Were you a fan of TLC’s What Not to Wear?… I was. I was so enamored with the practical, no-nonsense, and hilarious advice that Clinton and Stacy gave to their subjects every week in their makeover show on TLC.

I feel like I channel my inner Stacy and Clinton when I do a Pinterest account set-up for a coach or a course creator who started with a DIY approach.

When someone hires me to set up or improve her profile, one of the many items on my to do list is to re-design her pins.

In a previous post I showed you the seven elements that a pin MUST have to be click-worthy.

If your pins don’t meet muster, the Pinterest funnel doesn’t work, because no one will click through to your content! … So sad! Your ideal clients just passing you right by… I can’t even. 🙁

Here’s a makeover for you – a BEFORE (the pin my client had) and an AFTER (one of the pins I designed).

So much better right?