Are you fatiguing of fishing for clients in Facebook groups?

Let me guess? You found the groups where your ideal client hangs out. (Some of them are even promo-friendly!) You’re posting every dang day in there… trying to keep track of where you’ve already posted what… hitting them all each day. 

You’re trying to be real… to interact with others’ posts, and not just randomly ducking in daily to promo your coaching programs or your services / offers … 

But, honestly, it can be tiring. (I know, because I do it, too!) 

And, at least for now, it can’t be automated. 

Or maybe you’re feeling drained by the daily engagement that Instagram requires? 

Instagram is great for connecting with people – but if you want to get clients there, you know you have to be engaging, not just pre-scheduling posts. (“Just do an hour a day!” say the gurus… easy for them to say – Instagram IS their biz!) 

And frankly, for some people Instagram is a bit triggering… so carving out time daily to comment on posts… create stories… DM strangers… for some people, it’s not fun or inspiring. For some, it actually diminishes your vibe and your energy. (Truth bomb, I know.) 

If any of this sound familiar… You’re going to want to read this post! Because I’ve discovered the antidote…

A lead generation system for online coaches and service providers that is actually EASY. One that can be AUTOMATED. One that works – even when you’re not working.

So, when you’re at lunch with your mom… at the beach… getting a mani-pedi… or at your daughter’s soccer game… leads are still coming in. You’re still getting notifications that discovery calls are being booked. You’re still hearing the satisfying “Ping!” of a Paypal notifcation – “You’ve got money.” (Man, that never gets old!)  

You’re sooooo ready for that, aren’t you? Read on for the deets… 


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This secret antidote? It’s using Pinterest to grow your list and market your services and coaching programs!

Pinterest is NOT the insatiable time suck that Facebook groups and Instagram can be. It can be set up to generate leads for you automatically – with very little time investment on your end to maintain it. (Once you’ve set it up correctly, it’s as low-maintenance as Alannis Morrisette Circa 1996.) 

Remember, Pinterest is not a social media site – it’s a search engine.

So, there is no expectation that you will engage daily,
comment, like, follow…

These activities can help a little, but they are not common on Pinterest, and not necessary to your success with connecting with perfect clients and generating leads. 

Don’t get me wrong – consistency is still important, like it’s important on any visibility platform. The Pinterest algorithm does reward you for pinning regularly (ideally every day), and for pinning and re-pinning high-quality content that people like and use… but ALL OF THIS CAN BE SCHEDULED AND AUTOMATED using a low-cost scheduling tool. 

… so you can juuuuuuust about set it and forget it. 

I teach my clients how to spend just 4 to 6 hours PER MONTH (in one batching session) pinning / scheduling to your account to maintain it. (And, hey it’s mostly pinning – so it’s actually a fun few hours!)

And, the best part? Pinterest takes time to grow and gain traction for you, but once it starts to grow – look out!

Your reach INCREASES over time, and the effort you must put in to get those results? It actually DECREASES… Better results with less effort over time?  <—- Yes, I really wrote that – and I meant it!
Now, the key – the lynchpin in your Pinterest plan – is setting it up correctly from the get-go. And there are five main steps for doing so… 

The 5 Steps to Set up Pinterest Strategically:  


STEP 1: Start – or convert – your Pinterest account. 

Decide if you’ll convert your personal Pinterest account to business – or if you’ll start a new business account. If you already have some boards, pins, and followers in your podcast’s niche / topic, then it may make sense to convert your account – and then make any irrelevant boards secret. Or, you may prefer to start a new account – and that’s fine, too! (Reach out to me if you need help deciding.)

STEP 2: Plan your keyword strategy and keyword-optimize your Pinterest profile.

Pinterest is not another consuming social media platform! It’s a search engine. 

Keywords aren’t the sexy part of Pinterest, but they are critical. They are THE way that your audience – people who are interested in what you cover in your show – discover you on Pinterest. So, don’t skip this step!

Determine your keyword strategy, do some keyword research on Pinterest, and then incorporate your chosen keywords into your profile. 

STEP 3: Create your Pinterest boards. 

Select your board topics based on a combination of:

  • what’s most on-topic for you (what you help people with, what your show is about); and
  • which of those keyword phrases are most commonly searched (based on your keyword research).

STEP 4: Design and add pins that point to your content and offers. 

This is where things get really good! 😉 Design pin graphics that catch your ideal client’s attention, and incentivize her to click through to your content and offers. Each pin will need a description that includes your account’s keywords.

Best practices for Pinterest graphics include:

  • vertical shape – 1000×1500 px works well!
  • eye catching (Stop the scroll!)
  • legible – and with compelling copy (a CTA) that triggers the click (preview some “I’ve got to hear that!” content.)
  • subtly branded with your brand or podcast logo or url.

STEP 5: Develop your monthly Pinterest workflow. 

Lastly, develop an easy, sustainable pinning workflow that you (or your team) can do once per month. The scheduling software Tailwind lets you to schedule and batch all your content ahead of time. (That’s that 4 to 6 hours per month that I mentioned above!) 

… And then, get ready for your account to grow – and net you leads and clients! 

So, if you’re ready to re-claim some time back – and start investing in a lead generation strategy that doesn’t rely SO MUCH on you showing up personally for every single lead … then Pinterest marketing is a “must” for your coaching or service-based business!

My e-course Pinterest with Purpose – is the ideal way to learn exactly what you need to know (and NONE of what you don’t need to know!) about how to set up Pinterest the right way.

In the course, I take you – step-by-step – through the process of setting up (or cleaning up) your Pinterest profile optimally. By implementing the step-by-step methods in the course, you’ll be ready use Pinterest to generate paying clients and sell your offers – with ease 


Don’t wait, though! This is NOT the thing to put off ’til next quarter! Because the sooner you set it up, the sooner you’ll see the results – and be able to leave the laptop closed in favor of something more fun and relaxing!  

You can enroll in the course here: