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I’ll teach you to how to create more profitable content, amplify it on Pinterest, & book more clients.

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✔️ Coaches
✔️ Course creators
✔️ Service providers
✔️ Online experts


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You’re an expert in your space – but you’re unclear on how to package your thought leadership and knowledge into content that converts.

You see other people boldly sharing what they know and signing clients from their content. And you’re wondering “When will it be my turn to be the one that is seen and sought after?”

Because right now – knowing what to say (to get those lurkers booking and buying!) feels like a mystery. 

You know quality content is the key to getting seen and hired by dream clients. And you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and create it, so you can grow your clients roster and your bank account…

But you’ve also figured out (probably the hard way) that ‘just showing up and being visible’ doesn’t quite cut it.

You know you need a real, tangible strategy to follow – instead of just winging it with your content.

With my specific, proven systems and strategies

You’ll be able to create a brilliant, lasting library of high-converting content – while eliminating the guesswork and sidestepping the burnout that keeps some business owners from thriving.

Above all, though…
It needs to be easy.

And it totally can be.

Because when set up strategically, your Pinterest profile can work hard for you to expand your audience – and attract action-taking clients & buyers.

And because it’s a search platform, your pins can get discovered for months and years when women search for what you offer. So you can be generating coaching program leads with Pinterest – even when you’re not working. 

And it’s not a labor-intensive tactic, or “another social media platform” that adds 5,837 more things to your to-do list. 

So, if you want a low-maintenance system for audience growth
and client attraction
– you’re in the right place.

Get ready to… 

  • Spread your messages further, and change more lives with them.
  • Convert your audience faster with content that showcases your unique thought leadership.
  • Secure a consistent flow of new clients, so you can finally be in control of your income.
  • Grow a thriving, impactful coaching or online service business that is built to last.

Well, hello!  I’m Jana O!

Well, hello!  
I’m Jana O!

Coffee-fueled marketing expert here… helping visionary coaches and influencers connect to their perfect fit people on Pinterest. 

Why Pinterest? Because I believe the key to consistent visibility is to make it easy.

(And, I know from experience that long-term success in online business requires you to get – and stay – seriously visible.) 

Which is why Pinterest is my go-to platform – like a venti light roast with a splash of almond milk is my go-to Starbucks order. 

    Here’s how you can work with me… 

    Create Content that Converts

    Learn to create content that builds trust and demand fast – so you can convert your audience to clients in half the time.

    If you’ve ever thought…

    “I wish someone would just SHOW ME what my content needs to say to get people buying…”

    Wish granted.

    Amplify it on Autopilot

    Go from hustling every day
    on social media… to leads & clients on auto-pilot… with Pinterest.

    I’ll take you, step-by-step, through
    my signature process to set Pinterest up to bring “perfect fit” leads to your digital door — on repeat…

    (Even when you’re not working!)

    Dive in & Learn

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    “Jana’s High-leverage Content system is such a clear, step-by-step process for content. It’s giving me so much clarity — and guiding me to develop my unique thought leadership voice.”

    SHEILA BELANGER, Mindset Transformation Coach

    I love that with Pinterest marketing I can ‘set & forget’ for a month at a time and still be active and visible. Jana taught me a streamlined workflow that made managing my own account so easy. My Pinterest reach and clicks have been growing and it’s so exciting to see.

    LEAH BORSKI, Holistic Wellbeing Coach & Author



    I am so impressed by the results from this Pinterest project! Within just the first month, I had a pin go viral and I started seeing DOZENS of visits to my website every day. My reach is growing. People who need my services are finally finding me through Google, too – because my pins keep coming up in their Google searches. I’m a single mom with big business goals, and this is helping so much. I’m grateful!” 

    LISA CIPKAR, Coach & Advocate for People with Lyme Disease & Chronic Illness, Abundant Life & Wellness


    Jana teaches and system and a way of thinking about content that I’ve never seen before. It’s just one “ah-ha! moment after another for me!

    Following this process has made it so clear where the holes/gaps have been in my content up to now. Now, not only do I see the gaps, but I also know how to patch them right up. HLC has all the tools I need to do that, too.”

    BECKY ACKERMAN, Fertility Coach

    Access the FREE Pinterest Quick Start Checklist!

    for coaches, service providers, & online experts

    Visually brand & optimize your Pinterest profile in 5 Steps! …so you can generate a steady flow of ideal client leads – without being on social media 24/7.

    Access the FREE Pinterest Quick Start Checklist!

    for coaches, micro-influencers, & online experts

    Visually brand & optimize your Pinterest profile in 5 Steps! …so you can generate a steady flow of ideal client leads – without being on social media 24/7.