How To Get Testimonials From Clients

1. Don’t make your client work hard. Give her a form.

When someone has 238 things on their to-do list, making your request easy increases the chances it will get done. The #1 way you can make this easy for your client? It’s to NOT expect her to craft the testimonial from scratch.


2. Use open-ended questions that are easy to answer.

When choosing your questions, you want some of them to be open-ended, so you’ll get some actual sentences. (A bunch of yes’s and no’s will not a testimonial make!)


3. Don’t just put the request on your to-do list. Automate it.

Smooth client onboarding systems get a lot of press in our space. But what about off-boarding systems? If you do a lot of project work for clients, look closely at yours and systemize / automate as much of it as you can.


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