What students & clients are saying

Becky Fertility Coach


As I go through the course, it’s just one “ah-ha! moment after another.

Following this process has made it so clear where the holes/gaps have been in my content up to now. Now, not only do I see the gaps, but I also know how to patch them right up. And HLC has all the tools I need to do that, too.”

Fertility Coach

Jana really understands what it takes to create content that is on-brand and profitable. While serving on my team as Content Manager for 4+ years, she helped me build a body of work that continues to drive visibility and sales of my courses and offers, to this day! If you want your content to represent you well AND generate profits, you want to learn from Jana.”

Psychology-based Brand Strategist

Sarah Purpose & Connection Coach


You may have heard of content pillars before, but neeevver like this. The way Jana talks about them – and how they connect back to your business and sales – was a total lightbulb moment.

You’re always hearing, ‘You have to get into the heads of your ideal client and meet them where they’re at,’ but until HLC, I never had a clear understanding of HOW TO DO THAT. Now I do!

Plus HLC doesn’t teach an algorithm-chasing strategy. Instead, it teaches a strategy that is timeless.” 

Purpose & Connection Coach

Chiara Pinterest Coach


When I shared my first couple of HLC posts, I had multiple potential clients reach out, and I had three sales calls booked within a week!

Everything about HLC is clear — the framework, the method, the reasoning behind every step. I’m someone who thrives with a step-by-step process. It helps me implement and remember. And HLC has that!”

Pinterest Marketing Strategist

I am so impressed by the results from this Pinterest project! Within just the first month, I had a pin go viral and I started seeing DOZENS of visits to my website every day. My reach is growing. People who need my services are finally finding me through Google, too – because my pins keep coming up in their Google searches. I’m a single mom with big business goals, and this is helping so much. I’m grateful!” 

Coach & Advocate for People with Lyme Disease & Chronic Illness, Abundant Life & Wellness

High-leverage Content Strategy for Service Providers - Cat Testimonial

“In HLC, I’m creating the key pieces of content I need to sell my services — and I love that I won’t need to keep creating forever!

I have wanted to build my blog out for a while and didn’t know where to start with topics and how to spend my time. HLC has given me the perfect way to know that the content I create is doing the work I need it to.

The lessons and resources are so easy to follow and there’s a great mix of step-by-step instructions and giving space for my own ideas and thoughts (the nuances sections are great!).

Previously, I felt content was time-consuming, and that held me back. HLC’s method for using ChatGPT has saved me so much time, so I’m now taking action.” 

Brand & Web Designer; Mentor for Designers


When I purchased Jana’s Pinterest course, I had just started a business account. I had a really vague idea what to do, and minimal strategy! I was pinning about 10 pins per day, but nothing was keyword optimized. So I was doing the work but it wasn’t getting me anywhere.

After completing the course, I now feel confident about what to pin and how to ensure they are key word optimized! I loved how short the videos were. It was easy to get a whole chapter completed in one sitting – and then do the work. I also loved the Canva hacks, Pinterest analytics training, and the Tailwind demonstration!” 

Health and Wellness Coach at Inside Out Health & Wellness

“As a health coach, I knew how valuable Pinterest could be – but I just didn’t know where to start. I took Jana’s Pinterest course, and I loved how simple she made everything.

Before, I had no clue how Pinterest worked…But now I get it! I know exactly how to set up my profile, how to create boards, how to keyword – everything!”

Fitness Coach & Nutritionist, Fueled Physique

Health Coach Melissa

Now, because of Jana’s strategy, I’m getting consistent leads for my membership using Pinterest. And my team and I can definitely tell they are qualified, nurtured – and primed for anything we launch.

For example, in just one five month period, we generated 8,644 high-quality leads and filled my group program – because of my optimized Pinterest account – all organic; no ads.

I’m so glad I’m invested in Pinterest marketing.”

Autoimmune & Hormone Health Coach 
Sexy Food Therapy 

Jana set Pinterest up for me. Within just a week or so, I’m was already starting to see more traffic to my website from Pinterest. And I had a coaching program sales call booked from a Pinterest-driven lead within just a month! So wild! And I know this will only grow more with time. 

I love how Jana designed a process for me that my team can follow. It means more awareness of my brand – without me doing any extra work because my VA is doing it all for me. The graphics / pins Jana designed are beautiful and I’m excited to use them for my other social media. Everything about Jana’s process was so detailed and organized – the tutorials, communication, the clarity in her answers to my questions.

Pinterest is awesome because it frees me from having to post on social every day 3x a day. And I like that the pins don’t get lost in the feed – they can be discovered in people’s searches for months or years! I recommend Pinterest – and Jana – to anyone who wants to get their work out there but doesn’t want to be a sacrifice all their time on social media.

Dance & Movement Therapist, Trauma Release Expert

I booked Jana’s Profitable Pinterest Boards intensive because I wanted more 1:1 guidance with Pinterest – and I knew she had extensive experience working with health and wellness coaches. 

I learned so much, and we got so much done. I’m now clear on how to do keyword research the right way, how to write board descriptions, and more. Jana knows Pinterest well. And she’s great at really listening to her clients’ specific needs to create the best plan of action. 

Food Freedom Coach

“I’m starting to offer Pinterest VA services, so I took Jana’s Pinterest course for coaches and service providers. 

I loved it so much that I watched it twice! In sweet, short videos, Jana walked me through a real Pinterest account and showed me exactly – step-by-step – how she sets up client accounts.

This was my second Pinterest course. The first one was full of print screens and long, videos. I was hesitant to buy another course, but the price was so affordable so I did it!.. And I’m so glad I did!  I now know how to do keyword research, create boards, create pins and so much more. Thank you, Jana!”

Virtual Assistant 

I wasn’t sure where to start with Pinterest marketing for my virtual interior design business – so I did an intensive session with Jana. We did keyword research together, and we set up my Pinterest boards. It was a fun process and we got the work done – fast!

My favorite part was that we were not talking in general terms. I learned how to find keywords in MY niche. We were looking specifically at my business, my audience, and the keywords and boards that are the right ones for me. Highly recommend this session!”

Virtual Interior Designer

My Pinterest reach and clicks have been growing and it’s so exciting to see. I love that with Pinterest marketing I can ‘set & forget’ for a month at a time and still be active and visible. Jana taught me a streamlined workflow that made managing my own account so easy.

Holistic Wellbeing Coach & Author 

“My views and my website traffic from Pinterest are already super-impressive. I’ve grown my list significantly, booked discovery calls from Pinterest – and even signed a client already! Women tell me that every time they search, my pins are ‘everywhere.’

I highly recommend Jana to all my contacts. Her client process is so well thought-out and delivered, she’s easy to work with, and she produces incredible work!”

Online Business Mentor for Service Providers

“Jana optimized my Pinterest profile to help grow my list and sell my programs. She made the process so easy. The training videos she created for me and my team at the end were so helpful. Now my VA knows exactly what to do each month to maintain and gorw the account.

And my stats keep going up, up, up! I really enjoyed the entire process from start to finish. I highly recommend Jana and her services and programs!”

Brand Designer & Course Creator of the “Book Me for a Day” Method
Bracken House Branding

“Jana was outstanding in setting up my Pinterest profile. She did thorough research into my brand and suggested dozens of Pinterest keywords to bring traffic to my website.

Best of all, she set up my entire profile, gave opportunities for me to provide feedback at key times, and showed me the excellent website traffic I started to get within 10 days. And it was an almost hands-off experience for me.

If you’re looking for an expert to set up Pinterest for you – and drive traffic to your website with the least time possible on your end  Jana is amazing.”

Health & Weight Loss Coach for Professional Women

“I had been planning to make Pinterest a marketing priority for over a year. I finally felt like I had a content strategy and was ready. I hired Jana because I felt she was highly qualified, and would give everything I needed to hand off Pinterest to someone on my in-house team. 

The workflow Jana designed for growing my Pinterest account is clear, so I feel comfortable letting my VA run with it!  I’d recommend Jana’s VIP service to any of my friends (particularly course creators) who have a good sense of who they are and what they offer but don’t yet feel like a Pinterest Pro!”

BRADEN DRAKE, BradenDrake.com
UnF*ck Your Biz Group Program – Legal and Financial Education for Creative Entrepreneurs

“I was a bit nervous to hire a Pinterest consultant – but so glad that I found Jana. During our first conversation, I knew she was the expert I wanted to work with and signed up with her on the call!

During the process, Jana kept everything super organized and was great with her communication– especially around the dates that I’d receive deliverables.

She listened to me and incorporated my brand DNA into the profile. Even though I didn’t have much written content on blogs yet, she still made it work!

I now LOVE my Pinterest and it’s something that I’m proud to show off.” 

Personal Stylist & Style Coach

“Jana re-purposed some of my content and created an evergreen social media bank for me. She also implemented a system and a scheduler so I now have consistent content going out – on auto-pilot!

Subsequently, I hired her for other projects – she repurposed several of my Facebook Lives into high quality blog posts, and set up a strategic Pinterest profile for me. 

I loved the way the projects were managed. And the content she created stayed true to my brand / my voice. I highly recommend her to other coaches.”

Life After Divorce Coach, Emerge Now Coaching

“Jana designed my lead magnet – a PDF guide – for my coaching program. She is organized and she knew what questions to ask me in the preparation phase. Because of this, the first draft was perfect and we didn’t need a lot of back and forth to get it right. She delivered on the schedule she promised, and the quality of the design was very high – a big improvement over what I had been using. The new thing I say to my team: ‘Make it look like Jana makes it look.’ “

Online Dating Coach, AndiForness.com

“Jana did an amazing job setting up Pinterest for my online business – and teaching me how to grow and maintain the account.
I had absolutely NO idea about Pinterest or how to use it effectively… but only a month in and I’m blown away by the visits I’m seeing from it already. I’m excited to see Pinterest become an amazing traffic source to my business!”

Online Business & Messaging Strategist

“While I had considered using Pinterest as a marketing strategy in my business, I really didn’t know where to begin and honestly didn’t have the time to learn! Jana made it super easy to get started. After she set up my profile, I have everything I need to continue the strategy (from the boards being set up, to pins already created, to a workflow I can manage).

I probably would’ve kept pushing this set-up further and further down on my to-do list had it not been for Jana and this service! I’m so happy to have worked with her and will recommend her to other consultants, coaches, and creative entrepreneurs.

Small Business Strategist & Creative Consultant

“Jana has been incredible to work with. She quickly understood my brand and ensured that it came through in the Pinterest profile she created for me. My new profile is so beautiful that I’ve fallen back in love with Pinterest!

Jana expertly designed on-brand pin graphics. She carefully researched keywords to make sure my profile will attract my ideal client. She is extremely talented at writing the keyword-optimized descriptions for pins, which is huge for driving the right traffic to your website – not just any traffic.

My website hits from Pinterest was essentially at zero before. After Jana optimized it, Pinterest is now driving 17% of all of my website traffic after just 30 days (and that number is still growing). On top of it all, it’s such a pleasure to work with Jana. She’s committed to your success and is super easy to work with. I’d highly recommend Jana if you’ve been looking into using Pinterest for your business.”

Online Business Coach, Signature Life with Daria Zest

“I’m a huge Pinterest fan, but my pinning wasn’t growing my business. So, when I saw Jana’s post about using Pinterest strategically, I had to reach out. She’s turned my Pinterest profile into something cohesive and beautiful and I’m so pleased. She has been a pleasure to work with.”

Ceritifed Wellness & Mindfulness Coach, LiveWellFlow.com

“Jana was SO easy to work with and obviously knew her stuff. I was really impressed with all the strategy behind what she was doing and the very streamlined process she had for getting to know my brand, getting assets from me, etc. The entire process was easy, fun and fast!”

Publicist for Entrepreneurs & Authors, Guide My Brand

“Jana re-vamped my Pinterest profile, which was a complete mish-mash before she got her hands on it, and completely turned it around. Honestly, it wasn’t until Jana explained to me how strategically Pinterest can be used that I fully understood the benefits! Trust me, she really knows this inside and out.

My new profile is gorgeous! It looks and “feels” exactly like me! It’s beautiful, simple and impactful. Jana really tapped into my brand and my business as a whole when she designed it. And I am blown away by the results I’m seeing. Before Jana, I was barely seeing any traffic at all from Pinterest, and after just two weeks of working together, the clicks from Pinterest to my site has increased and my email list has grown exponentially!”

Online Business Coach, Enhance Business Consulting

We booked Jana’s “Getting Ready for Pinterest” strategy call and it was great! We had taken some steps to set up our Pinterest account, but didn’t understand the strategy and mindset behind using it as a way to generate income.

After the call, we now have a very clear picture of how to move forward and generate income with Pinterest. We now understand that you set Pinterest up in a way that doesn’t take too much time each month, but over time it will yield huge results, grow our following, and generate passive income. Our biggest take-away:  We learned Pinterest can feel easy with the proper initial set up.  

This strategy call with Jana was definitely worth the $99 investment. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know! Having an expert explain things and show us where our blind spots are is really priceless!

Intuitive Relationship & Alignment Coaches, ElvinandAllison.com

I had a Pinterest account for business, but it wasn’t sending my website much traffic. Jana optimized my account and it’s now on fire! The pins, boards, and descriptions she created are absolutely amazing. Jana has done far and above what I could have imagined! 

I can already see a huge growth in my Pinterest account. And, she made me a personalized video to show me the simple things needed once per month to keep the account working for me. I feel capable to carry out the concepts and steps she instructed in her video.

Professional Counselor, Coach, Author, and Speaker, ParentingwithPersonality.com

“Jana is wonderful! Delegating marketing tasks to her is a great relief and results in high-quality and consistent messaging to my clients and prospects. Jana is reliable and works very efficiently. She has put her own design tweaks on my monthly newsletters and content, and they look great! Hire her!”

Relationship Life Therapy

I’m grateful for…

>> coffee

>> new beginnings… mornings, sunrises, and each opportunity I’ve had in my life to start fresh (Looking at you, Mom!)

>> my super-cool home base city

>> true love

>> freedom to travel and learn about my world


>> the most inspiring, generous, and brilliant clients a girl could ask for! 

Thank you.