If you’re in the United States, I’m curious… Have you seen billboards like this in your area?

I know these are a little hard to read… (a colleague of mine in Seattle snapped them from across a highway… so you know, we need to cut her a break! 😂)

They are highway billboards – with ads for Pinterest!

One says:

“Just a couple billion of humanity’s best ideas. That’s Pinterest.”

And one says:

“For your self not your selfie. That’s Pinterest.”

As mentioned, these two were spotted in Seattle. I also had someone tag me in a Facebook group (Thanks, Melanie Jo!) to say she had seen five of these billboards in Houston.

So, a few thoughts…first – this is totally so fun. I love that Pinterest is marketing itself – and leaning into its growth. (In the last year alone, average monthly users of the platform went from 250 million to 300 million… and still growing.)

And I think these billboards perfectly sum up the two main reasons why Pinterest is growing so fast:

Reason 1: It’s a platform for dreamers and do-ers.

Women (and some men 😉 are on Pinterest looking for solutions and inspiration – checking out some of the “couple billion of humanity’s best ideas.”

So, whether it’s an idea about…
– re-upholstering her dining chairs…
– tapping into her intuition to eat less and enjoy food more…
– finding the right words for her website’s About page…
… or any other idea for that matter…

A pinner is open to new ideas. Pinners try, do, and buy because of things they discover on Pinterest.

What we can learn as Pinterest marketers: We can be putting some our best ideas on Pinterest to be discovered… because with 300 million people and growing, you can bet that our ideal clients are on there – searching for solutions that our content, products, and services offer.


Reason 2: When a pinner is on Pinterest – it’s “me” time for her.

She’s there to dream and find ideas and solutions for her life – not to admire others.

She’s looking to see how the ideas she finds on Pinterest can improve her life and business… how the information she finds can solve something for her, or make something better for her – and her family.

(She’s not there to post a selfie, or to see your selfie.) Remember the second billboard? “For your self not your selfie. That’s Pinterest.”

What we can learn as Pinterest marketers: Marketing on Pinterest is much different (and I think more effective!) than on Instagram. Our words and visuals should help a pinner see how our content / solution / service will fit into her life.

It’s less about what we are doing – and more about what she is doing.


Overall, I was just thrilled to hear these billboards are popping up! It seems the growth of the platform isn’t slowing down.

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