Hello! I’m Jana O.

I’m an ultra-organized Content Manager and Content Systems Strategist. I love supporting online entrepreneurs who have successful, well-crafted brands and brilliant content.

I help coaches, consultants, and course creators to shape and consistently distribute messages that attract their ideal clients… and…

… lean in, this is the good stuff:

I design and implement systems to help you automate some of that content.

Our work together is all about you getting consistently visible –

without being online 24/7.

(Because, Woman…  I know you started your business to help people and support your lifestyle – not to be banging out email messages, posting on social, or pinning on Pinterest, right?)

Oh, and speaking of that… maybe you heard?

I have a specialty in setting up strategic Pinterest profiles for coaches, consultants, and service providers. (I see Pinterest as a visibility and lead generation system – one that is easily systemized and automated!)

I started my online business in 2016 as a Virtual Assistant… and I still sort of consider myself a V.A. (even though people tell me not to use that term!) – because I really love the support role and my goal is to take content management things off your plate!

After earning my B.S. in Communications and Marketing from Emerson College, I called Boston home for about 12 years. I worked in corporate communication and human resources during that chapter, then relocated to sunny South Florida in 2010. I’m based here in Palm Beach now, and I travel a lot, too.

I’m often working, because I love what I do — and I can work from anywhere. But when I take a break from building your brand’s visibility, you’ll find me re-fueling in independent cafes (okay, I might be working there too)… buying shiny beads to make stretchy bracelets (I have faaaarrr too many – it’s a problem!)… or spending time with my husband and our sweet dog-ter, Roux.

If you’re here to get some content management systems up and running… start with my “Tools & Workflows” page!


You’ll learn about all my favorite tools (some free, some paid) and get the hook up with step-by-step workflows to use them in your biz!

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