In 2024, I want you to save time AND get better results with your Pinterest marketing!

Better, faster. 🙂

And as a Pinterest marketing strategist for 7+ years, my # 1 piece of advice is:

Start by listing some keyword phrases (long-tail keywords) that you want to be FOUND for on Pinterest.

This can be the beginning of your Master Pinterest Keyword List.

This is a good strategy for making sure you’re using the platform as a search engine (because it is!)

And it’s also great for ensuring that you’ll be consistent on Pinterest. Here’s why: 

I often hear from entrepreneurs that they don’t like doing keyword research Every. Single. Time. they add a pin. It can feel pretty heavy.

And when things feel heavy, we avoid them. And that keeps us from getting started – and/or from being consistent.

So what should you do then?

Instead of doing keyword research every time you pin… I recommend that you “batch the decision-making” about keyword research up front.

Here’s how to do that:

What’s a Master Pinterest Keyword List?

Your goal with this process is to develop a “Master Keyword List & Plan” for Pinterest. This list might be about 5 to 7+ pages long – in a Google doc, for example.

Be sure your keywords are BOTH:


  1. aligned with what you are expert on – what you teach and create content about (This will pay off later*, I promise..). and;
  2. are words and phrases your ideal person is using to search

What’s the process for developing one?

Here’s the five-step process I guide students* and clients through:
*I teach this process in my course Pinterest with Purpose.

Step 1: Get clear on who you want to discover you on Pinterest.
Step 2: Brainstorm your potential keywords.
Step 3: Research and validate your keywords (using the search bar right in Pinterest – no third party apps needed!)
Step 4: Organize your keywords, so they’re useable.
Step 5: Use them!  Add them to seven areas of your Pinterest profile and pins


Again, your goal here is to end up with a 5+ page document that serves as your “Master Keyword List & Plan.”

And here’s the beautiful part…

*Now, every time you sit down to pin your content, you can simply reference your master list (CTRL+F function works like a charm here!) and mine it for the keywords that are relevant to what you’re pinning at the moment.

Now things are easier. Lighter.

And they are also better – because when we consistently use the right keywords, we can CALL IN people who are searching on Pinterest for what we offer.

(Example: You’re an adult sleep coach. You sell a course about bedtime yoga for better sleep. Someone searches “better sleep” or “bedtime yoga.” 🧘🏻‍♀️ Pinterest knows your content is a match – because you used those [and similar] keywords. So Pinterest shows her your pin or your profile… That’s how Pinterest works as a search engine. Pretty simple, really!)

Here’s to better, faster, lighter – in 2024! 🥂🍾


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