Are you seeing some seriously sleek and well-branded Pinterest profiles out there… and wondering how to change Pinterest board covers? 

Perfect. Then this post is for you. (And I’m the Pinterest expert for you… because I love me some Pinterest board covers! 😍 

In this post you’ll find… (or click to jump to any section)

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Okay ready to gussy up your Pinterest profile with some streamlined board covers? Yay! Me too! Let’s start with… 

Pinterest board covers: What are they?​

Before I cover the “why” and the “how”… Let’s just take a sec to look at the “what.” 

Here’s a quick look at what it actually looks like when you design custom Pinterest board covers.  

In this mockup, you’ll see that this client’s “Saved” tab displays her boards. Each board has a board cover added. Each cover looks similar – but has different copy / words on it – to represent the topic and title of that board.  

(More details on this in the video tutorials below… but just wanted to show you what we’re talking about here! Okay, now onward…)

Is it worth it to custom design & change out Pinterest board covers?

Is changing your Pinterest board covers a good use of your time? Ask ten Pinterest pros if board covers matter… and you’ll get split results. 

Five pros will say, heck yes! 🙋🏻‍♀️  And five will say, umm no. 🙅🏽‍♂️

===> I’m in Camp “Heck yes!”

(And here’s the thing… [Tangent Alert!] … The pros are split on this because we all work with different types of businesses – in different types of niches. And different niches experience different trends, have different common monetization methods, and different approaches in general. 

For example, in the travel blogging niche, it’s not common to create custom board covers (using Canva or other graphics tools). Instead, you’ll typically find drool-worthy Eiffel Tower pics… beach at sunset shots… cityscapes… used as board covers. Those just work well in that niche, so it’s a trend.) 

Anyway, I digress… But here are three reasons why I say “Heck yes!” to board covers.

1. Pinterest board covers give your profile an intentional, branded look.

It’s still true that most pins are found in searches and smartfeeds. (Remember, Pinterest is a search engine, so that’s how your pins get surfaced and shown to the right people – based largely on keywords!)

But, in 2023 as I’m updating this post, I can confidently say that – more and more – people are now visiting Pinterest profiles

Here are just a few of the indicators I’m seeing that this is the case:

  • Google analytics are showing people landing on my home page – and my clients’ homepages. (We don’t link pins to the home page, but pinners can click through to your home page from your main Pinterest profile page, right?)
  • Idea pins (formerly story pins) are all the rage – and the built-in calls to action at the end of stories is to visit your profile. 
  • Pinterest has signaled that followers will become more important on the platform, moving forward. 

Meanwhile, my clients are typically online coaches, service providers, and course creators. Their brands are very personal. Some of them are micro-influencers. 

So they like to know that when someone clicks to their profile (from a pin, or just to research them a bit) its look is cohesive. 

Intentional. Branded. Profesh.

And board covers help with that 👆🏻- a lot! 

Okay, two more reasons to share, and then I’ll actually SHOW YOU how to change Pinterest cover photos out! (Promise!) 

(Psssst… You can save this to reference later👇- by pinning it to your “Pinterest marketing” board!)

2. Board covers really don’t take long to create and change.

Sometimes I hear other Pinterest pros say, “I designed my board covers, uploaded them – and then the sizing changed and they were all wrong again!” 

And yes… That did happen in 2018 ish…

But since then, I’ve been designing them as square-shaped (more on that below in the “How to change Pinterest board covers” video tutorial) – and I’ve never had to change them again. 

(Hopefully I don’t jinx that by writing this! Admittedly, Pinterest is famous for near-constant small UI tweaks. 😬)

3. Changing Pinterest board covers – to custom covers – makes me happy. 🙂

That’s it. That’s my third reason. 🤣 I just like them.

In free-writing this post, I ended up really packing item #1 above (Pinterest board covers give your profile an intentional, branded look) with all the really compelling hard facts… But, this third reason is valid, too.  

When I add those custom-designed covers and hit “refresh” to admire my handiwork… my heart just flutters. Swoon. Looks so nice! … Pinterest board covers make me happy. (Pssssst… My clients appreciate them too. And that’s super-valid!) 

How to Change Pinterest Board Covers: Two Ways to Do It

Okay, sooooo… If you desire that more intentional look… 

There are two approaches you can take to your Pinterest board covers. 

  1. You can simply select a pin from each board – and make it the cover image. 
  2. For the most branded, streamlined look, you can design custom covers in Canva (or any design tool) and upload them to the board. 

In the two videos below, I’ll show you the how-to’s for both options.

Option 1: How to change your Pinterest board cover to feature a specific pin.

A quick way to make your Pinterest board covers a bit more intentional is to choose a pin on each board – and set that pin as the board cover. To do this: 

  1. Click on the board. 
  2. Click on the three dots next to the board title and “edit board.” 
  3. Click on the plus sign toward the top to edit the board cover. 
  4. Choose which pin you’d like to make the board cover. 
  5. Position it as you’d like it. 
  6. Hit “done.” 
  7. When you go back to the Saved tab and hit “refresh,” you’ll see the change you just made! 

Here’s a quick video to show you these steps: 

Option 2: How to Design & upload custom Pinterest board covers – (Fancy! 😉

I described above why I think it’s well worth your time to design and add custom covers. If you want to do so, the steps are: 

  1. Design your covers in Canva (or your design tool of choice). Use a square design, like the “social media” design in Canva. 
  2. Download your designs as png or jpeg files. 
  3. Add each design to its respective board – as a pin. 
  4. Once the pin is on the board, you can simply follow the same steps as above – to select the pin you’ve chosen as the board cover. 
  5. Repeat this for each board. 

And here’s another short video – to show you the step-by-step. (Includes a few little details you’ll need to know!) 

Yay! You know how to change your Pinterest board covers… But now what?

If you were curious about creating a more intentional look with your board covers, you probably value the visual branding piece of things. And you’re likely looking to grow your audience on Pinterest – and attract clients, too. 

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