“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain said that. 🐸 He was a smart guy. (And uber-productive, btw.)

I find this reminder inspiring – on almost every day that I work. Because, I firmly believe this:

It’s not the woman who wants it the most that gets ahead…. It’s the woman who starts – and follows through.

But, here’s the thing:

Starting can truly be the hardest part.

And that’s just one more reason why – when it comes to Pinterest marketing 📌 – I teach online coaches, course creators, and service providers to *get started* on Pinterest with a “minimum viable strategy.” This is a structured, easeful approach in which we:

1. Learn and master ONLY the 4 things that work for sure on Pinterest;

2. Do those things to get the best ROI from our investment of time and energy; and

3. Avoid trying to do “all the things” on Pinterest – in favor of doing the important things really well.

This makes getting started easy.

(And, frankly, many of my students and clients never do more than the minimum viable – and experience amazing marketing wins using Pinterest – with an easy, sustainable workflow.)

I have a past client who gets 20 to 30 new email subscribers every day for her evergreen challenge – from Pinterest.

I have a past client who has signed multiple high-ticket coaching clients who found her on Pinterest.

I have a past client who saved $75,000 when she stopped running ads – because Pinterest brought her 8,600 high-quality leads for her group coaching program – in Q1 of 2020 alone.

(And there are more success stories like that – both current wins and success stories in the making!)

One of them is a brand designer and course creator. One is a business mentor. One is a health coach.

But all of these womanwho are wildly successful marketing their coaching businesses on Pinterest have one thing in common.

(You guessed it!…)

They started. <——

Here’s how you can get started – the easy way. 

If you want to get started (the easy, minimum-viable way), I’ve got you!

You can download my FREE Pinterest Quickstart Checklist. It’s your guide for branding and optimizing your Pinterest profile basics – in 5 steps!

… So you can start – so you can get ahead, Twain-style. 🐸

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