Have a client who needs a strategic Pinterest account?

Send her my way! It’s a win-win-win. 
Here’s more about my client referral program. 

Have a client that needs a strategic Pinterest profile?

Send her my way! It’s a win-win-win! 
Here’s more about my client referral program. 

Referral Fees

Some of my favorite Pinterest clients have found me through their Social Media Manager, VA, OBM, or Podcast Manager!

I offer referral fees for two services:

1. When you send a client to me and she purchases my done-for-you Pinterest account setup, I’ll send you $200.00 to say thank you!

At the end of the project, your client will have three great options for maintaining and growing her account:

  • She can self-manage. (I’ll teach her how.);
  • She can have her existing team manage. (I’ll teach you how!); or
  • She can hire my team to manage her account.

2. When you send a client and she invests in my 1:1 “Profitable Pinterest Boards Intensive,” I’ll send you $75.00. 

In this intensive session, I work with the client to complete comprehensive keyword research and set up her boards and profile! 

To ensure I know you’ve sent her:

I typically ask how clients hear of me, but make sure to let me know that you sent her my way – just in case. To earn the referral fee, let me know before she books her consult call!

You can send me a quick email at jana (at) janaomedia.com and include your PayPal email.

To make the introduction:

It’s easy! Send me an email – and include your client. Share a bit about why you’re introducing us, and why the client is interested in Pinterest marketing for her business. I’ll take it from there.

Here’s some swipe copy: 

[Client], meet Jana! Jana, meet [Client]!  

Jana, [Client] is a _____ (tell me about her business and how Pinterest might be a good strategy to help her… grow her email list, promote her podcast, expand her audience for her coaching programs, courses, or memberships… etc.) 

[Client], Jana is a Pinterest Specialist for course creators, coaches, and online experts. I know her from _____. I am connecting you because I know she can help you get Pinterest working for you. 

Jana, can you let [Client] know what the best next steps are – to learn more about your service?


What are the “clues” to listen for? Here are a few.

If your client is using Facebook ads successfully… but she’s a little nervous about the rising costs (or they are less reliable for her than they used to be), Pinterest might be a solution! We can leverage it to diversify traffic to her content, lead magnets, and offers. 

If your client has a shiny new website, and wants more traffic to her blogs, lead magnets, podcast episodes, etc… send her my way! Pinterest is a dream for a conversion-friendly website. Let’s get more eyes on her site!

If your client wants to expand her podcast audience, and she’s investing in the creation of show notes, Pinterest might be a great fit – because we can send targeted traffic to her show notes.

If your client plans to launch a membership, or passive income products (or both!) in the future, and wants to build a targeted list to launch to… Pinterest can do that, too. She should start now to reap the benefits later, because Pinterest takes some time to gain traction. (But, when it takes off… oh boy!) 


Thank you for your referrals!