How to Choose a Pinterest for Business Profile Name that Attracts Clients

Why are keywords important on Pinterest?

We are using Pinterest to get discovered by women who are searching for the solutions and help we offer – in our content, freebies, and paid offers. 👉🏼  And this can ONLY happen if we become intentional about using the right Pinterest keywords!


#1: Include your name OR your brand name.

Yes – this is an “or.” I want you to choose your name OR your brand name – not both. The reason? The maximum number of characters you can use for your profile name is 30 characters*. And we want to reserve as many characters as possible for keywords.


#2: Include 1 to 2 of your highest-priority keywords.

Make a list of words and phrases that your ideal client (or student or listener) is actually searching for – at the time you’d like her to find your content and offers. Once you have your list, I also teach you to organize and prioritize it. The highest priority keywords should be ones that are the most relevant to what you help with – and commonly searched on Pinterest.


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