“How do I get more saves on Pinterest?” I’ve been hearing this question so frequently from Pinterest creators lately. I hear it in Clubhouse rooms, in Pinterest chat forums, and from current students of my courses…

Why? Because we’ve been noticing something for a few months now… (Have you noticed it, too?) 

On Pinterest, saves seem to be driving greater reach – even more than in the past. In other words, the algorithm is crazy (in a good way!) for saves. ⁠

(Side note: In the Creator Rewards program, [this is Pinterest’s on-platform monetization], the goals they’ve been setting frequently require saves. This is another good indicator that the platform currently values saves as an indicator of quality content.) 

So how can we get more saves on our Idea pins – so that Pinterest will give us better reach and more conversions? ⁠

Well, that’s what this post is all about, Friends! 

Below I’m outlining just a few of the current tools and tactics that I’m using (for my own account and for clients) to get more saves on Pinterest pins. 

Psssst… Be sure to read to the end, because THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP is the last one! 🙂 

Ready? Let’s dive in… 

1. Get more saves on Pinterest by suggesting the save early.

You can include a phrase like, “Save this pin!” or “You’ll want to save this one!” as part of the text overlay on your first or second slide. 

As pinners are viewing the pin, an early ask like this can set them up right away to understand what to do next. If your pin is longer (7+ slides) you could even add another similar CTA mid-way through the pin, too. 

Here’s an example of one of my pins that uses an early call-to-action. In this case, it’s on the first slide! 

Claim your Instagram account on PinterestClaim your Instagram account on Pinterest

2. Add a specific call to action on a separate slide at the end of the Idea pin.

Calls to action (CTAs) help us guide the pinner to take the next action.

Using a CTA is your best bet for increasing the likelihood that people will take action. (Sometimes creators assume that – if someone likes their content – they will just naturally know what to do next. That’s a dangerous assumption because most people have so many things vying for their attention these days… If we don’t clearly tell them how to learn more or take the next step, they will likely keep scrolling.) 

Create a separate slide at the end of your Idea Pin and let them know what to do next. If you’re looking to increase saves, then use a “Save this pin” type of CTA whenever it’s a logical next step for the pinner. 

Make your CTA slide clear and easy to read. 

Pro Tip: You can use Canva to create several variations of CTA slides with the most common CTAs you use – and store them in a folder on your phone. This way, when you’re building Idea pins, you don’t have to design a new one each time.

3. Encourage more saves by suggesting a *specific* Pinterest board that your pinner could re-pin to.

This one is a great “human psychology hack.” Doing this gives the pinner added context – and helps her see how / where this idea can fit into her life. When she sees how it will fit, she’ll be more likely to save it.  

To bring this to life, here are some examples: 

  • Pin this to your ‘Healthy Eating’ board!
  • Save this to your ‘Morning Routine Ideas’ board – or start one!
  • Pin this to your ‘stretching & flexibility’ board!

A similar tactic that also works well? Tell the pinner a quick “story” about what she could do with this pin later. Again, this brings meaning to the action you’re suggesting that she take. Examples: 

  • Save this pin to your ‘Morning Routine’ board – and try it tomorrow bright and early!
  • Save this pin so you can take it to the grocery store!
  • Pin this to your ‘stretching & flexibility’ board!
  • Save this pin and try this next time you batch content! 

Here are a few examples of Idea Pin end slides that feature a variety of these “Save for later” types of CTAs. 

Claim your Instagram account on PinterestClaim your Instagram account on Pinterest

Tips 1 through 3 above represent some of the tactics I’m currently using (for my own account and for clients) to get more people saving our pins. 

Important note: You don’t have to do *all* of these things on *every* pin. And it might be better not to. Mix it up and do what makes logical sense for your pin. ⁠

Okay, there’s one last tip… And this is the mother of them all. It’s the most important one, so keep reading…

(Pssssst… You can pin this pin to reference again later!) 

how to get more saves on Pinterest

4. If you want more saves on your Pinterest pins, you have to create highly-saveable content.

Here’s the deal: Aaaaallllll of the above (Tips 1 through 3) are just tactics that you can try. 

The MOST IMPORTANT “tip” to remember if you want more saves… is that you have to create high-quality, “save-worthy” pins. 

We can call people to action for daaaayyyyyyyz to “save, save, save!” … but if the content isn’t something people believe they would want to re-visit, it won’t really work. ⁠

That means following best creative practices AND sharing ideas that make people think… 

“Huh! Cool idea. I may want to re-visit this and try it tomorrow / next week / some time in the future!”

That’s really the crux of it, in human terms. ☝🏽

A pin people want to save is one that solves a problem, gives them an idea they want to remember and try… something that feels very relevant for them. (So that means we need to really understand our audiences and deliver that great content!) 

Make sense? 

If you came here looking for suggestions for how to get more saves on Pinterest… I hope I’ve succeeded in inspiring you… Meaning, I hope this post gives you some fresh new ideas to try. 

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