Online coaches who are “Pinterest for business” users sometimes wonder…
How do I see who saved my pins on Pinterest?”

As a Pinterest marketing specialist for online coaches, course creators, and service providers, I come across this question from time to time.

My course students and 1:1 clients are “info-preneurs.” So it follows that they’d be curious about who takes interest and saves their pins. So, it’s a really good question. And there is an easy way to do it… but it’s somewhat hidden. 

In this quick blog post, I’m going to share two things: 

1) The why… Why you might want to know who’s saving your pins; and

2) The how… Where do you actually look to see this data? 

*Note there’s a short video 🎥 embedded below… since it’s easier to cover the “how” part by showing you! 

Why check to see who pinned your pins on Pinterest?

Let’s start here. Why would you want to see who saved your pins?

How would this information helpful?


1. Knowing who saved your pins on Pinterest can be valuable for market research.

You can learn more about the people who are most interested in your content. It can be interesting to see:

  • who they are;
  • what other boards they have and are curating pins to
  • what other interests they have – related to your content and area of expertise
  • what other unrelated interests they have
  • what other influencers and accounts they are following… etc.

If you are a fan of the “ideal client avatar” model (for knowing your client’s desires, problems, pain points, etc.)… you might want to do a quick dive into this occasionally.

(Not sure what magazines she reads? Not sure what hobbies she has? Check out your Pinterest people! The women who go out of their way to pin your content? They are your most avid followers on the platform.)


2. Peeping on who saves your pins (and where) can help confirm your Pinterest keyword strategy is on point.

I know, I know… just when you thought I had stopped talking incessantly about keywords… 😉  But, really – this is a great way to be sure you’re using good ones.

(Pssst… for more info on Pinterest keywords and why they are important, you may want to read this post!)

To check if your keywords are on point, note the titles and topics of the boards to which pinners are pinning your pins.  (Say that five times fast! 🤣) 

In the video below, you’ll see that my client Melissa (a health coach who specializes in hormone and gut health) had 11 people save a pin called “Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s & the Leaky Gut Connection.” Boards that this pin were saved to have names like: 

  • Health 
  • Questions to ask the doctor
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Health- gut
  • Leaky gut
  • Thyroid health … etc. 

which tells me that this pin – and Melissa’s account – are getting found in relevant searches. And that means we’re using good keywords. (Yay!… If you’d like to read more about Melissa’s success with using Pinterest to fill her coaching programs, check out this post!)

Two “Caveats” about seeing who’s pinning your pins on Pinterest…

Okay, so you can see that this can be interesting and valuable.

BUT. (Why is there always a but? 😉)

There are two things I want to warn you against here… (because I care and I want you to be successful with Pinterest marketing for your coaching or service-based business!)


Caveat 1. Don’t spend too much time doing this. 

 If you’ve been in my sphere for a bit, you likely know that I take a “minimum viable” approach to Pinterest. I want coaches and service providers to get the most from Pinterest marketing – in the least amount of time possible. So, much of my teaching focuses on the basics – the most simple, foundational actions that will get you the best results. 

And while checking out who pinned your pins is fun… it can be a bit of a rabbit hole. So if you’re going to do it, I suggest doing it once a quarter or so… and set a timer! Make notes during that time, writing down board titles and other observations. And when that timer goes off, be done!

Then get back to basics!

(If you want to learn what those Pinterest marketing basics are… you can sign up right here for my Free Masterclass: The 5 Secrets for Getting Clients- Using Pinterest! 📌  

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Caveat 2. Do NOT message the pinners! I repeat: Do not message the pinners. 

Back away from the message button on Pinterest!

Remember, Pinterest is a search and discovery platform – not social media. It is not customary for people to message each other on Pinterest. So, even if someone has shown an interest in your pins, don’t message her.

Women spend time on Pinterest to be inspired and discover new ideas to make their lives and businesses better. We love that about it – because they are in the mindset to try new things.

(When we use the right keywords, we can get our content and offers discovered by women who are already searching for the solutions we offer! <— So powerful for us as coaches, course creators, and service providers!)

But Pinterest is not a place where we “slide into the DMs” and ask about her struggles or see if we can “connect.” It’s just not part of the Pinterest culture like it is on social… It can be seen as spammy and may even get your account blocked if you message a few people in a short period. 

Okay, now moving on… how / where can you actually see who’s pinning your pins? Let’s look at the juicy details…

(Pssssst…. You can 📌 pin this article for reference.)

Where to see who saved your pins on Pinterest

The overview of the steps:

1) Log into Pinterest and go to your Analytics dashboard (currently living in the upper left corner as I write this.)

2) Choose your date range along the left. I like to look at 90 days for this exercise.

3) Toggle off your claimed website along the left (about halfway down)…


          (Steps continued below… or just hit play on the video…) 


Steps continued… 

4) Scroll down to the “Top Pins” area of the main pane. 

5) Select “Impressions” – so your top pins will be sorted by number of impressions. (You could also choose saves or clicks for this exercise. I like to look at the top pins by impressions here.) 

6) Open your top 3 to 5 pins in separate tabs. (They automatically open when you click the thumbnail images.) 

7) In each tab, stats for the pin you’re examining will be across the top. Click on “See more stats.” (See, I told you this was sort of hidden… 😉) 

8) Finally, click on “See all” and you’ll be able to see (and click through to) the boards and pinners who have pinned your pins. 

The video above shows you the step-by-steps. It will also show you how to click through each board – and how you can snoop on the women who are pinning your content! 😂


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