I see you! You’ve been wondering, What does a Pinterest business account look like?

And maybe you’d really love to see one for an online coach who’s using Pinterest to attract clients? 

Perfect. You landed in the right place. 

In a previous blog post, I outlined the main differences between a Pinterest personal account – and a business account. In this quick follow-up post, I’m giving you a more visual snapshot of what a Pinterest business account looks like

You’ll be able to see the intentionality behind Pinterest business profiles. You’ll also get a quick visual rundown of the features that make it a business account

Remember, the three main features that a Pinterest business account offers (that a personal profile doesn’t) are:

  1. The Cover Collage (or Single Cover Image – which I like to use to highlight a call to action). 
  2. Your Website, listed adjacent to the “bio.” (Ideally, you’ll want to claim the website.) 
  3. Access to the Analytics Dashboard – so you can measure your results. 

(To get more details on all of these features – and why they are crucial if you’re looking to attract clients and make more sales using Pinterest – click on over to this post.

Okay, let’s peek at some profiles! 

I have one here as a screenshot… And then you can snoop two more by pressing play on the videos below… 👀


Screenshot: What a Pinterest business account looks like

Press play below… to see 2 more examples:

This video highlights the optimized Pinterest business profile of Krystal Chong. She’s an author, life coach, and holistic anxiety specialist – and an incredible human! She helps big-hearted, over-thinkers free themselves from anxiety – so they can really thrive in their lives.

Krystal’s Pinterest business profile employs a strong, intentional keyword strategy that will get her content in front of women who need her. Here’s what it looks like: 

… And this video shows you the two main tabs that a Pinterest for business profile has. In it, we’re peeking at the profile of Orit Krug, an Embodiment Coach and Dance Therapist who helps women overcome past trauma – so they can thrive in their current love relationships. 

Next Steps for Your Pinterest Business Account

I hope you found this quick post to be helpful… that you now have a better idea about what a Pinterest business account looks like and what features it offers.

When set up strategically, your Pinterest profile can work hard to generate leads for your courses, coaching programs, and services – even when you’re not working.

And it’s not a labor-intensive tactic, or “another social media platform” that adds 5,837 more things to your to-do list. In fact, it can be comparatively quite low-maintenance! 

If you’re ready for a Pinterest profile that attracts ideal clients – with ease, every day – I have something to help you start. 🎉

You can download my free Pinterest QuickStart Guide – and follow along with the
5 steps to brand and optimize your profile.

This is the perfect, EASY way to get started attracting ideal clients – women who are *already searching* on Pinterest for the solutions that your content and offers provide.

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