Need my eyes on your plan?

Book a strategy call with me here! I love to share what I know and help you succeed. 

On a 90-minute strategy call, I’ll learn about your needs around the question at hand – and we’ll knock out a strategy and step-by-step plan for you. After the call, I’ll send you a written summary with action steps.

The investment for a strategy call is $175.00.

Or, if you’d like to jump on a 60-minute call and pick my brain, we can do that! In this case, I’ll answer your questions and offer possible solutions if you’re seeking them! (No written summary included.)

The investment for a 60-minute session is $99.00.

Are you providing “done-for-you” services online (like Pinterest Management!) and struggling to keep everything organized?  Waking up in the middle of the night to email yourself a reminder for tomorrow? Trying to document workflows in Excel sheets? Forgetting steps when setting up accounts? … I’ve been there.

Before I discovered and built out my Asana project management system, I was headed for burn out. But when I got Asana projects and task templates in place, everything changed. I’m now a productive and happy bee, buzzing through my Pinterest and Content Management tasks with ease – and with time to spare. 

Book this strategy call and I’ll help you get Asana set up and optimized for your biz. (PS – I use the FREE version of Asana, and you can too!) 

Pinterest is not just for recipes and party ideas! For a coach, consultant, or course creators, it can be a goldmine! But how in the world do you set up Pinterest to sell your services, programs or courses?

This session is suitable for a coach, consultant, course creator, or online service provider who would like to learn the basics. We’ll discuss your goals and how Pinterest can be leveraged for you. I’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the strategy for creating and maintaining a Pinterest account that will get noticed by your ideal client and send traffic to your website.

Let me guess… You’ve heard that Pinterest can be a low-maintenance lead generator for coaches, consultants, and course creators? … Well, you heard right! But there are a few things you need in place first before you invest money and time in a Pinterest strategy.

This session is suitable for a coach, consultant, course creator, or online service provider who is somewhat familiar with Pinterest. We will assess your current website and funnel elements and I will give you recommendations for optimizing them to prepare for massive traffic from Pinterest! A written summary will also be provided.

Questions about Pinterest? Systems? Content management and automation? Entrepreneurship? We can discuss anything you like!

Or… Want to spend a learn how to set Pinterest up strategically? 

Check out Pinterest with Purpose – my $99 course for coaches, consultants, and course creators. In it, I walk you through each step of my VIP process – so you can implement Pinterest to generate leads.

We booked Jana’s “Getting Ready for Pinterest” strategy call and it was great! We had taken some steps to set up our Pinterest account, but didn’t understand the strategy and mindset behind using it as a way to generate income.

After the call, we now have a very clear picture of how to move forward and generate income with Pinterest. We now understand that you set Pinterest up in a way that doesn’t take too much time each month, but over time it will yield huge results, grow our following, and generate passive income. Our biggest take-away:  We learned Pinterest can feel easy with the proper initial set up.  

This strategy call with Jana was definitely worth the $99 investment. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know! Having an expert explain things and show us where our blind spots are is really priceless!

Intuitive Relationship & Alignment Coaches,

“When I began working on Pinterest, I figured that the technical concepts might overwhelm me, as is often the case! But Jana has a great system of breaking things down, carefully explaining, and reiterating any steps that may be tricky. She does this with patience and accuracy. She also showed genuine interest in truly understanding my business, ideal client, and goals.

I can already see a huge growth in my Pinterest account. (My monthly reach has doubled in less than two weeks!) And, I feel capable to carry out the concepts and steps she instructed on.

Professional counselor, Parenting Coach, Speaker, and Author, Parenting with Personality

“I’m starting to offer Pinterest VA services, so I took Jana’s Pinterest course for coaches and service providers. 

I loved it so much that I watched it twice! In sweet, short videos, Jana walked me through a real Pinterest account and showed me exactly – step-by-step – how she sets up client accounts.

This was my second Pinterest course. The first one was full of print screens and long, videos. I was hesitant to buy another course, but the price was so affordable so I did it!.. And I’m so glad I did!  I now know how to do keyword research, create boards, create pins and so much more. Thank you, Jana!”

Virtual Assistant

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Organizing #allthethings in Your Online Business with Asana

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