So, you’ve heard that online coaches, service providers, and course creators can generate leads and clients – and sell their offers – using Pinterest…

… but you’re not sure if your people are actually there. Are pinners really looking for the kinds of solutions and help that you offer?

Well, today I’m going to help YOU answer this question – once and for all!  🎉  

Because, I hear this all the time:

“Isn’t Pinterest just for fun and ideas?
I use it to plan projects and find things to try.”

My answer to that: Yes! Exactly. 

➡️ And, THAT is one of the reasons Pinterest is so powerful  ⬅️ – and such a fantastic tool for attracting perfect clients and generating leads.

Women go to Pinterest for inspiration. They are actively looking for ideas to improve our lives and businesses. That receptive frame of mind – paired with the fact that Pinterest keywords allow you to connect to women who are already searching for the things you offer – makes this platform unlike any other… and a perfect ecosystem for lead generation. 

Plus – Pinners are very open to purchasing and taking action on solutions. In fact, 87% of pinners have made a purchase because of a pin.:) (Source: Omnicore Pinterest By the Numbers 2019)


So, given all that…

If you’re a health coach who helps busy moms lose weight, and someone searches “weight loss meals that families like,” wouldn’t you want her to discover YOU?*

If you’re a meditation and mindfulness coach who helps women learn to meditate and eat more mindfully, and someone searches “quick meditation for beginners,” wouldn’t you want her to discover YOU?*

If you’re a designer who loves creating brands and websites for yoga teachers, and someone just searched “yoga website ideas,” wouldn’t you want her to discover YOU?* 

If you’re a dating coach who specializes in working with newly-divorced women, and someone just searched “dating after divorce,” wouldn’t you want her to discover YOU?*

(*Pssssst… these are aaaaaalllll common Pinterest search terms right now!)  

So, you’re starting to pick up what I’m puttin’ down here, yes? 😉 But, you’re still thinking about all those recipes and bathroom renovation ideas YOU’VE pinned on Pinterest, so you’re still stuck thinking…

“Isn’t Pinterest just for recipes, weddings,

 and DIY home projects?”

I get it, Lovely. You’re not the only one who thinks that… And not the only one who’s missing out on leads and clients from Pinterest.

So, I’m giving you a 5-minute assignment. And I PROMISE you that doing this ONE quick thing will change the way you see Pinterest. (Okay, it’s possible this is slightly dramatic. If you already know how it all works, this might just reinforce things. 😀

Ready? Let’s do this.

1. Go to Pinterest now. (Open it in a new tab so you don’t lose me!)

2. Type some things about your business into the search bar.

SUPER-IMPORTANT: Make sure you use the words your ideal clients use, not industry jargon!) 

Depending on your niche / what you help with, this might be:
(These are just examples!!!)
– Life after divorce
– Self care checklists
– Website about page
– Chronic fatigue tips
– Mindful eating
– How to write a book
– Resume template
– Work from home
– Fertility food


(You know what your people want!)

If you see relevant suggestions in the predicative text before you hit return… Like this…

how can I tell if my ideal clients are on Pinterest?

… then you have a winner! What you’re seeing means that women *are* searching for your topics.

(This “predictive text” is much like one Google… Pinterest is suggesting search terms based on what other women are typing in to the search bar!) 

🎉 🎉 🎉  Congrats! YOU can get leads and clients – using Pinterest!  🎉 🎉 🎉


Now, to put this knowledge into action, you’ll need a few things. You’ll want to start by learning how to find and use the right keywords on Pinterest… the ones that will connect you to action-taking women… the ideal clients who will gobble up your offers! 

My e-course Pinterest with Purpose – teaches you just that – and more.  In it, I take you, step-by-step, through the process of setting up (or cleaning up)your Pinterest profile optimally – so you can use it to generate paying clients and sell your offers.  You can enroll in the course here!