Hello! I’m Jana O.

Let me brew you a cup and we’ll chat.

Since you’re here, I’m guessing you’re a coach or a service provider… and you care deeply about the work you do and the impact you have on your clients.

You’ve done some amazing things in your life, and you’re here to help others do amazing things, too. 

And I’ll bet you’re the type who’s willing to put in the reps with your content and marketing– when you know it will give you the results want…

A roster full of perfect-fit clients, time freedom, and a bank account that’s commensurate with your brilliance! 

But by now, you’ve likely also noticed that turning your expertise into content that converts isn’t exactly a no-brainer.  

It can be *pretty challenging* to put out content that actually moves people into action and gets them booking and buying from you.  

But, no worries… That’s where I come in! 

I’ll teach how to create and amplify thought leadership content that builds trust and demand for your offers – so you can convert your audience to clients in half the time.

Hello! I’m Jana O.

I’m a marketing expert, content coach, and provider of premium Pinterest services. And I’m the creator of Pinterest with Purpose, the e-course. 

I love supporting coaches, influencers, and other online experts who share what they know – to help others *and* to monetize. 

Together, we build their audiences with Pinterest, so they can enjoy the confidence and security of knowing that targeted audience growth is on lock

Visibility, growth, and leads every day, fueling a sustainable and profitable business. More impact. More income.

How I take my coffee: 

Very seriously. (Like I take my support of your business.)  

How I got started: 

I started in online business in 2016 as a Content Marketing Manager. I strategized, created, and repurposed all types of content for clients. And I applied the methods I developed to sell out my own services and coaching – and to market my highly-successful digital course, Pinterest with Purpose.  

Where I’ve been and where I am: 

After earning my B.S. in Communications and Marketing from Emerson College, I called Boston home for about 12 years. I worked in corporate communication and human resources during that chapter, then relocated to sunny South Florida in 2010. I’m based here in Palm Beach now, and I travel a lot, too.

How I spend my days: 

I’m often working, because I love what I do — and I can work from anywhere. But when I take a break from teaching and supporting my clients, you’ll find me re-fueling in independent cafes (okay, I might be working there too)… buying shiny beads to make stretchy bracelets (I have faaaarrr too many – it’s a problem!)… or spending time with my husband and our sweet dog-ter, Roux.

Cafe Culture:

My business is built on a foundation of these core values. 

Consistency & reliability 

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.”  – W. Durant

Consistency is important – but strategy matters more. Strong foundations are built one brick at a time, but a pile of bricks is not necessarily a foundation.


We believe there is ample time and that resources flow to us. And they do.

Long-term success & sustainable business models 

The strategies I teach and implement prioritize staying power over quick wins – because we are building online businesses that will be flourishing in five years – not just in five months. This is not a sprint! 

Personal responsibility 

As entrepreneurs, we take responsibility for our choices and investments. And we reap the rewards of our successes.  

Service & support for visionary women 

My clients and students have vision – and a lot to say. They see what is possible for others. They can identify truths and patterns others can’t (yet). To serve at their best, they must protect time and space to observe, think, learn, and process. Efficient, high-leverage visibility makes this possible.

My work connects these visionary women to people who need their help to improve their lives and businesses. Your impact is, therefore, my impact. 


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