Once set up optimally, Pinterest can be a powerful driver of traffic to your lead magnets and content. And, compared to social media platforms, Pinterest is so low-maintenance!

Here are a few reasons I believe it is THE BEST PLATFORM for coaches and course creators who value automation.

1. When you create pins, they don’t just disappear in a fast-moving newsfeed.

On Facebook, you are lucky if a post will be seen by people for more than a day or two. On Twitter, a tweet’s lifespan is mere minutes. Great evergreen pins continue to generate traffic for months – and even years – to come. As a result, your your Pinterest traffic snowballs over time.

2. It’s not a social platform. (It’s a visual search engine.)

No one expects you show up to it every day and engage thoughtfully or organically on Pinterest. Commenting or liking occur occasionally, but it’s not the norm. So, you can save your interacting for Facebook groups (if you want to!).

3. There is no pressure to rack up your followers like on Instagram.

On Pinterest, most people who see your pins are not even your followers. (If your pins are relevant to them, they find them through searches and in their smart feed.) You can be very successful without a large following.

4. The more clear you are on your ideal audience, the more you can optimize your keywords and get found by them on Pinterest!

So, as your business grows you gain clarity, your Pinterest strategy can shift. You can even update your keyword optimized descriptions as you refine your “avatar.”


If you’d like more time to work in your zone of genius… to spend with family and friends… for self-care activities that keep your cup full… consider making Pinterest one of your chosen platforms!

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