your interview. (Pssst… only the audio will be used for the Summit!)

We ask that you commit to promoting the summit to your email list at least twice, and to your active social channels at least twice during the promotion window.

  • ✔️  All pre-recorded audio interviews will be released at 8:00am ET on February 16th, 2023.
  • ✔️  This is a pre-recorded Micro Audio Summit™️.
  • ✔️  There will be approximately 8 speakers (small-scale = high visibility).
  • ✔️  There is no VIP Pass upsell.
  • ✔️  There is a free Giveaway Bundle for one lucky winner. (You can contribute to the Giveaway).

What is a Micro Audio Summit™️?

Oh! So glad you asked! This is a small-scale, interview-style, audio-only event. It’s delivered similarly to a podcast – easily listened to and portable for attendees.

There are only a handful of speakers sharing their specific strategy and actions on a very niche topic or theme.

It’s free for attendees who register. There is NO VIP Pass or upsell.

The Micro Audio Summit Framework gives all of the speakers the ability to gain access to the other speaker’s audiences, and grow your authority and email list. {Learn more here.}

What’s In It For You?

We’d love to have you participate in our upcoming event.

This is a fun, low-effort summit that will expand your audience and authority! (It’s audio-only; interview style. No slide deck needed!) 


  • ✔️  You’ll gain free access to share your expertise in front of the other speakers’ audiences – expanding your own audience and visibility.
  • ✔️  You may promote a free resource and low-ticket offer. This will be available to all attendees!
  • ✔️  You may donate one low-ticket offer or product to the Giveaway. This will give you more exposure and another way for attendees to get your paid offer.

So… You in?
Please complete the
speaker intake form below.

After you fill it out, within a day or so, we’ll send you an email with a link to book your interview time.  (We can’t wait to get together!)

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