You can outsource a lot of tasks in your online coaching business. But you can’t outsource the process of accessing your own wisdom.

The thing people look to coaches for – in all areas / specialties – is that wisdom. So, you need time to listen to your own voice and ideas, and process and organize them. This is the source of your genius… of your special sauce… of your je ne sais quoi.

To make this space – and simultaneously grow your business – you can delegate to a virtual assistant.

There truly is an un-ending list of things you could delegate, but here are some of the most common – and impactful – tasks that a VA can help with:

  • Blog management: copy-editing, formatting, posting, SEO optimization, opt-ins, on-brand image sourcing
  • Email marketing and funnel formatting, set-up, maintenance
  • Administration of your Facebook group or communities
  • Scheduling, billing, and customer service
  • Email inbox management

and, of course, 

(Which is what I help with!)