Pinterest 3.0 is here.

I shot out of bed on Friday morning, December 2, and realized this. Epiphany-style. 

(It was actually sort of funny, in retrospect! Like something out of a movie. I woke up and just *KNEW.*)

And so I started spreading the word.

✔️  Pinterest 1.0 was the time before Idea Pins.
✔️  Idea Pins ushered in Pinterest 2.0.

✔️  And now we’re in Pinterest 3.0.

And there are three big shiftsor hallmarks – that are part of this next 3.0 phase of Pinterest.

And we’ll need to adjust to them. (Don’t worry; they are actually REALLY good for us! More below…)

In this quick blog post, I’m outlining what you need to know about these hallmarks. My intention is also to add to this post as things reveal themselves… So you’ll also find insights here to help you succeed on Pinterest in 2023 and beyond. 

Ready? Here are the three hallmarks of Pinterest 3.0…

Hallmark #1: Pinterest standard pins are back!

Standard pins (with links to our offers and content, websites) will now get more reach (impressions) again.

They actually already are.

Like I said, this is *REALLY* good for coaches, course creators, service pros, and other online experts like us. Because getting ideal clients to our content and offers is really critical for our Pinterest profitability. 

You can read more in this post about the triumphant return of Pinterest standard pins (+ tips for designing yours to convert.)

Hallmark #2: Saves & clicks will be even more crucial to drive reach & impressions. 

Engagement (on Pinterest that officially means saves, pin clicks, and outbound clicks) will become even more important in Pinterest 3.0.

To be favored by the algorithm and get good reach, we will need to *also* focus on getting people to take these types of actions on some of our Pins.

Remember: Idea pins get the best engagement, because they are literally designed to get it. So, while standard pins are back in play – we will also need to keep creating effective Idea pins if we want our Pinterest profiles to grow and be profitable. (And we do! 🙂 

Okay, one last hallmark… (And it might just be the one you’ve been waiting for! 😲 So keep reading…) 


Psssst… You can pin this blog post to your “Pinterest Growth” board! 

What is Pinterest 3.0 Pinterest success in 2023

Hallmark 3: In 2023, Pinterest Idea Pins will get links.

It’s finally official. All creators will all be able to add links to Pinterest Idea Pins in 2023.

Pinterest confirmed it in an email to creators this week. They wrote:

“We’re excited to share that we’ll be introducing links in Idea Pins next year. This feature will allow you to add a link to drive traffic to a website, your blog or an affiliate program where you can make money off your content.”


(We don’t know when in 2023 exactly yet, of course.)

Some creators have already had beta access to this feature. One of my accounts has had this for several months now – so we know they’ve been testing it.

So… how will we use Idea Pin links? Will every Idea pin need one? (Spoiler: I’m predicting no… I think we might want to be strategic about when and if we add them to every Idea Pin, but all that being said… it remains to be seen! I’ll keep you updated. 🙂

We will all be figuring this “Idea pin links” thing out together – but more tools in our toolbox is *always* a good thing! 

I’m pretty excited for Pinterest 3.0. You? 

Many of the “hallmarks” of this new era are VERY helpful for my crowd: The coaches, course creators, service providers, and online experts.

We use Pinterest to attract clients and buyers, and these shifts are all good news for our strategies. 

When I woke up with my epiphany on Friday, I took to my IG stories to share my excitement – AND to share what *you* need to know about all three of these shifts.

But of course that IG story is almost gone now (Poof! Gone after 24 hours).

So… I did EXACTLY what you would think I did. I repurposed the IG story videos into a Pinterest Idea Pin – because THAT will last forever! (As always, Pinterest for the win! 🙌🏽)

And you can watch the videos here. It’s a 5-minute watch. And it will give you more details about these three shifts.

Cheers to 2023 and Pinterest 3.0! 

3 Hallmarks of Pinterest 3.0 (Pinterest in 2023 & beyond)