Have you considered having a blog for your coaching business — but then abandoned the idea when you thought about having to learn and implement SEO? 

If yes, you’re not the only one! 

One super-common reason coaches and service providers avoid starting (or getting consistent with) a blog is that you think you need to understand SEO. 

And SEO sounds complicated. (You’re not wrong. It is.) Or it seems like keywords make it hard to be creative or authentic. (In my experience, this can also be 100 pct true.) 

So you just skip the blog… Because you think it’s not ‘worth it’ if you aren’t an SEO whiz. 

But nothing could be further from the truth! 

Here’s what is true: 

You do NOT need to do SEO to have a blog that gets you clients. 

In this blog post, I’m going to help you understand why. 

Buckle up, because we’re about to bust right through this myth… so you can get going on a blog that will help you get more clients, no SEO ninja skills required. 

Let’s start with this important question… 

How does a blog help you get clients online?

When you’re a coach or a service provider, and your main goal is to convert people in your audience to clients, you need a certain type of content. 

This isn’t about getting you to the first page of Google. 

It’s about identifying the key things that your future clients need to learn, hear, and understand more deeply — to be ready to buy from you. 

The system I use and teach, the High-leverage Content (HLC) system, is built around nine specific types of content that reflect those key things. 

“HLC-style” content is specifically designed to do things like… 

✔️ Demonstrate your expertise
✔️ Shift your audience’s beliefs on key points
✔️ Show them they can trust you
✔️ Show them they can trust *themselves*
✔️ Build burning desire and demand for your paid offers

Now let me take a sec and tell you how I developed the HLC system…

I first started writing blog posts in 2017. My goal was to show the people I wanted to work with (coaches, service providers, online experts) those key things about Pinterest… and about me… and about my Pinterest offers. 

I wanted a place where they could binge on my content 24/7 — and learn/realize/absorb those key messages I knew they needed — to feel ready to buy from me. 

For example…  

I wanted them to understand that Pinterest is a search engine, so it’s much lower-maintenance than social media. (<<< Belief shift.)  

I wanted them to see Pinterest (and my offers) could help them reach certain goals they have, like having more passive lead gen systems. (<<< Building desire and demand.) 

Etc, etc… 

That way, when I got on sales calls with them — they were ready to buy. (Or they felt confident buying without a sales call.) 

And it worked!

Because I invested the time and energy in creating HLC-style content on my blog, over the years I’ve been able to… 

💪🏼 Sell out all my Done-for-You Service spots (even while raising my rates multiple times)…
💪🏼 Have a 97% sales call conversion rate (because people come to my calls already ready-to-buy!)…
💪🏼 Sell other offers (intensive, courses) for years with no sales calls… 
💪🏼 Create a high-converting, content-driven funnel… 

And here’s the thing… 

During this first period in my business, I never thought much about SEO. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I just focused on identifying what my audience needed, to be ready to buy from me — and on creating that content. 

And that was the key to sales for me.  

So, that’s how I personally discovered this truth…

You don’t need SEO to have a blog that gets you clients.

Inside High-leverage Content, my signature system and course, I don’t teach you all the technical SEO stuff. 

It’s not my priority — and I don’t want you to get bogged down with it. Because I’ve learned that, more often than not, if you do wait to learn SEO before you start blogging — you won’t start. 

And you need to start! 

Plus, here’s the BIG 🐘 elephant in the room that you really need to understand, too… 

👉🏼 👉🏼 👉🏼 If you’re not creating content that converts, trying to attract Googlers with technical SEO tactics won’t land you clients or make you money. 

Claim your Instagram account on PinterestClaim your Instagram account on Pinterest

So start by creating HLC-style content that is designed to pre-sell your offers. When you prioritize this, you will earn more clients and more income — this year.

And, down the road, If you want to tackle SEO more intentionally, you can… But it will be 100 percent optional. 

Because you do NOT need to do SEO to have a blog that gets you clients. 

So no more ‘all or nothing’ mentality here. 

It’s keeping you stuck. 

And that simply won’t do… Because there are future clients out there who need you. They are in your audience now, waiting for you to show them the things they need to see… to be ready to hire you.

Last note… But how will future clients find your content without SEO?

If you’re worried that, without a complex SEO strategy, no one will *find* your content… don’t be.

There are dozens (hundreds really) of ways to promote your HLC content and get discovered by ideal clients. 

Inside High-leverage Content, one of the “bonus” tools you’ll get is access to my The HLC Content Promotion Checklist, a simple but powerful, 6-step checklist to help you get your brilliant, strategic, thought leadership content in front of ideal clients. 

This ‘rinse-and-repeat’ Checklist is accompanied by three short but thorough videos trainings where you’ll learn my 2-prong content promo strategy. 

These will equip you to quickly create emails and social media content that point people to your High-leverage Content… So your promos will stop your ideal-fit future clients in their tracks — and have them diving eagerly, head-first, into your high-converting piece of HLC content!

(And once they’re in there… you’ve got ‘em…hook, line, and sinker… Because, of course, HLC content is designed to include those critical things that your audience needs to hear, learn, understand more deeply… to be ready to hire you.) 

Get started today with creating your High-leverage Content.

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This course is literally here to show you *exactly* what to say in your content, paragraph by paragraph (or bullet by bullet if you’re writing talking points for a video or episode). 

And, HLC can grow and evolve with you. It’s smart to add this system to your business’s toolbelt, because you’ll be using it for months and years to create high-converting content for all your offers – current and future. 

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