Are you here because you’ve been spinning out about Google SEO — and unsure how to wrap your head around it?

I know that, like many coaches and service providers I talk to, you want to start a blog to market your services and programs.

And I know that experts online have been making you feel like you can’t — if you don’t know how to SEO-ify the crap out of your posts. 🙄

I *also* know that you’ve heard that SEO is a long game. (It totally is.)

And since you want to book more clients with your content *now* (not just a year from now), you’re feeling confused — and stuck.

Well, today I’m here to tell you…You don’t need to worry about Google SEO.

Because you don’t need to SEO to have a blog that gets you clients.

There’s only one realistic way to “do SEO” if you’re a coach, strategist, or service provider.

When you’re a coach, strategist, or service pro, the best way (and really, the only REALISTIC way!) to “do SEO” with your blog is just to write what your audience needs.

Don’t give a second thought to keywords or technical SEO stuff until you’ve published 10+ posts.

Focus on addressing the real problems, goals, + shifts your audience needs, to be ready to buy.

When you do this, SEO will happen naturally. Then, if you want to focus on it later, you’ll be able to see what’s ranking + lean into that.

Let’s discuss why, starting with this important question… 

How does a blog help you get clients online?

When you’re a coach or a service provider, and your main goal is to convert people in your audience to clients, you need a certain type of content. 

This isn’t about getting you to the first page of Google. 

It’s about identifying the key things that your future clients need to learn, hear, and understand more deeply — to be ready to buy from you. 

The system I use and teach, the High-leverage Content (HLC) system, is built around nine specific types of content that reflect those key things. 

“HLC-style” content is specifically designed to do things like… 

✔️ Demonstrate your expertise
✔️ Shift your audience’s beliefs on key points
✔️ Show them they can trust you
✔️ Show them they can trust *themselves*
✔️ Build burning desire and demand for your paid offers

Okay, now that we’re on the same page about that, I want to share my (slightly unorthodox) opinions about this. Ready? 

Without further ado, here are…. 

Here’s my 11-point rundown of why your blog does not need SEO to get you clients:

 1. Coaches and service providers DO NOT need SEO for a blog that gets them clients.


2. When you start a blog (or if you’re re-starting), your first priority should NOT be SEO.

      • Instead, your priority should be to write a small but powerful suite of posts that are designed to convert your audience to clients.
      • That means you write posts about the 9 things your future clients need to hear, learn, and understand — to be ready to buy. (More on that below.)

3. 99.9% of coaches and service providers who think they have to learn and understand SEO before they start blogging, will just never start. (Because SEO feels complicated. And tbh, it is.) And…


4. It’s such a shame if you don’t start. Because blogging for your coaching or service business has so many benefits that *ARE NOT* about getting indexed by Google:

      • Enhanced clarity.
      • A bank of content that positions you as an expert
      • A bank of content that serves as a 24/7 salesperson for your offers.
      • A reason for people to trust you.
      • Endless repurposing possibilities.
      • A central place people can go to vet you — when they see you on social… or in a summit… or in a networking group… or hear you guesting on a podcast… or when they are referred to you by your past clients or other contacts…(The list goes on.)

5. You will make better progress, faster, when you simply write content that your ideal client needs to hear (conversion content) — and not worry about SEO in the beginning.


6. Later, after you write and publish 10+ of these conversion-oriented posts, you may *choose* to layer in an SEO strategy. (Even then, SEO is NOT a requirement for a blog that gets your clients. See #4.)


7. Eventually, even if you don’t try, SEO can become a happy byproduct of publishing blog posts. When you write posts that are based on your ideal clients’ questions, problems, desires, and interests, you naturally will be including keywords that will get “indexed” by Google — without you even trying.


8. But you don’t want to wait around for SEO to work. Because it can take many months, and even years. And the truth is…

Google SEO is a slow-growth, audience attraction strategy.
If you’re starting a new blog, and you need clients — but you’re focusing on SEO…
You’ll be out of business before SEO juice “kicks in” and brings you clients.

9. SEO is only ONE way to attract readers to your blog, but it’s not the only way — and it’s *definitely* not the fastest way. (In fact, inside my system, High-leverage Content, I teach you other methods for driving ideal clients to read your posts.)


10. Literally every coach or service provider that I know (myself included!) who eventually gets found on Google, started by writing blogs without an SEO strategy. They just did #2 and then #6.


And then there’s #11…

This one is the biggest elephant 🐘 in the SEO room… (The part that technical SEO specialists loooooove to forget to tell you about!)


11. As a coach or service provider, you’ll only make money when blog visitors take some type of action on what they read. So even if people find your blog on Google, you will still need to know how to write High-leverage Content that converts.

Because again, SEO is an audience attraction strategy — not a conversion strategy.


In other words,

👉🏼 👉🏼 👉🏼 If you’re not creating content that converts, trying to attract Googlers with technical SEO tactics won’t land you clients or make you money. 

That’s why it doesn’t make sense to prioritize SEO over content that includes the things your audience needs to hear, learn, and understand — to be ready to buy NOW.

And that is exactly why, inside High-leverage Content, I teach you how to write content that will convert your audience to clients quickly…

Because here’s what DO you need, for a blog that gets you clients:

Inside High-leverage Content, (on Day one in fact!) you’ll learn my famous ‘9-in-2 Content Pillar’ framework — so you know exactly what NINE types of content your audience needs — to be ready to buy.

These are the specific things they need to hear, learn, and understand more deeply, to quickly trust you and be *excited* to sign up with you.

I’ll walk you through the nine types, and them and break down — paragraph-by-paragraph.

I show you *exactly* what elements need to be included, to trigger connection, build trust, and create the right “ah-ha moments” that drive sales.

SEO is something you can add later, if you want to.

But it’s most important to start by writing content that will convert.

👆🏻THAT is how my students inside High-leverage Content get clients with their blogs in the first 30 to 90 days inside. (They don’t wait 6 months, 12 months, or years, for Google SEO to start bringing them potential clients.)

🙌🏽 🙌🏽 🙌🏽

High-leverage Content is the strategy and system you need to get started this way.

It will shorten your learning curve on how to make a blog work for your coaching or service-based business — without pulling your hair out trying to do Google SEO.

It’s the fastest, most straightforward path for *starting* a blog that gets clients signing with you.

If you’re ready for a blog that quickly builds demand and trust — and converts people in your audience to clients in half the time — enroll today!