Is Pinterest  Social Media?

1. Keywords are of the utmost importance for your Pinterest marketing success.

Because Pinterest operates as a search engine, keywords are literally the way that your ideal audience finds you. And the main way that we help Pinterest understand what our pins are about – is with keywords. (*The Pinterest algo is complex, and this is a simplified way of looking at it, but it’s pretty much the deal.)


2. Users are on Pinterest looking for ideas, inspiration, solutions – not to connect with other people.

We don’t go to Pinterest to see other people’s selfies – or to catch up with what friends are doing. Because it’s not social media. Pinterest users head to the platform for ideas, inspiration, and solutions – ways to make their lives and businesses better. It’s “me time” for them.


3. When a pinner discovers your pin in her search or smartfeed, she might not be ready to buy immediately.

If you’re a physical product seller, you might hook a pinner in with an inspiring blog post that shows the pinner a few ways to use your product. For example, if you sell hand woven clutches, a blog post with “five island-inspired summer outfits” could be a great way to warm her up to buying.


Is Pinterest Social Media?

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