Around here, we’re all about productivity with ease.

So, to make success a little easier for you, I’ve assembled my favorite tools, apps, and workflows. Use them and prosper!

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Freebies I’ve created to help get your content marketing systemized!

Grab the FREE Checklist that shows you exactly how Pinterest can be set up strategically – to generate traffic & leads for your courses,  coaching / consulting practice, or service-based biz! 

Swipe the FREE step-by-step workflow that I use to organize all my Facebook group engagement and posting. Build your list, your reach, your rep, and your revenue – with FB groups!


My go-to systems, and how to make the most of them!

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for email marketing, lead magnet delivery, and email automations / nurture sequences. (Highly-defined targeting, intuitive; automations are everything!)

 Get your FREE trial! 

 Learn to use ActiveCampaign! 


for scheduling – and looping – social media posts. (Generous free plan, has the ability to loop your posts on auto-pilot – why only post your best content once?)

 FREE for 100 recurring posts and three social accounts! 


for automating and scheduling Pinterest posts. (Versatile, and the only truly viable scheduler for a serious Pinterest strategy.)

 Get one month FREE! 


for video captions and transcripts. (Perfect for repurposing your podcasts, videos and FB Lives into blog posts.)

 Get a totally FREE $10 credit! 


for light graphic design.. (Super-intuitive, loads of free and low-cost graphics.)

Thinkific or Teachable

for hosting and selling your online courses and digital products. (User-friendly, professional and easy interface for students.)



for email (Widely-used, versatile.)

  Learn inbox / email management with Gmail!

Google Drive

For file organization and sharing with clients. (cloud-based, user-friendly.)


for team and client communication. (streamlines communication, keeps you out of your email!)


for video calls. (user-friendly, reliable.)


for a WordPress website that looks great and is easy to style!
(Plug-and-play, easy to design with.)


For easy appointment scheduling, automating client onboarding, invoicing – and more. (automates it all… even the things you think you can’t!)  

  Get a free forever plan – for up to 3 clients.

  Learn how to use Dubsado!

  Learn how to automate onboarding with Dubsado!



for managing projects and tasks. (versatile, my daily “live and die by it” planner for my business.) 

 Learn how to use Asana! 


for securely storing and sharing passwords. (secure, saves so. much. time.)


for screen recording and quick videos for clients. (personal, easy, and reliable.)


for easy online appointment scheduling. (customizable, automates tasks, and impresses clients!)

 Learn how to use Acuity


for delivering your evergreen webinar on auto-pilot. (reliable, professional, runs in the background.)

 Learn to set up your evergreen webinar! 

Plug-and-Play Workflows

Learn the tried and true step-by-steps. Why re-invent the wheel?

I reveal all the step-by-step workflows that I use – in my own business and with clients – in my swipe-able workflows.
They’re available over in the Systems Saved Me Template Shop.


Or, choose from a selection of my favorites: 

Active Campaign 101

Learn the basics of set up sending emails, lead magnet delivery, automation of nurture sequences, and more!

Asana 101

Start off on the right foot with Asana, and get #allthethings in your biz under control.

Asana for Business Foundations

Set Asana up to be your business’s homebase, create repeatable project templates, use the color-coded calendar, and more.

Asana for Social Media Managers

Customize Asana for your business, and keep all those balls in the air… with grace! 

Asana for Virtual Assistants

Customize Asana for your VA business, and keep track of #allthethings – for your clients and for your own biz!

Asana for Managing Your Team

Get everyone on the same page to achieve accountability, ease, and flow for your team’s projects.

Podcast Management

Snag all the tools and integrate them – to make all that podcast scheduling, recording, and promo a breeze.

Inbox Management for Service Providers

Learn the basics of set up, sending emails, lead magnet delivery, automation of nurture sequences, and more!

Dubsado for Virtual Assistants

Once you use this practical workflow to get the most out of your Dubsado account, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Dubsado 101

Learn to automate your whole client life. Dubsado isn’t simple… but it’s worth it! Steal this workflow to maximize and master it.

Evergreen Webinars

Get the step-by-steps for the tech and the pre- and post- email sequences – with swipe copy!

Pinterest with purpose

Pinterest with Purpose: My Course for Coaches, Consultants, & Course Creators

Learn to set up a Pinterest profile that isn’t just pretty – but has a purpose – and will attract ideal clients, send you traffic, and net you leads.

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Organizing #allthethings in Your Online Business with Asana

Organizing #allthethings in Your Online Business with Asana

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