Hello, there!

Hello there, Pinterest Board Queen! 😉

During our intensive session, we got clear on what your ideal audience is searching on Pinterest – and we developed a list of keywords and long tail keywords for your account.

We also created at least five boards – and chose topics and titles for several more.

In the 35-minute training below, I’m teaching you exactly how and where to place those keywords – in 6 areas of your Pinterest profile… beyond just the boards.

Remember, while you’re watching, you can also reference this guide and swipe copy file. (<—- Open in a new tab.)

(Quick note: Around 16:00 of this video, I mentioned “board categories.” Those have been phased out, so disregard them! I’ll take out the reference next time I update this video!)

Okay, push play and let’s get started…

Note: This content is copyrighted and available exclusively to clients who complete 1:1 sessions with me. Please don’t share this with anyone! (One exception: You can share it with a VA, SMM, or someone on your team whom you are paying to help you implement.)