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… I’m Jana O., a Pinterest Marketing & Content Specialist for online coaches, service providers, and course creators. 

Showing up and being visible in Facebook groups has been HUGE for my business!

In this workflow training, you’ll get a peek at exactly how I use Asana to manage my content, engagement, and posting in Facebook groups.

(Asana is free! It’s my project management tool of choice, but you could certainly adapt this workflow and use it in Trello – or with any other tool.) 

Push play and let’s get started… 

I hope you loved this training… and that you’re off to post and engage!  But, before you go…

You can swipe my Facebook group full system, including:

  • exactly how the “content cards” are set up
  • how to ensure you’re posting the right mix of value and promo posts
  • how to easily track them – so you never have to wonder “Did I already post that here?”
  • all my Asana system’s hacks and techniques for banking regularly-used swipe copy

No more re-inventing the wheel every time you create a value or promo post.
No more rummaging around your drive for that genius piece of content you posted last week.


Save time. Become known. Get clients and grow your audience – with ease. 

(Learn how – in less than an hour – for only $27.00.)

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Posting in Facebook Groups - training