75+ Pinterest Pin Calls to Action (CTAs) That Aren’t a Total SnoozeFest

Why use Calls to Action (CTAs) on your Pinterest pins?

As in any type of marketing, sometimes the best way to get someone to do something is simply… to tell her to do it! It’s basic psychology… we as humans have a lot vying for our attention – so need direction. If it’s not crystal clear to us what we should do next… we may just keep scrolling.


Should you use Calls to Action (CTAs) on all of your Pinterest pins?

You can experiment with using them on some of your pins. Then you can regularly evaluate how your pins are doing and look for patterns.  If you find that your pins with more overt CTAs are performing better, you can lean in and use them more often.


Get / Access / Snag / Download…

– Snag the checklist! – Swipe my actual system – Swipe the entire ________ – Access the step-by-steps. – Download the journal prompts. – Get the recipe. – Download the meal plan! – Get the full list! – Grab the _________


Try this…

– Take this to the grocery store. – Stock your pantry with these! – Try this idea in your kitchen! – Try it for free! – Create your _______ – DIY this _______ at home – DIY your own ________ – Add these 3 energy boosters to your smoothies. – Customize your _______ – Make this tonight! – Make this in just 2 steps! – Implement this to _________ – Find a new favorite


75+ Pinterest Pin Calls to Action (CTAs)  That Aren’t a Total SnoozeFest

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