Considering Pinterest business account name ideas? It’s smart to be intentional about this. Here’s why: 

If you’re an online coach, service provider, or any type of online expert – and you’re using Pinterest to market your business – what are your goals there?

You want your Pinterest profile to attract perfect-fit followers and clients, right?

Right. 😉 

Well, choosing the right Pinterest business profile name can actually help you do just that. 

In this article, I’ll be covering:

  • What should be included in your profile name (if you want it to attract aligned followers and clients!)
  • What to leave OUT of your profile name
  • A special hack to make it easier to choose the keywords to add to your Pinterest business account name
  • Examples of actual, well-optimized profile names (of online coaches and experts who using Pinterest strategically)

But, first things first. I’m going to be chatting you up about Pinterest keywords in this blog post, so let’s have a word about those… 


Why are keywords important on Pinterest? 

We are using Pinterest to get discovered by people who are searching for the solutions and help we offer – in our content, freebies, and paid offers.

👉🏼  And this can ONLY happen if we become intentional about using the right Pinterest keywords!

So picture this…  

… a woman searches for “gut health tips” – and finds your pin about 5 Snacks That Improve Your Gut Health… or

… someone searches for “how to create a mood board” …and she finds your content about simple entrepreneur branding and mood board examples… or

… someone searching for “how to get clients online” … and she finds a pin promoting your free training about showing up confidently on live video… 

Picking up what I’m putting down? The keywords ARE what attracts your ideal clients to you (and to your content) on Pinterest! 

*Keywords* are what connect you to people
who are eagerly searching on Pinterest
for the solutions that your content and offers provide.


So, then… 

Why is a keyword-optimized profile name important for attracting coaching clients?

We use basic SEO concepts and add our researched keywords to six areas of our Pinterest profiles. And one of those six areas is… you guessed it! ;)… your Pinterest profile name! 

By adding keywords to your profile name, you (a) help Pinterest understand what your account is about and (b) help your profile get discovered in relevant searches.  

To see what I mean, press play this short video. I’ll show you how a coach who uses common search terms in her name can be discovered in searches! 

Here’s a second quick video to show you how this looks on mobile. In this case, I’m using the example of a search for “PCOS” and a search for “PCOS diet.” Note, again, that Pinterest suggests keyword phrases to search – AND profiles to click on, too…

If you’re a coach who helps with PCOS, and/or diet choices for PCOS, wouldn’t you love to be “suggested” by Pinterest in these searches? (Press play 👇 to see what I mean!) 

Okay, now that you’re seeing the importance of the keywords, let’s dive into the specifics of choosing a profile name that attracts your ideal audience. 

Pinterest business account name ideas – what should you include?

The formula for the perfect Pinterest profile name is:

(Your name) or (Your brand name) + (1 to 2 of your keyword phrases)


Now, let’s expand on each part of the formula…


1) Your name OR your brand name. 

Yes – this is an “or.” I want you to choose your name OR your brand name – not both. The reason? The maximum number of characters you can use for your profile name is 30 characters*. And we want to reserve as many characters as possible for keywords. 

(* Pssst… Pro Tip: The device you’re using may affect the number of characters Pinterest will allow you to use in your name. Try updating it on mobile if you need more space! Caveat: Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a bit of a mystery, but worth a try.)

2) 1 to 2 of your highest-priority keywords. 

In my framework (which I teach in my course Pinterest with Purpose), I teach you to conduct keyword research. We generate a list of keyword phrases that you want to “rank for” on Pinterest.

So you make a list of words and phrases that your ideal client (or student or listener) is actually searching for – at the time you’d like her to find your content and offers. 

Once you have your list, I also teach you to organize and prioritize it. The highest priority keywords should be ones that are the most relevant to what you help with – and commonly searched on Pinterest. 

And that’s where this comes full circle because…

I recommend that you add one or two of those highest-priority keywords to your profile name. 

To help you do this, I’m providing a few examples below!

But first, there’s one more thing to learn… 

(Pssst… you can pin this article👇  to your “Pinterest marketing” board! 📌)

What should you leave out of your Pinterest profile name? 

Many online coaches, service providers, course creators, podcasters (you know, my people! 😉 are tempted to include words that describe what they help with… but are not being searched on Pinterest.   ← 😬

(Don’t do that! I know it’s tempting… but hear me out…) 

Typically, this takes the form of using the kind of “lingo” (or even “jargon!”) that many of us use in our social media marketing. 

On social media, that lingo may actually help you to stand out. For example, if you want to become known as an expert on dating mindset… you may call yourself a dating mindset coach. On other platforms, that can serve you well.

But on Pinterest – because it’s a search engine (not social media) – if you use words people aren’t searching for, you’re missing out on opportunities to be found in search. 

(Note: This is also exactly why we do keyword research – rather than just guessing what we think people are searching for! If we guess wrong… we are basically not going to get discovered, because no one – or fewer people – are searching for the keywords we chose. So Pinterest doesn’t know to show them our content and offers. Womp womp.)

So, leave out the more singular terms that you love using on social media – and instead leave room for the phrases that both describe what you help with – and are also being searched! 

Choosing a Pinterest Profile Name – A Quick Hack

Here’s a little secret hack I like to use when discussing profile names with a client, or teaching a student how to choose hers… 

Don’t think about this as “what your business is about.” 

Instead, think of it as “what your Pinterest account is about – and what you pin about.” 

Obviously, these two things will be pretty aligned. BUT, that little mental shift often helps my clients and students to feel good about *not* using the word-for-word tag line or title that they use on social media and other places.

 (…because remember —-> We want to use the *exact long-tail keywords* we discovered through your keyword research.)

Pinterest for Coaches: Examples of Optimized Profile Names

Okay, so now you know that you want to include 1) your name OR your brand name; and 2) one or two high-priority keywords… into your profile name.

To help you see this in action and generate some of your own Pinterest business account name ideas, here are a few examples of real profile names. (These are former or current clients and students of mine.) 

  • Andi – Online Dating Profiles + Online Dating Advice

  • Melissa – Help with Hormone Health & Hormone Balancing Diets

  • Cassandra – Work Wardrobe Essentials & Wear to Work Outfits

  • LiveWellFlow | Meditation, Qigong & Mindfulness Tips

  • Emerge Now Coaching | Life After Divorce + Divorce Recovery for Women

  • Sarah Masci | Branding Tips & Mood Boards for Entrepreneurs

Get the idea? Short Name + Keywords = an optimized Pinterest profile name!

I hope this quick blog post was helpful to you, and supports you in making the tweaks to your Pinterest profile that will actually attract your ideal clients!

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