Thank you for your interest in collaborating with me for your show or program!

I hope this page makes the prep work a breeze for you.

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with me for your show or program!

I hope this page will help make the prep work a breeze for you. 

Speaking Topics & Expertise

What platforms should you be marketing on, as a new coach?

Real talk: Marketing your new coaching business can feel pretty overwhelming. It sometimes feels like you need to be everywhere, all the time… But then when will you have time to actually coach clients? 

In this talk, Jana shares the essential 3-prong “visibility stack” that you need — to cut through the overwhelm, do only what you need to a this stage in your business, and (most importantly!) get found and hired by more clients! 


Pinterest marketing summit speaker
Pinterest marketing summit speaker

Getting Started with Pinterest Marketing - for Health & Self-Improvement Coaches

Pinterest isn’t all about home decor and parties anymore… In fact, women are searching more than ever on Pinterest for the things that health & wellness coaches offer and help with!

When they’re searching about the problems you help solve… or the solutions your content and offers deliver… do you want them to find you? (Of course you do! 😉 

In this talk, Jana O. shares the #1 most important thing to know before you start. And, she reveals the 3 steps you can take now – to set up a strategic Pinterest profile that will attract perfect, action-taking clients for your health and wellness coaching practice.

    Pinterest marketing summit speaker

    5 Steps to Start a Simple Blog that Fills Your Coaching Client Roster

    So you want to start a blog to attract and convert clients for your coaching business? That’s so smart!

    In this conversation, Jana will walk us through the five key steps for creating a small-but-mighty blog that positions you as the go-to expert, and brings people from “Hey, I just met you!” to “Where do I sign up?”

    You’ll learn how to choose a platform, what to write to get conversions, what to focus on when you’re getting started, and — just as importantly — what not to waste your time on.

    Pinterest Marketing: How to Get Better Reach & Get Found by Perfect-Fit Clients

    When set up strategically, Pinterest can get you discovered by perfect-fit clients and bring you leads for your coaching programs, courses & offers.

    But there’s a hidden factor at play on the platform… It’s one that can skyrocket your reach. More importantly, this hidden piece of the puzzle can get your pins and content in front of aaaaaalllllll the right people… the *action takers.*

    If you know, you know. So let’s get you in the know.

    Pinterest marketing summit speaker
    Pinterest marketing summit speaker

    Get Leverage with the “More Clients with Less Content” Method

    Wish you could spend less time on the content creation treadmill, while *increasing* your conversions and income? Wish granted. 

    Jana’s sharing her 3-part strategy for more clients with less content. You’ll also learn the #1 reason why coaches, strategists, and service providers don’t make as many sales as they’d like to – and a low-lift way to fix that, starting today. (It’s shockingly simple!) 

    What (the heck) is a Content Strategy, anyway?

    You’re always hearing experts say, “You need a ‘strategy’ for your content… If you don’t, you’ll just spin your wheels… You’ll burn out… Your content won’t convert…” So yeah, it’s important…

    But, what exactly is a content strategy? Is it a list of platforms you’ll show up on? A content calendar? The number of times daily/weekly that you should post? (Spoiler: Nope.) 

    In this session, Jana provides us with a simple but powerful definition, and she’ll explain how you can exactly establish a profitable content strategy of your own. 

    Pinterest marketing summit speaker

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    Jana O.’s Bio / Introduction

    Jana O. is a marketing expert, content strategist, and Pinterest educator for coaches, service providers, and other online experts.

    Back in 2016, she discovered that a client was using Pinterest to get leads and sell her services – so she learned how to leverage it and fell in love! She has since developed a specialization in Pinterest marketing for audience growth and lead generation.

    Jana’s also the creator of High-leverage Content. HLC is the system and course for creating the content you need to build trust and demand for your offers — and convert your audience to clients.

    Jana’s current mission is to help her clients and students create high-converting content, amplify it with Pinterest, and book out their client rosters!

    Conversation Starters – Break the ice!


    I live in sunny Palm Beach, Florida with my husband and our dog-ter. I love working from Palm Beach’s luxe cafes, beautiful villas, and even the beach… Pinch me! Sometimes I can’t believe I live here. 


    Random things I’m obsessed with: Lavender kombucha. Shiny beaded bracelets. All the mystery and drama TV shows (currently re-watching: West Wing). The city of Paris. Musicals, especially Hamilton (yes, still). 


    I’m the weirdo who never gets bored when a strategy is working. My super-power is steadfastness. Give me a good workflow and I’ll do it forever! 

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