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Speaking Topics & Expertise


Leveraging (others') Facebook Groups to Grow Your Influence & Your Business

Facebook groups offer amazing opportunities for making connections, getting known and landing clients. They also have potential to be a major time suck! In this talk, Jana details how she became known and visible in groups. She discusses the system she uses to show up consistently, become a go-to expert, and get clients in groups – without being on social media 24/7. Swipe Jana’s system for your own business!

Growing & Monetizing Your Own Highly-Engaged Facebook Group

Hosting your own Facebook group can be an effective strategy for growing your reach, nurturing your audience, and selling your services and products. Around this topic, Jana will discuss strategies she uses with clients’ groups to ensure consistent content, ignite engagement, and make regular offers to group members.

3 Systems You Can Set Up This Month to Get More Visible... with Less Manual Work

Being visible and getting your content seen by the right people… super important, right? Right! But, content doesn’t need to take up your whole week, either. (Who’s got time for that?) We’re covering three specific systems you can implement to reduce the manual work needed to create and repurpose content.


How to Generate Coaching or Consulting Leads with Pinterest (Yes, Pinterest!)

Pinterest can be a powerful lead generation tool for coaches, consultants, course creators, and service providers. When set up strategically, Pinterest can get you seen by ideal clients, send traffic to your content and funnel, and net you leads! Through this talk, Jana will provide an overview of how Pinterest actually works to get you those leads. She’ll also give you an easy exercise to find out if you’re audience is looking for your solutions on Pinterest.

Four Keys to Lead Generation Success on Pinterest - for Coaches, Consultants, & Course Creators

When set up strategically, Pinterest can get you seen by ideal clients, send traffic to your content and funnel, and net you leads! But, if you don’t plan your profile correctly (and just start pinning with no plan), you’ll end up with a pretty profile – but it won’t actually serve your business. In this talk, Jana shares the four key success factors for a Pinterest strategy – one that will get real results for a coach, consultant, or course creator.

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Jana O.’s Bio / Introduction

Jana O. is a Content Manager and Content Systems Strategist. She got started working online in 2016 as a Virtual Assistant, quickly booked out her services, and chose to specialize in content management. She now designs and implements content marketing systems for online coaches, consultants, and course creators.

Jana’s VIP services and workflow trainings are for visionary online entrepreneurs – and for those who support them. Her audience aspires to consistent visibility – but with less hustle and more ease… so they can attract ideal clients every day with their content – and be free to serve them!

Jana has a sub-speciality in setting up strategic Pinterest profiles for coaches, consultants, and service providers. She regards Pinterest as a visibility and lead generation system – one that is easily systemized and automated. She’s on a mission to spread the word: When set up properly, Pinterest can generate targeted leads – with a small investment of time each month.

Conversation Starters – Break the ice!


I live in sunny Palm Beach, Florida. I had planned on the digital nomad life, but got married and settled here. But I still love working from Palm Beach’s luxe cafes, beautiful gardens, and even the beach… so many gorgeous and inspiring backdrops here in paradise!


I worked in human resources management for more than a decade in Boston. My love for systems and processes definitely started there – with personnel file audits, new hire onboarding checklists, and scheduling workflows. Now I love systemization in online business.


I credit Asana (the free project and task management software) with saving my business (and maybe my marriage (kidding… mostly(! When I started my business, I was trying to keep all the deliverables and tasks organized on stickies… in notebooks… in Excel sheets… in my head! I’d  turn on my Macbook at 2am to add a reminder to my calendar… or grab my phone to email myself a prompt to do it tomorrow… No one in my house could sleep.


After I implemented Asana, everything changed. I now NEVER worry that things will slip or I’ll forget a deliverable or task. We all sleep better. My entire business is paperless. I sail through my repeatable processes. It was a true game-changer.

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