Is Pinterest just for recipes and crafts? What if I’m offering and marketing something different?

​Nope! No. Niet. Definitely not just recipes and crafts anymore! 🙂 As Pinterest has grown as a platform (and it has grown FAST!), the variety of things that people search for has expanded a great deal.


How does Pinterest work to attract clients?

At its core, Pinterest is a search engine. More specifically, it’s a search and discovery platform. And, in some ways, it works a lot like Google. Pinners search for things that they want ideas, inspiration, and solutions around. Pinterest serves them up pins (images, videos, ideas) that are a match.


How many Pinterest pins should I pin – as a beginner? And how often?

I encourage my course students and clients to start – and get consistent – with pinning: – 1 standard pin per day (or every other day if you prefer), and – 1 to 2 Idea pin per week.


When I’m a Pinterest marketing beginner… Do I just start pinning?

The best place to start is by setting up an optimized Pinterest profile. (Pinterest is soooo different than social media. So don’t simply jump in and try to emulate your IG strategy! That’s a ticket to frustration-city.) Instead, take some time to understand how Pinterest works first. Then, set up a great profile – so you’ll have a solid foundation for attracting your ideal audience to your pins and content.


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