We need some better CTA options for Pinterest! (CTA = Call to action.) 

Really… I’ve been seeing some INCREDIBLY BORING calls to action on Pinterest pins lately. (Sorry not sorry!) I mean… “Click here.” ? We can do better. 

So since you’re here, let’s brainstorm some better ones in this blog post, shall we?

And while we’re at it… Let’s use this space to get really clear on all things calls to action on Pinterest. 

Ready? Let’s get our pinners into action… 

So, why use Calls to Action (CTAs) on your Pinterest pins?

As in any type of marketing, sometimes the best way to get someone to do something is simply… to tell her to do it! It’s basic psychology… 

We as humans have a lot vying for our attention – so we need direction. If it’s not crystal clear to us what we should do next… we may just keep scrolling.

Calls to action work best when they:

1) clearly communicate to your viewer exactly *what* you want them to do next.

2) communicate *why* they may want to do it – what’s in it for them? Why would they want to take that action you’re suggesting? 

3) provide a bit of “pattern interrupt.” Humans see a lot of CTAs – so if ours are a bit of a snooze, they probably won’t stand out. Instead, we want them to be interesting and compelling. And sometimes that means we need to get a bit creative

… Which is why I think you’re going to love the next section of this blog post 🥰 where I’m sharing 75+ Pinterest CTA options you can swipe…

Feel free to swipe any of the CTAs below for your pin designs… Or simply use these “formulas” to inspire some creative ones of your own.

NOTE: I’ve written these with Standard Pinterest pins in mind. Standard pins are static image pins that link to your website or another outside piece of content – so these CTAs are meant to preview or “tease” the content. To learn more about CTAs for Pinterest Idea Pins, head to the next section of the blog! 

Pinterest Pin Calls to Action (CTA) Examples That Aren’t a Total SnoozeFest

Get / Access / Snag / Download… 

  • Snag the checklist! 
  • Swipe my actual system
  • Swipe the entire ________
  • Access the step-by-steps.  
  • Download the journal prompts.  
  • Get the recipe. 
  • Download the meal plan! 
  • Get the full list! 
  • Grab the _________


See / Read / Discover / Learn 

  • See all five recipes!  
  • Read the pro tips! 
  • Read the beginner’s guide 
  • Learn more about _____. 
  • Learn to DIY this! 
  • Discover your brand personality.
  • Learn the framework. 
  • See how this works 


Plan / Map out / Compare

  • Find the best _______ for you! 
  • Create your gameplan. 
  • Compare your options. 
  • Compare the top 3 brands
  • Compare the _____s! 
  • Map out your steps! 
  • Plan your trip 
  • Pack these 3 essentials. 
  • Design your own ______


Avoid / Skip / Fix this… 

  • Skip these 5 time wasters!  
  • Never run out of ideas!   
  • Fix this – in just 3 steps! 
  • Avoid these common mis-steps!
  • Don’t make these costly mistakes!
  • Shorten your ____ learning curve!
  • Never miss another _______


Start now… 

  • Start sleeping better tonight.  
  • Start this week! 
  • Finally start _______ing 
  • Start planning your trip! 
  • Start planning yours
  • Begin ____ing tonight! 

Try this… 

  • Take this to the grocery store.  
  • Stock your pantry with these! 
  • Try this idea in your kitchen! 
  • Try it for free! 
  • Create your _______
  • DIY this _______ at home 
  • DIY your own ________
  • Add these 3 energy boosters to your smoothies.  
  • Customize your _______
  • Make this tonight! 
  • Make this in just 2 steps! 
  • Implement this to _________
  • Find a new favorite



  • Treat yourself!
  • Leverage these _________
  • Be in the know about __________
  • Get some fresh _______ ideas!


Watch / reserve 

  • Reserve your spot! 
  • Save your seat 
  • Watch the training
  • Watch this quick ________


Get results 

  • Convert more leads! 
  • Become a client magnet 
  • Curb your sugar cravings!
  • Feel better faster! 
  • Start getting better _________
  • Optimize your _______
  • Lose the ______ (thing she doesn’t want)
  • Get more consistent with ________
  • Get your kids to _________


Get Hyper-Specific! 

  • Add this to your Chicago “Must-Do” List! 
  • Turn followers into buyers – fast!
  • Get your first ad running today! 
  • Customize this morning routine checklist 
  • Create your family’s chore wheel 
  • Download the Spring cleaning checklist
  • Get the mindful eating plan
  • Treat yourself to this DIY hair mask 
  • Treat yourself to this low sugar dessert! 
  • Get more shares on Instagram 
  • Get your kids off their devices! 
  • Teach your kids the value of _________

Now, what about Pinterest CTA options for Pinterest Idea Pins?

So glad you asked! Idea Pins are powerful multi-slide pins – and they are getting lots of reach on the platform.

They are also very immersive, so they create more engagement, which in turn helps you get even more reach for your genius content. 

Overall, they are an important part of any modern, successful Pinterest marketing strategy! 

Now unlike standard pins, Idea Pins are meant to show pinners a FULL idea. So they are not “teasers” of any idea. They actually give the pinner what they need to try, do, or buy – right on Pinterest. 

Hence, CTA options for Idea Pins are a little different than those for standard pins.

Some of the ideas listed above could also work when you’re showing a full idea… (Examples: “Take this to the grocery store;” or “Shorten your _____ learning curve!”) But when these are used on an Idea Pin, they tend to work well as ‘hooks’ to stop the scroll – as opposed to as CTAs to get pinners to click through. 

In terms of CTAs for Pinterest Idea pins, the following are a few of the *types* that tend to work well. (These are the CTAs that help us get the “micro-conversions” that give our Idea Pins get even better reach and results.)

CTA Option 1: Save this pin. 

Pinterest recently wrote this on their blog:

“When someone saves your Pin, that’s a really, really good sign. It means your idea is resonating, and people want to try it for themselves. That’s why the Pinterest algorithm pays attention to saved content. And the more people save your ideas, the more they’ll show up for other, new audiences all across Pinterest.”

So yes… saves are powerful. They might be the most powerful CTA option – if you’re going for reach / more views!

CTA Option 2: Follow on Pinterest. 

Followers aren’t the most crucial metric on Pinterest, but it’s certainly a plus to have more (engaged) followers on the platform. If someone follows you, that is a cue to Pinterest that they like your content – so it’s one factor Pinterest uses to surface your pins to people.

So… a good “workhorse” of a call to action on Pinterest is absolutely to “follow for more!” (Again, maybe make it a bit more interesting… Like, “Follow for more gluten-free recipes” or “Follow for more social media tips & tricks!”) 

Pinterest Call to action options cheat sheet - idea pins

CTA Option 3: Visit my Pinterest profile. 

These days, optimizing your PROFILE for conversions is a strong Pinterest strategy. So using some of your Idea Pins to bring people to your profile is also smart.

Be sure that when they land on your profile, it’s clear what to do next when they want to learn from you! (I teach several methods for this type of optimization. One of them is using a Pinterest cover image with a call to action.)

CTA Option 4: Visit a Pinterest board. 

This is one of my favorite Pinterest CTA options (at the time of writing this).

Pinterest introduced a board sticker in the Idea Pin builder. If you place one on the CTA slide at the end of your Idea Pin, you can drive interested pinners back to a board that contains other pins of yours – including some that link to your site! 😀

Cool, right? 

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list of the CTA options that work well for Idea pins – but it’s a good overview of the most common ones. 

Okay… I hope this article has you feeling inspired to create some more effective (and less snooze-inducing! 🤣) CTAs on Pinterest now. 

Now go compel people into action with them!