You’re ready…

to (finally!) leverage a real Pinterest strategy – to grow your audience on auto-pilot and get targeted leads for your offers every day.

No more tip-toeing around this and “sort of” using the platform! 😉

You’re ready…

to (finally!) leverage a real Pinterest strategy – to grow your audience on auto-pilot and get targeted leads for your offers every day.

No more tip-toeing around this and “sort of” using the platform!

It’s time to leave behind… 

… the frustration with your past attempts at Pinterest for your coaching or service-based business. 
(Your profile is pretty but it’s sure not getting you any clients, leads, or buyers.)

… the inevitable burnout that comes from posting every. darn. day. in Facebook groups or on Instagram – because every single sale depends on you showing up personally

…the concern that you are (or may become) overly dependent on ads to grow your audience and keep your client pipeline full. 

You’re beyond ready for Pinterest to be working hard for you…

… to bring targeted ideal clients right to your funnel entry points – every day!

… to grow the perfect list for those dreamy passive income programs you’re planning. 

… to allow you to step away for a stretch here and there – and still have leads flowing in.  

… to give you that cozy sense of security you’re craving (because… daily leads!).

Yes, you’re ready. And you need an expert guide and a written plan –

so you know *exactly* what to do to make this all happen.

Ready? Great! … Because I’m that expert. And I’m ready to support you in this.

Together, we’ll develop your custom Pinterest marketing strategy… A plan designed specifically for you – based on your goals, your needs, and your target audience A plan that you will easily be able to execute on – for real results like a growing audience, more clients, and more sales.

We’re going to get Pinterest on lock for you
– so you can enjoy its effective, low-maintenance lead generation power! 

And, by the way… (This is important! —>) This intensive will be like drinking from a refreshing glass of water (or maybe a champagne flute?) – NOT from a fire hose. 

This is not about bombarding you with information – then leaving you to fend for yourself in implementing. (Yup, I know that’s happened to you before.)

I’ve taught Pinterest to DOZENS of online coaches, course creators, and service providers… And that experience has taught me a thing or two about teaching this material. 

I know Pinterest is pretty new to you. This container has been thoughtfully and specifically designed to ensure that you’re able to digest the material. You can trust that this is the best process to set you up for Pinterest marketing success. 

And we’ll be getting started implementing the more challenging parts together
so there’s zero chance that you’ll get stuck and not get results. 

Sounds like just what you need, right? Perfect. Here are the details…

Pinterest Marketing Strategy Intensive

for online coaches, course creators, & consultants

Done with you, 4 hours (2x two-hour sessions) + Voxer support

In two laser-focused, results-oriented, Zoom sessions, we’ll work together to develop a custom strategy… designed specifically for you, based on your goals, your needs, and your target audience. We’ll: 

  • Do keyword planning: Get crystal clear on your Pinterest goals, so you know how you’ll profit from using it.
  • Learn how to do Pinterest keyword research. Pinpoint *exactly* how you’ll get in front of your perfect audience on Pinterest – and with what types of niche-specific keywords.
  • Set up your pins. Get an easy, workable system in place for creating visuals (pins) that will stop the scroll… and then convert pinners to become fans, followers, subscribers – and buyers!
  • Plan out a streamlined monthly workflow (once-monthly, 4-6 hours)… so you have a sustainable plan that’s easy to follow and gets you results.
  • Set up your *exact* Tailwind (software) configuration and scheduling strategy.
  • And get aaaaalllll your questions answered… What boards should you have?… How often do you pin – and to what boards, at what pace?… What keywords – and where precisely do you place them? … and anything else you’ve got for me! 😉

After each session, I’ll send you your custom, written Pinterest strategy and plan.

You’ll have implementation “homework” in between the two sessions. I’ll make sure it’s clear and easy for you to complete. It will be high-leverage “get it done” work – and it will give you important clarity.

I’ll be just a Voxer message away – with unlimited voice support – between sessions and for two weeks following the last session.

You’ll end up with:

  • A custom, written Pinterest marketing strategy – and a low-maintenance workflow to follow!
  • Knowledge of what Pinterest tactics to incorporate, and which tactics to ignore. (No shiny objects or outdated practices!)
  • Your baseline, keyword-optimized profileready to leverage for… audience growth on auto-pilot, and sales!

Your Investment:

High fact-finder? (Me toooo!)

Here’s *exactly* how the session works, and what we’ll accomplish together:

Upon securing your sessions...

  • From the “Secure Your Sesh” button, you’ll choose your Session 1 date and time. 
  • Choose your time and hit “next,” and you’ll be able to pay your invoice. Payment secures your spot. 
  • Then, you’ll receive an email with next steps – including a link to book Session 2. 
  • You’ll also receive a 45-min Welcome Briefing video. It will cover some basics about how Pinterest works for users and marketers – so you’ll be ready to get the very most from our 1:1 time together.
  • And you’ll receive your pre-session questionnaire. It takes about 20 minutes to complete, and will provide me with important information so I can show up with my “A-game.” 😉 )

During Session 1...

Together, we will:

  • Determine your Pinterest goals, how Pinterest will fit in with your content strategy, and how you’ll measure success.  
  • Hash out the details of your strategy for getting discovered by your ideal person – and with what types keywords. 
    • (I’ll show you my *exact* methodology for planning, researching, and organizing your keywords – so it will be a breeze to discover and use the perfect ones for you.)
  • Get an easy, workable system in place for creating visuals (pins) that will stop the scroll and convert for you.
    • BONUS! I’ll gift you a set of 10 Pinterest-optimized Canva templates – designed by me. You can choose from four different sets (Boho, Bold, Traditional, or Feminine).

Note: The sessions are conducted via Zoom video conference. It’s important that you be available via video, able to screen share and type on a full keyboard, and ready to focus on the agenda! (Don’t call in from your car, Lovely! 😉 )

After Session 1...

I’ll send you… (within 1 business day)

  • Your custom, written strategy for Pinterest marketing. 
  • A clear list of your action steps, based on our call. 
  • A 25 minute step-by-step tutorial that can be viewed as you or your team are implementing. Includes live examples of techniques for adding keywords to the six critical areas of your Pinterest profile. 
  • Your homework assignment:
    • Between sessions, you’ll complete the keyword research that we started during the session – based on the easy methods I taught you. 
    • You’ll also use the material provided to add those keywords to four areas of your profile – to optimize and prepare it for the next steps. 
  • An invite to connect on Voxer, where you’ll have access to me between calls and for 14 days after the second call for any and all questions.

During Session 2 (two weeks later)...

Together, we will:

  • Roll up our sleeves and focus on your Pinterest systems. That means we’ll:
    • Plan out your *exact* monthly workflow… (a once-monthly 4-6 hour pinning session.) We’ll design this to be sustainable, and streamlined – because consistency is crucial on Pinterest.
    • Determine how to best configure and use Tailwind (the scheduling software) to batch and automate much of the work for you.

… And we’ll reserve some time to review anything that needs clarifying – and answer any remaining questions you may have! 

After Session 2...

I’ll send you (within 2 business days):

  • Your custom Monthly Workflow Checklist. You and your team will be able to follow its crystal clear steps – to continue to implement it with ease.
  • The link to book your 30-minute accountability session (to be booked about 2 weeks after the intensive)  

… And we’ll stay connected on Voxer, where you’ll have access to me for 14 days after the call for any and all questions.

Two weeks later...

  • Well re-convene for a 30-minute check in / accountability call. 
  • I’ll review your Pinterest account with you, and the work you’ve done to optimize it. (And I’ll make recommendations.)

  • We’ll review your monthly workflow / pinning plan again, too. 
  • I’ll answer any of your outstanding questions! 

Any time you wish, you can always book additional calls – at a special “past client” rate! 

A few Frequently Asked Questions:

How are these intensive sessions different than your "done for you" offer?

These intensive sessions involve you and I hashing out the strategy together – and you do most of the implementation outside of our calls. (Don’t worry! This package is designed to make sure you are *crystal clear* on what to do and how! And you’ll have my support on Voxer while you implement!)

My Done-for-you Pinterest and Tailwind set up is more hands-off for the client. With that offer, I do more of the implementation. (And the investment is higher, of course.) When it’s complete, she either:

  1. takes the baton and runs with it (personally implementing the workflow each month);
  2. delegates the monthly workflow to her team; or
  3. hires my team for a monthly management retainer.


So, the intensive sessions are a great choice if you want:

  • to be more involved in the step-by-step strategy development;
  • more 1-to-1 learning time with me; and
  • a lower dollar investment (because you’ll be doing much of the implementation work). 

Can we just book both sessions back-to-back - and knock this out in a day?

Most clients who book these sessions are pretty new to Pinterest. So, it’s often best to book the sessions two weeks apart. I’ve found that pacing the information makes it more digestible.

Plus, this plan allows you to complete the “homework” in between the two sessions. That means you’ll end up with a keyword-optimized profile, and you’ll gain important clarity on ‘part one’ of your strategy – by having implementation time in between sessions. 

However, I am open to structuring these sessions in a way that is best for you! So, if you prefer to book both the sessions on the same day (with a few hours in between for implementation), email me and we can discuss! 

Is there a lower-cost option for learning Pinterest from you?

Yes! My self-paced e-course, Pinterest with Purpose, is a great place to learn Pinterest on your own.

It walks you, step-by-step, through the process I use with 1-to-1 clients (coaches and service providers) to set up a strategic Pinterest profile. You’ll learn my methods for keyword research and optimization, designing pins that convert, and the overall strategy behind how Pinterest works to make you money. (And you’ll end up with a fully-optimize profile!)

(And, psssst… You can always book strategy sessions after taking the course if you want 1-to-1 time with me! 😉 

You can learn more and enroll in the course here. <———

I still have questions! Haaalp!

No worries! I want you to feel 100 percent confident that this is the right move for you.

Click here to book a complimentary 20-minute call with me. I’ll answer any questions about:

  • whether Pinterest marketing could be a fit for you;
  • the content and format of these intensive sessions; and/or
  • the differences between this session, my DIY course, and my “done for you” offer.

“When I began working on Pinterest, I figured that the technical concepts might overwhelm me! But Jana has a great system of breaking things down, carefully explaining, and reiterating any steps that may be tricky. She does this with patience and accuracy. She also showed genuine interest in truly understanding my business, ideal client, and goals.

I can already see a huge growth in my Pinterest account. (My monthly reach has doubled in less than two weeks!) And, I feel capable to carry out the concepts and steps she instructed on.”

Professional counselor, Parenting Coach, Speaker, and Author, Parenting with Personality

“My views and my website traffic from Pinterest are already super-impressive. I’ve grown my list significantly, booked discovery calls from Pinterest and even had leads find me on Pinterest and tell me that every time they searched my pins were ‘everywhere.’

I highly recommend Jana to all my contacts. Her client process is so well thought-out and delivered, she’s easy to work with, and she produces incredible work!”

Online Business Mentor for Service Providers

“I love my new Pinterest profile. Jana was SO easy to work with and obviously knew her stuff. I was really impressed with all the strategy behind what she was doing and the very streamlined process she had. The entire process was easy, fun and fast!”

Publicist for Entrepreneurs & Authors, Guide My Brand

“Jana set up a strategic Pinterest profile for my coaching practice. I am so impressed by the results from this project! Within just the first month, I had a pin go viral and I started seeing DOZENS of visits to my website every day. My reach is growing. People who need my services are finally finding me through Google, too – because my pins keep coming up in their Google searches. I’m a single mom with big business goals, and this is helping so much. I’m grateful!” 

Health Coach for People with Lyme Disease & Chronic Illness, Abundant Life & Wellness

“We had taken some steps to set up our Pinterest account, but didn’t understand the strategy and mindset behind using it as a way to generate income.

After the call, we now have a very clear picture of how to move forward and generate income with Pinterest. We now understand that you set Pinterest up in a way that doesn’t take too much time each month, but over time it will yield huge results, grow our following, and generate passive income. Our biggest take-away:  We learned Pinterest can feel easy with the proper initial set up.  

This strategy call with Jana was definitely worth the investment. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know! Having an expert explain things and show us where our blind spots are is really priceless!

Intuitive Relationship & Alignment Coaches

“While I had considered using Pinterest as a marketing strategy in my business, I really didn’t know where to begin and honestly didn’t have the time to learn! Jana made it super easy to get started. I’m so happy to have worked with her and will recommend her to other consultants, coaches, and creative entrepreneurs.

Small Business Strategist & Creative Consultant