Not a big writer? There’s an AWESOME content creation tip for you below… plus a little FREEBIE. ($10 – totally free – to use on a super-simple new tool!)

But, first, let me tell you what happened this week to inspire this post … In February, Pinterest and Tailwind published an article about fresh content – and it set some hair on fire in the Pinterest community! 🔥

Basically, Pinterest confirmed what I’ve known for awhile… They are happy to have us recycle our evergreen content, but they also want us to create new pins from time to time. 

But as coaches, consultants, and course creators – we aren’t always prolific bloggers. We aren’t cranking out one new blog post (or more) every week…

And, frankly, we don’t need to.

In my opinion: to establish authority, offer value, and give our ideal clients a small taste of what we can help with… we really only need to blog monthly (or even bi-monthly, once we have a critical mass of content. 

So, I’m encouraging my clients and course students to create 6 to 10 new pins every month (or every other month if you like to batch!) Those pins can be for new blog posts – or for older posts we want to promote.

Now… for the goodies… the big tip and the freebie!

For when it is time to create new blog posts, here’s a content creation tip… one that I use very successfully with clients.

If you are a person for whom words come more naturally when you are speaking (rather than in writing) this is for you. 

You can record yourself creating the content verbally for a blog post and have a team member turn it into a piece of written content.

Boom. 🤓


(Use Loom, audio recording, or any tool you like! This also works great for Facebook Lives you’d like to re-purpose.)

This process works best when:

1. You outline what you are going to rif on first. (like, use an actual outline formula – Roman numerals and all! ) Provide this outline, along with the recording, to your VA or Content Manager. This way, she can see the structure of your thought process and structure the piece based on that outline.

2. Your VA or Content Manager is a good copy-editor. The transcription tool I use for this with my client is Rev (see note below for a $10 credit to try it for free!), and it is VERY accurate when it creates a transcript. But the conversational nature of the recording does necessitate some copy-editing for clarity.

3. Your VA or Content Manager knows your brand voice and can shape your words with that in mind. (So, this works better when you have a team member on a monthly retainer, rather than someone who is hired for a one-time job…Tangent: if you want someone to do this as a one-time project, hire a copy writer. 🙂

NOTE: If you’ve never tried Rev before – for easy, fast, and low-cost transcripts or subtitles – I have a free trial for you! If you use my affiliate link to sign up for an account, you’ll get a $10 credit (no minimum purchase, either!). 

Use this free credit for anything you’d like! But my suggestion is to grab your favorite short Facebook Live or video and have it transcribed for free. Then, try out my method above.

You can’t outsource vision, but you can outsource a LOT! 

*Note: The link above is an affiliate link. So, if you decide to take advantage and snag that juicy $10 credit, I get a small thank you bonus from them. This does NOT change the amount you pay for services from them, and I only recommend the tool because I find it indispensable!


Here’s the step-by-step workflow: 

Feel free to copy and paste it into your own repeatable project in your project management software (like Asana!)

Outline your topic. (Roman numerals and all, see above for why!)
Record or go live with your topic. (Note: If you’ve already recorded it, listen to it and write up an outline. See above for why!)

Download your video as an MP4 link. OR Upload it to Youtube. Set to “unlisted” if desired.
Go to your Rev account.
Hit “new order,” and “transcription.”
Upload video(s) OR add Youtube link.
Rev will email you when the transcript is complete.
Download the transcription. (I prefer Word doc format; no speaker names.)
Place file in google drive folder: [Month] – Blog Post Raw Transcripts

Copyedit the transcript – for readability, clarity.
Flesh out and add examples if needed to support key points.
Add formatting for readability – headlines, bullets, numbers, etc.
Add at least one internal link.
Add at least two external links. (Research may be needed.)
Add a call to action at the end.
Optimize, format, set up on website back-end.

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