Work 1:1 with Jana to set up your
fully-optimized Pinterest profile in 3 hours 

& know exactly what to pin to attract ideal coaching clients on repeat.

You’re ready for a profitable Pinterest strategy…

You know your ideal clients are on Pinterest.
And you know they’re searching for what you teach and help with.

(And you’d REALLY love for them to find YOU when they search for those things.)


You want to be able to post on a platform where your content gets seen for months and years – not hours or days like on social media.


You know it will be sooooo powerful to get discovered on autopilot by people who are *already* searching for what you offer.


You want to be free to leave behind the hours of exhausting and inauthentic “engagement” that social media demands.

And most of all, you want visibility and client leads on autopilot.

But you’re not sure where to start to make that happen. 

Perhaps you already have a few Pinterest boards?

(Or maybe you have like 7,459 of them! 😉

But if you’re being honest…

You have NO IDEA if your profile is set up the right way.

(And, come to think of it… it probably isn’t, because it’s not making you any money.)

And when you try to figure out *exactly* how other online coaches, course creators, and service providers ARE actually growing their lists and getting clients with Pinterest…

You keep coming back to these big questions:

🤷🏻‍♀️ What Pinterest boards should I have?
🤷🏻‍♀️ What keywords do I need to use?
🤷🏻‍♀️ What do I need to pin – to attract people who are *ready* to take action?
🤷🏻‍♀️ Where *exactly* should I start – so I can finally make Pinterest work for me?

I know Pinterest can feel mysterious.

Here’s the good news, though…

You are asking the right questions.
You’re on the right track. You’re solving for the right problems!

And here’s the BEST news:

I have your answers…

Hello! Jana O. here.

I’ve been supporting coaches, course creators, and other online experts with Pinterest marketing for about seven years now.

(I also have a degree in marketing, and all sorts of relevant experience and endorsements, but let’s talk about you and why you’re here reading this!)

  • Some of my students and clients prefer to take their time getting Pinterest set up – and there’s nothing wrong with that!
  • But some of them want a shortcut… to fold time 😉… They want a wormhole, if you will. (I’m a Trekkie, can you tell? 🖖🏽)

So I distilled my proven strategy into a process that fast-tracks you to a fully-optimized profilein just 3 hours. It’s called The 1:1 Profitable Pinterest Boards Intensive.

During your 1:1 Profitable Pinterest Boards Intensive,

We roll up our sleeves and get it done together.

AND we get YOU the clarity and know-how that you need to make Pinterest work for the long-term.
(This isn’t a quick fix. It’s a strategy that will keep giving and giving to your business – and your bank account – for years to come.)

Here’s what clients are saying about working with me…

Pinterest coaching feedback
Pinterest coaching feedback

Ready to make *your* Pinterest more profitable?
Great. I’m ready to help.

Let me start by sharing this…

(Brace yourself. Here comes some #toughlove! <3)

If you’ve just been guessing a lot on Pinterest…


Guessing about what Pinterest boards to create…


Guessing about what keywords to use…


Guessing about what to pin – to get your future clients to take action on your offers…

…you need a better plan. Guessing doesn’t really work – if you want to see real ROI.

So if you took some stabs in the dark

And created a bunch of generic boards that *seemed* like they might be right for your niche and you’re not seeing results…

(boards like “Healthy Eating,” “Burnout,” “Workouts,” “Branding” or “Self Care”)…

I want to invite you to work with me to get whooooole lot more strategic about this

Here’s how:


The Profitable Pinterest Boards
Profile Setup Intensive

1:1 Private Session. 3 hours. Done with you.
For online coaches, course creators, and service-based business owners

Your Investment: $1,697.00

You’ll be directed to Dubsado where you’ll schedule, sign, and pay in one fell swoop.


Through this laser-focused, results-oriented session, we’ll work together to build out and optimize your Pinterest profile and boards… So they will connect you to womxn who are eagerly seeking the solutions you offer. 

You’ll leave with a fully-optimized profile, a custom Keyword Plan, and a “rinse and repeat” Pin Plan that will drive lasting growth and profitability for your Pinterest account. 

The Profitable Pinterest Intensive Process:

Leverage my “3P Process for Pinterest Profitability” to ensure a solid foundation for your strategy – and the ROI you want from your efforts on the platform.

The 3P Process for Pinterest Profitability

Here’s how we’ll put this framework into play for you…

Clarity of Purpose.

We’ll start by strategizing and teasing out the *exact* role that Pinterest will play in your marketing efforts moving forward. There are many ways Pinterest can generate income – so clarifying *your* unique profitability plan is key for your ROI.

I’ll guide you, as we…

  • Determine your goals for Pinterest
  • Plan and create your “In-Pinterest Funnel”
  • Optimize your profile for conversions – including crafting the right profile name and bio.

Then we’re ready to…

Build Your Profile.

This is where the rubber meets the road! We’ll roll up our sleeves and…

  • Perform keyword research together – and develop your custom Pinterest keyword list & plan. (*This will be invaluable for both Pinterest AND for content creation!)
  • Ensure that YOU feel confident to conduct future Pinterest keyword research, too. You’ll learn my proprietary methods – and how to use free tools to find the keywords that connect you to your action-taking future clients.
  • CHOOSE the board topics and titles that are right for YOUR niche and YOUR goals – the ones that will make your Pinterest profitable.
  • Set up and fully optimize the first set of those boards – together.

Then, it’s time to set you up for success by…


(Don't worry, keyword research is actually really easy when you know HOW to do it, and you follow my simple system!)

Creating Your Pin Plan.

When things are easy, being consistent happens naturally. So you need to know *exactly* what to pin (and when!)… so you can build the kind of momentum that leads to long-lasting growth and profits on Pinterest. So, we’ll…

  • Develop and document your custom Pin Plan:
  • Plan *all the details* of your first set of pins – so you can easily and quickly get into action with your new, optimized profile.
  • Equip you with an easeful, repeatable process for Pin planning and creation.

You’ll walk away from our sessions with:

Your fully-optimized Pinterest profile – ready to attract clients on autopilot

Your In-Pinterest Funnel – ready to drive the conversions you need

Your custom Pinterest Keyword List & Plan – ready to plug and play – & grow!

The knowledge and confidence to put all of this into play as you grow your strategic account over time. 


Me in your back pocket – (VIP access to me via Voxer messenger app for two weeks)

A 60-minute follow-up call for a couple of weeks later…to answer questions, remove blocks, plan next steps –  and to be CERTAIN that you implement what you’ve learned – and that you feel confident as you do. 

Your Investment: $1,697.00

Identifying keywords felt way over my head. I knew that I needed guidance to get it done. I also struggled to narrow down my topics. So I booked Jana’s Pinterest boards intensive.

Learning how to keyword research was shockingly fun and gave me a ton of clarity! And the board description templates have helped me streamline my content creation process.

This session is worth at least three times the investment. It’s really incredible, do it!”

Coach for Creatives & Host of The Be Brilliant Podcast

High fact-finder? Me too!

Here’s some important info about how the session works, and what we’ll accomplish together:

How do I book, and what happens next?

To secure your session, hit that “secure” button, pay your invoice, and book a time that’s good for you.

Shortly after booking, you’ll receive a separate email with your pre-session questionnaire. It should take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete, and will provide me with important information about your ideal audience, your goals, your content, etc. You can complete it when it’s convenient, but be sure it’s done before our session.

What else should I know and do before the call?

I’m glad you asked!

The session is conducted via Zoom video conference. It’s important that you be available via video, able to screen share and type on a full keyboard, and ready to focus on the agenda! (Don’t call in from your car, Lovely! 😉)

Also, please test your Pinterest log in – and be sure we can work in your account for the session. (If you haven’t created an account yet at ALL, please create one.)

What if I'm still working on getting clear on my niche, message, ideal audience?

Actually, this intensive has helped many of my clients GET that clarity. Here’s how:

By shifting your perspective (with my 1:1 help!) to what people are searching for – around your topics and expertise. Clients who talk through this process with me always increase their confidence and clarity around their ideal audience, niche, and message. It’s pretty interesting!

Like with any marketing efforts, you get the best results from Pinterest when you have that ideal audience clarity. I’m pretty good at helping you get it!

Bottom line: This is a 1:1 session, and we can customize it to your needs.

What if I'm still not sure if this session is the right fit for me?

I want you to feel sure! 🙂 Send me a direct message on Instagram @JanaOMedia – and let me know what your questions are! I’ll message you back (probably via voice) – and we can chat it out.

Doubled monthly reach in under 2 weeks

“When I began working on Pinterest, I figured that the technical concepts might overwhelm me! But Jana has a great system of breaking things down, carefully explaining, and reiterating any steps that may be tricky.

I can already see a huge growth in my Pinterest account. (My monthly reach has doubled in less than two weeks!) And, I feel capable to carry out the concepts and steps she instructed on.”

Parenting Coach, Speaker, and Author

I learned and got so much done

“I booked Jana’s Profitable Pinterest Boards Intensive because I wanted more 1:1 guidance with Pinterest – and I knew she had extensive experience working with health and wellness coaches. 

I learned so much, and we got so much done. I’m now clear on how to do keyword research the right way, how to write board descriptions, and more. Jana knows Pinterest well. And she’s great at really listening to her clients’ specific needs to create the best plan of action.”

Food Freedom Coach

alisonreeves - online coach marketing on Pinterest

felt great to get it done in such a short period!

“I wanted to take a more strategic approach to boards and keywords on Pinterest, so I booked an intensive session with Jana.

She taught me her systemized approach to keyword research, and we conducted the research together. I really like the done-with-you approach. If I’d bought a course that had the same material, I may not have done it in a timely manner – and it felt great to get it done in such a short period of time.

I walked away with a lot of clarity, and a multi-page list of the exact keywords I’ll use on my account – the ones my ideal clients are actually searching on Pinterest. And, as a bonus, I now have so many new ideas or Pinterest-friendly content to create! I highly recommend this session to anyone who wants to put a real Pinterest marketing strategy in place.”

Somatic Healer & Business Coach

alisonreeves - online coach marketing on Pinterest

A fun process, customized to my business

I wasn’t sure where to start with Pinterest marketing for my virtual interior design business – so I did an intensive session with Jana. We did keyword research together, and we set up my Pinterest boards. It was a fun process and we got the work done – fast!

My favorite part was that we were not talking in general terms. I learned how to find keywords in MY niche. We were looking specifically at my business, my audience, and the keywords and boards that are the right ones for me. Highly recommend this session!”

Virtual Interior Designer

Jana is easy to work with & her process is so well thought-out

“My views and my website traffic from Pinterest are already super-impressive. I’ve grown my list significantly, booked discovery calls from Pinterest and even had leads find me on Pinterest and tell me that every time they searched my pins were ‘everywhere.’

I highly recommend Jana to all my contacts. Her client process is so well thought-out and delivered, she’s easy to work with, and she produces incredible work!”

Business Coach

Really impressed with all of the strategy!

“I love my new Pinterest profile. Jana was SO easy to work with and obviously knew her stuff. I was really impressed with all the strategy behind what she was doing and the very streamlined process she had. The entire process was easy, fun and fast!”

Publicist for Entrepreneurs & Authors 

The Profitable Pinterest Boards
Profile Setup Intensive

1:1 Private Session. 3 hours. Done with you.
For online coaches, course creators, and service-based business owners

Your Investment: $1,697.00

You’ll be directed to Dubsado where you’ll schedule, sign, and pay in one fell swoop.

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