If you’re new to Pinterest marketing, getting your first 1,000 followers on Pinterest may seem challenging – maybe even daunting. 

But you’re up for the challenge! And I’m here to help. 

In this post, I’m laying out your five-step plan to get to 1,000 followers on Pinterest…

…and not just any old followers, either. 

✔️ Followers who are interested in the things you create content about. 
✔️ Followers who will love your pins and take action on them.
✔️ Followers who are ideal clients for your offers. 

Maybe your goal is to grow an engaged audience as an influencer? Or to grow your email list with ideal clients for your coaching program?

Or maybe you’re aiming to get enough Pinterest followers to qualify for Pinterest Creator Rewards (on-platform monetization)? 

Regardless of your reasons for wanting a strong following, follower growth can feel easy (and even fast!) – if you focus on a handful of key things. 

Your step-by-step plan to get to 1,000 Pinterest followers is clearly laid out below – and ready for you to implement! It’s broken down into two “prep steps” and three “action steps.” So let’s go… 

Prep Step 1: Create a “Follow-Worthy” Pinterest Profile

These days, pinners are visiting creator profiles more and more. When they land on yours, we want them to see a profile that they perceive as “follow-worthy.” 

So what motivates people to hit that follow button? Here are some top tips:  

1. Create at least 10 boards.

Pinners want to follow accounts that are active on the platform. If you don’t have many boards, it will appear that you’re not really doing much. So create at least ten to start! 

Choose board topics based on a) your main content pillars (things you’ll be pinning and creating content about); and b) the keywords that you want to get discovered for on Pinterest. Speaking of that… 

2. Use the right keywords on your profile – to get found by action-takers.

Pinterest is a search and discovery platform. So it’s important to do some keyword research for your account. Then you’ll use search terms that people are using on your boards, profile name, etc. This helps you get discovered by people who are *already interested* in your topics.

And just to connect the dots here… People who are already interested in your topics are going to be A LOT more likely to follow you, right???

3. Use a friendly headshot as a profile photo.

People want to follow people who are relatable and seem real. 

So choose a headshot for your profile photo. (It’s the small one in the circle.) I recommend using one that is forward-facing, looking at the camera. Ideally, you’ll look friendly and approachable in it (assuming that’s on-brand for you!) 

Here’s a blog post I wrote about how to easily add your Pinterest profile photo.

4. Add a cover image that helps pinners understand *WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM!*

Sorry to yell (in ALL CAPS). 🤣 But this is probably the most important tip here… and I want you to succeed! 

Your profile really needs to clearly convey what you can do for the pinner.

…And a cover image with a ‘next step’ call to action (CTA) is a great way to do that, because it’s the largest and most visual real estate on your profile. (Pssst… here’s a Pinterest cover image template for you! It’s properly-sized and gives you a place for that CTA.) 

It’s important on any visibility platform to lead with “what’s in it for them” – because it’s human nature to be scanning for information that is relevant and helpful to us. (We’re inherently self-serving. It’s just a thing. We’re wired that way for survival!) And it’s even more important on Pinterest, where people come looking for ideas to try, do, and buy. 

So we MUST lead with what we can do for them – if we want to motivate them to hit that “follow” button. 

Okay, one more “prep step” before we start pinning…! 

Prep Step 2: Know Your Pinterest Audience & What They Really Want!

So you want more followers. That’s clear.

But who do you want those followers to be? Believe it or not, narrowing your focus a bit will actually help you get more Pinterest followers faster! 

So, in prep step 2 on your path to your first 1,000 Pinterest followers, it’s important that you clearly define your audience. (Sometimes your Pinterest audience will be the same as the audience you target on other platforms. Sometimes it might be a bit different – or even a subset of your audience.) 

Then, once you’re clear on *who* you’d like to follow you on Pinterest… ask yourself a few key questions. 

  • What do they need? 
  • What questions are they always asking me?
  • What are their most common problems or struggles? 

Make a list of these things. Those will become your first idea pins. (More on that in your next step below…)

Keyword research (from step 1) will also help a lot with this – because it literally tells us what people are looking for. 

And this is super-important, so lean in… 

When your main goal is to get your first 1,000 followers – it’s CRUCIAL to give them what they think they need – not what *you* think they need! 🙂 

Read that again if you need to. ☝🏽

To reach this goal, you MUST be willing to meet pinners where they’re at. 

Sometimes this means creating content (pins) about things that aren’t as exciting to you – or even things that feel “too basic” or “obvious.” 

(***Remember, what feels basic or obvious to you is very often something that you just already mastered – but many others have not, so they want to know/learn/understand it!) 

Doing this (giving them what they actually are looking for) will mean more followers, faster. I promise. 

Okay, time to move on to Step 3 of your plan! Let’s get pinning…


(Pssssst…. You can 📌 pin this article for reference to your “Pinterest marketing” board:) 

How to pin your Instagram content to Pinterest

Action Step 3: Create Pinterest Idea Pins.

Idea Pins are the fastest way to grow on Pinterest right now. They were introduced to the platform in March of 2020 as story pins. Since then, Pinterest re-named them “Idea Pins” – which is a more accurate name, IMHO. 🙂 

This is how Pinterest describes Idea Pins in their “Creative Best Practices” documentation:

“Idea Pins are a multi-page canvas to share your ideas. They last forever, and help you grow your audience.”

And (of course!) they’ve nailed it with that concise description. Idea pins have multiple pages. They don’t disappear after 24 hours, but in fact, can be discovered by pinners for months and years in the future. 

And the last part is super-relevant for this post (and for your goal to get your first 1,000 followers on Pinterest!)… They help you grow your audience.

The UI (user interface) of Pinterest Idea pins is designed to drive pinners to follow you, and to visit your profile (which is why prep step 1 above is so important to growing, too!) 

So, create Idea Pins consistently. This action step will be HUGELY BENEFICIAL to your follower growth on the platform. 

And PRO TIP: Use a separate Call to Action (CTA) slide on every Idea pin you create. And since your current goal is to get your first 1,000 Pinterest followers… whenever it makes sense, use a “Follow Me for More” CTA.

Below, I’ve screenshotted a few CTA slides that I like. These from some actual Pinterest accounts that have strong followings. Of course, these are just examples… you can design those CTA slides in any way that is clear and on-brand for you. 

(Shout out to @maedinpinterest and @actionjacquelyn for these great CTA slides! The third one is from my own account!)  

Claim your Instagram account on PinterestClaim your Instagram account on Pinterest

Action Step 4: Share your Pinterest boards and pins with your larger audience.

Don’t sleep on this! It will make a big difference & give you momentum toward your goal!

Your work or content probably already has an audience somewhere – an email list, a social channel, clients… so take advantage of it. Encourage those audience members to follow you. A few possibilities…

1. Email your list.

You can ask them to follow you (give them a reason!) – or you can even link to specific pins or boards in your emails. 

Another way to do this is to include a regular section in your newsletter that mentions or displays “what we’re pinning” – and link to your account or boards. 

And here’s a powerful PRO TIP: If you already have an automated welcome sequence set up, add an email to it with a CTA to follow you on Pinterest. That way, every time you get a new subscriber, you’re ensuring they will automatically get a nudge to become a Pinterest follower. 

To learn more about this tactic, and to get some >>> swipe copy 🎉 to use in *your* automated email, check out this Pinterest Idea pin I created (time-saving swipe copy is in the Notes section.) 

(Psssst… See what I did there?👆🏻I’m inviting you, my blog reader, over to my Pinterest profile! And I gave you a good reason to visit… to get that juicy swipe copy! 😉

2. Let social media followers know what you’re pinning about.

From time to time, create a post that describes what types of things you pin – and provide a link to your profile when possible. You could share boards or pins in your Facebook group. Or tweet about them…

I often link to my favorite Pinterest idea pins from my Instagram stories. And I sometimes pin the link to a Pin (meta, I know!) when I’m teaching in a Clubhouse room.

3. Use and link to pins and boards to enhance your programs.

For example, you could use your Pinterest boards as an element of a 5-day challenge you’re running – or even in a paid course or workshop. 

My client Kaye does this beautifully through her popular ‘TypeQuest challenge, during the day in the free event when students curate their own inspiration boards. She links to her boards as examples – and encourages students to repin from her boards if they are called to. She also reminds them to follow her while they’re over there. (And they do!) 

The above are just a few ideas for you… You can get creative and cross-pollinate in any ways that make sense for you! 🐝

Okay, one more step to go…

Action Step 5: Rinse and repeat – until you get your first 1,000 followers on Pinterest! (Then keep going!)

Yay! You’re off to a great start. 

✔️ You’ve created a “follow-worthy” Pinterest profile with 10+ boards, keywords that will attract people who are interested in your topics, and elements that show pinners how following you will benefit them. 

✔️ You’ve gotten clear on your audience and on what they reeeeeeeally want and need – so you can pin about it! 

✔️ You’re in the habit of creating Idea Pins – because they are the best way to grow right now. And you’re using “follow for more” calls to action. 

✔️ You’ve shared your Pinterest account and boards with your larger audience – because you know they already love you, so they’ll make great Pinterest followers! 

Now it’s time to rinse and repeat. 

Keep creating Idea pins and use keywords that people search – around the things they want inspiration and information on. 

Focus on the process, and you’ll have your first 1,000 Pinterest followers before you know it! Be sure to send me a note when you hit 1,000! I’ll celebrate with you.