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Here’s a selection of podcast episodes and other media outlets where I’ve appeared.  

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Jana Osofsky Pinterest Strategist for Online Coaches
Pinterest marketing for Podcasts - Podcasting for Coaches

I had the pleasure of chatting with Michelle Leotta on her Health Coach Power Podcast. (Michelle helps certified health coaches build profitable businesses – and her podcast is about that, of course!)

After our chat, when she and her team pulled the show notes together, Michelle wrote this: “Pinterest may very well be the BEST online platform for sharing content and finding new clients…without all the drama that typically comes with social media!”

Ummmm… love that!! ☝🏽 Listen in here.

Pinterest marketing for Podcasts - Podcasting for Coaches
I had such a ball recording an episode of the Be Brilliant podcast today with one of my VIP clients, Linsi Brownson.

We got to talk Pinterest keywords and how to get started with Pinterest marketing. One of my favorite parts of the interview though was hearing Linsi’s feedback on her personal journey with Jana O. Media. Linsi is a sparkly and super-smart person – and the host of a truly inspiring podcast for female business owners.

Check out the episode, entitled, The Pinterest Strategy to Book Yourself Solid– and be sure to subscribe to “Be Brilliant In Your Business” in your favorite podcast app.

Pinterest marketing for Podcasts - Podcasting for Coaches

You signed up to be a health or life coach (or something similar) but now, instead of helping clients, your main time suck and stress has been…content creation!?

Wait, what now?

My smart-as-a-whip friend, Molly Cahill, recently invited me onto her podcast,Holistic Marketing, Simplified, to talk about my solution to this very pressing problem.

Reader’s Digest version: You can create 12 (ish) strategic pieces of long-form content once (think blog, podcast, YouTube) — and then REPEAT the messages from those, over and over.

And because repetition is needed to make sales… this strategy is what you need, to grow your client roster. Oh, and… Bonus benefit? You save a LOT of time in the process!

CLICK HERE to listen.




Pinterest marketing for Podcasts - Podcasting for Coaches

Emma-Louise Parkes aptly titled this episode of her Ambitious Introvert Podcast: “Pinterest – The Introvert’s Dream.”

(It really is!)  And we had a great talk and covered things like:
  • Why I’m currently *more excited than ever* in 2021 about Pinterest for marketing for coaches 
  • Attraction marketing using the platform (and in general) 
  • Why Pinterest is perfect for introverts
  • How Pinterest has diversified in the last few years and is such a great platform for business owners
  • The importance of treating Pinterest like a search engine versus a social media platform
  • Some secrets to using Pinterest to grow your audience
  • The shelf-life of a pin
  • How much time you need to invest into setting up Pinterest to work for your business (hint: it’s pretty minimal!)

Ready? Grab your earbuds and head over to the show to listen in! 

Pinterest marketing for Podcasts - Podcasting for Coaches

Pinterest is so much more than a place to promote your blog posts! You can also leverage it to promote your lead magnets and other content that you create online.

Leticia Collins invited me onto her show, The Simple Marketing Podcast, to share more about how.

Listen in right here!

Pinterest marketing for Podcasts - Podcasting for Coaches

When Rachel Feldman (the fabulous business coach & podcast host) opened this interview, she said,

“It’s going to be juicy. It’s going to have an impact. Take notes!” … and I don’t think we disappointed!

In one of the most value-packed, fun, and insightful interviews I’ve ever been a part of… We covered alllllll kinds of topics related to content creation and Pinterest marketing – for health and wellness coaches!

Listen in to all the juicy details right here!

Pinterest marketing for Podcasts - Podcasting for Coaches

Have you ever thought about how keywords (and your overall marketing strategies) might change – depending on where your person is in her “buyer journey” with you?

In this episode of her fab podcast, Cinthia Pacheco and I talked all about Eugene Schwartz’ Buyer Journey framework – from his book “Breakthrough Advertising.” We chatted about:

  • What is the buyer journey?
  • Where does that concept come from and why should we care?;
  • How can we intentionally design our own buyer journeys?; and…
  • How to take these insights and apply them to our websites and marketing!

(…and some other related things, too! 😉

Read the show notes here OR, you can watch us on Youtube at this link.

Pinterest marketing for health coaches podcast episode with Digital Bloom IQ

My friend Cinthia is an SEO Expert for health and wellness entrerpreneurs and the owner of Digital Bloom IQ. When she invited me to appear, it was a “Heck Yes!” for me…because I love Cinthia and – as she says – “Pinterest and SEO are cousins.”

During this episode we dive into:

  • Pinterest marketing as a strategy for health coaches and wellness entrepreneurs
  • The difference between casual pinning and intentional Pinterest Marketing
  • Avoiding burnout with your Pinterest routine
  • My 3-phase Pinterest strategy  

Listen in to episode 134 of the Digitally Overwhelmed show!

Pinterest marketing for Podcasts - Podcasting for Coaches

This value-packed chat I had with Britany Felix of “Podcasting for Coaches” is one of my favorites!

There are so many good nuggets here… We’re covering:

  • Whether coaches who podcast need a business account to market on Pinterest…
  • Why it’s so crucial to have a very clear idea of the specific keywords your target audience is searching for – BEFORE you get started on Pinterest…
  • the six areas of your podcast’s Pinterest profile where you can add keywords…
    … and more!

Ready to learn? Listen in to Episode 87 of Podcasting for Coaches!

Pinterest for Health and Wellness Coaches episode

When I visited with the lovely Christine Hansen of Christine Means Business… 

…we discussed the power of Pinterest for lead generation (aka getting new clients) – particularly for health and wellness coaches!

Listeners will learn the biggest mistakes coaches make when it comes to Pinterest marketing – and hear about some case studies to demonstrate how you can implement strategies to get constant new leads – for free – using Pinterest!

Listen in to this episode of Christine Means Business! 

Get clients and get visible - using Facebook Group networking

Standing out isn’t about going big. It’s not about posting something wildly unique or magical.

It’s actually more about *CONSISTENCY* than anything else. Being consistent and persistent is actually what makes people remember you when it’s time to take action and buy.

I appeared on Latasha Booth’s How She Did That podcast to talk about the *exact* system I use to be consistent about my visibility in Facebook groups.

(Gasp. It’s true. We didn’t talk about Pinterest or keywords… at least not too much. 😉

    Listen in to episode 51 of the How She Did That! podcast.

    How to Sell More Online Courses with Pinterest Marketing

    Somehow, James Clear’s book Atomic Habits seemed to be a throughline during this fun and valuable chat I had with Jono Petrohilis of the “Sell More Online Courses” podcast. We talked about our mutual commitment to the small habits that add up to big results (in business and in life!) and… of course… Pinterest Marketing for course creators!  

    If you’re an online course creator – or you aspire to be – this is an episode you won’t want to miss! 

      Listen in to the How to Sell More Online Courses podcast!

      Get clients and get visible - using Facebook Group networking

      I was invited to Laurie-Ann Murabito’s podcast, Be In Demand, where we had a blast chatting about Attraction Marketing!

      We covered what Attraction Marketing is, how it’s different than other marketing philosophies, and why it works so well for both of our respective businesses. And, of course, we discussed how to practice Attraction Marketing with Pinterest!

      Listen to my episode of the Be In Demand Podcast on iTunes here
      Or watch the Video version of our chat over on YouTube!

      Pinterest to Grow Your Email List - Entrepreneurial You Podcast

      I visited Heneka Watkis-Porter’s podcast – The Entrepreneurial You! – and we chatted about Pinterest marketing for audience growth and list-building. 💌

      Heneka is a delight and she asks the BEST questions! She drew out some new insights and had some to share with me, too. It was really fun to talk with her. I hope you love the episode, too… Catch it here:

      Listen in to the Entrepreneurial You! podcast!

        Get clients and get visible - using Facebook Group networking

        In this episode, Cliff Duvernois and I talk about Pinterest as a lead generation tool for online coaches, course, creators, and consultants. Upon learning that Pinterest is the 3rd most used search engine – behind Google and YouTube, Cliff says, “That’s huge! The more I learn about Pinterest, the more I want to use it.” Listen in as I share a top-down strategy, how to think of the platform, and how to leverage it to help drive traffic to your offer.

        Listen to my episode of the Wake Up World Changer! Podcast here

        Want to spend more time with me and learn how to set Pinterest up strategically? 

        Check out Pinterest with Purpose – my course for coaches, consultants, and course creators. In it, I walk you through each step of my VIP process – so you can implement Pinterest to generate leads.