Thank you for your interest in collaborating with me for your show or program!

I hope this page makes the prep work a breeze for you.

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with me for your show or program!

I hope this page will help make the prep work a breeze for you. 

Speaking Topics & Expertise

Pinterest marketing summit speaker

Getting Started with Pinterest Marketing - for Health & Wellness Coaches

Pinterest isn’t all about home decor and parties anymore… In fact, women are searching more than ever on Pinterest for the things that health & wellness coaches offer and help with!

When they’re searching about the problems you help solve… or the solutions your content and offers deliver… do you want them to find you? (Of course you do! 😉 

In this talk, Jana O. shares the #1 most important thing to know before you start. And, she reveals the 3 steps you can take now – to set up a strategic Pinterest profile that will attract perfect, action-taking clients for your health and wellness coaching practice.

    Pinterest Marketing: How to Get Better Reach & Get Found by Perfect-Fit Clients

    When set up strategically, Pinterest can get you discovered by perfect-fit clients and bring you leads for your coaching programs, courses & offers.

    But there’s a hidden factor at play on the platform… It’s one that can skyrocket your reach. More importantly, this hidden piece of the puzzle can get your pins and content in front of aaaaaalllllll the right people… the *action takers.*

    If you know, you know. So let’s get you in the know.

    Pinterest marketing summit speaker
    Pinterest marketing summit speaker

    7 Ways to Promote Your Lead Magnet on Pinterest (& Put List Growth on Autopilot!)

    Sick of all the hustle-based list growth strategies? (Daily Facebook group posts… Clubhouse rooms… Reels…?)  

    What if I told you that you could put some of your email list growth on autopilot – without ads? 

    In this session, I’ll share 7 *SPECIFIC* ways you can promote your lead magnet on Pinterest. You’ll learn exactly how Pinterest sets you up for passive list growth – and the tactics that work, too! 

    Pinterest marketing summit speaker

    Repurposing Instagram & Tiktok Content to Pinterest - without wasting your time or looking gauche!

    You’re working so hard to create amazing short-form video content. Why not use what you’re already creating on Pinterest? It’s a smart way to get your content and offers in front of a whole new audience… People who are already searching for what you create about. 

    Jana will spill what’s working to get good reach & attract clients on Pinterest – with repurposed reels, stories & more!

    Is Pinterest marketing right for YOUR business? Here's how to know.

    So you’re hearing a lot about how a Pinterest Marketing can grow your audience, attract ideal clients on auto-pilot, and increase your income?…

    But not sure if it’s the right platform for you? Or whether people even search for *your thing* there?

    Jana can help! In this session, she’ll share the three key questions she asks people to consider – when determining if Pinterest marketing is a good fit for their businesses.

    Pinterest marketing summit speaker
    Pinterest marketing summit speaker

    Leveraging The 5 Stages of Buyer Awareness in Your Pinterest Keyword Strategy (Advanced Topic)

    One of the keys to Pinterest marketing success is finding the right keywords – the words and phrases that will attract the perfect, action-taking audience for YOUR business. 

    In this presentation, I’ll help you avoid a common mis-step that causes some marketers to unwittingly overlook half of their ideal audience on Pinterest – and severely limit their own Pinterest reach. 

    By leveraging the simple yet powerful knowledge of the 5 Steps of Buyer Awareness, you’ll avoid this mistake. And you’ll end up with a keyword strategy that will help you expand your audience, get discovered by more of the right people – and make more sales!

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    Jana O.’s Bio / Introduction

    Jana O. is a marketing expert, content strategist, and Pinterest educator for coaches, service providers, and other online experts.

    Back in 2016, she discovered that a client was using Pinterest to get leads and sell her services – so she learned how to leverage it and fell in love! She has since developed a specialization in Pinterest marketing for audience growth and lead generation.

    Jana’s also the creator of High-leverage Content. HLC is the system and course for creating the content you need to build trust and demand for your offers — and convert your audience to clients.

    Jana’s current mission is to help her clients and students create high-converting content, amplify it with Pinterest, and book out their client rosters!

    Conversation Starters – Break the ice!


    I live in sunny Palm Beach, Florida with my husband and our dog-ter. I love working from Palm Beach’s luxe cafes, beautiful villas, and even the beach… so many gorgeous and inspiring backdrops here in paradise!


    My degree is in marketing communications… but I ended up working in corporate human resources management for more than a decade in Boston – before moving to Florida. When I decided to start an online business, my attention turned back to the marketing arena – and I’m so glad it did! 


    Random things I’m obsessed with: Lavender kombucha. Shiny beaded bracelets. All the mystery and drama TV shows (current favorite: The Crown). The city of Paris. Hamilton (yes, still). 

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