Wondering if you should use sections in Pinterest boards? Well I have a *definite* opinion on this, so read on and I’ll spill… 😉 

As I’m writing this blog, Halloween is coming. And that’s so appropriate, because I recently saw something HORRIFYING! 🙀

I started a done-for-you Pinterest account set up for a health coach. (She helps women reduce sugar in their diets.)

She has an existing account that she’s been using – but she hasn’t been using it intentionally to attract clients yet. So, we’re starting with a good Pinterest profile clean up.

And here’s comes the big warning…

When I first got started, she had three boards – and each board has between six and fifteen SECTIONS. 🙀

Horrifying, right?

… Oh, no? You’re not horrified? Well, you should be. 🤣 Here’s why…

I recommend AGAINST splitting your Pinterest boards into “sections.”

(Psssst… Wondering what a Pinterest board section is? Sections can be created within boards, but are really just for your own organization. Theoretically, you can have multiple sections in which to further organize the pins on that board. When you’re inside a board you’ve created, you can hit “organize” and then “create a section.” [ But don’t. 🤣 ]

Okay, now onward… Let’s talk about why I recommend against them…)

Sections can be helpful for regular Pinterest users (pinners), but for Pinterest marketers, they have some serious drawbacks / limitations. So, I don’t recommend using them as a Pinterest marketer.

Here are the two major reasons:

1) Section titles do NOT help much with Pinterest keyword optimization.

(… and since you’re a reader of my blog, you prooooooobably know that keywords are *how* your perfect-fit clients find you!)

Pinterest board titles are highly searchable – but section names really aren’t. So, instead of creating sections inside boards, just create (and keyword-optimize) more boards instead. This way, you get the keyword mojo of those board titles working for you.


Instead of one board called “Quit Sugar Tips & Foods” with separate sections for…

  • “Low sugar smoothies,”
  • “Benefits of Eating Less Sugar,”
  • “Sugar Curbing Snacks,”
  • “Reduced Sugar Meal Plans”
  • Etc…

… simply create separate boards for each of those topics. (AND also have a “Quit Sugar” board!) Easy fix. 

2) You can’t schedule to sections using Tailwind.

(*Quick note: This section includes affiliate links.)

So, if you are going to use Tailwind to help you pin consistently, using sections is no bueno. Tailwind cannot pin into sections. So if you use Tailwind to pin to boards that have sections, you will either a) make a mess of your boards; or b) create a lot of extra manual work – to move pins subsequently into sections. 😬

And, I am juuuuuust starting to experiment with using some other schedulers (Like Planoly, or Later) for Pinterest, and I’m guessing that feature won’t be available with those, either.  

So, no Pinterest board sections if you’re a marketer. At least not for now.

Sorry. I know the Type A Marie Kondo-loving person in you wants them. But they just don’t work well for a serious Pinterest lead generation strategy.

I hope I saved you some time and headaches here!


(PS – In case you’re wondering, I ran this post by my new client – the sugar cravings-curbing health coach – before I sent it. She thinks it’s funny. So no worries… she won’t be horrified that we’re horrified over her old sections. 🤣)

Should I Use Sections in Pinterest