5 Steps for Promoting Your Coaching Podcast on Pinterest

Step 1: 📌 Start or convert to a Pinterest for Business account.

Decide if you’ll convert your personal Pinterest account to business – or if you’ll start a new business account. If you already have some boards, pins, and followers in your podcast’s niche / topic, then it may make sense to convert your account – and then make any irrelevant boards secret. Or, you may prefer to start a new account – and that’s fine, too!


Step 2: 📌 Plan your keyword strategy and keyword-optimize your account.

Keywords aren’t the sexy part of Pinterest, but they are critical. They are THE way that your audience – people who are interested in what you cover in your show – will discover you on Pinterest. So, don’t skip this step! (I know it’s tempting, but for realz, don’t!)


Step 3: 📌 Create your Pinterest boards – strategically.

To start, create ten to fifteen board for your podcast pins. Use your most relevant long-tail keywords (from your research in step 2!).


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