More and more, online coaches, course creators, and online experts are (re!)discovering Pinterest – as a way to attract clients.

They’re becoming savvy to the fact that Pinterest is not all about recipes and decor anymore. (In fact, searches health, relationships, self care, wellness, entrepreneurship topics (and so much more in the self development spaces!) have been growing like wildfire on Pinterest!) 

And the ones that get best results with Pinterest are those who understand that…  

***  Pinterest pinners come to the platform for
ideas, inspiration, and things to TRY.  ***

My clients and students (coaches, course creators, experts who are monetizing what they know to help people) capitalize on that by inspiring their ideal audience to try something with them

They give pinners  a small win… or an “ah-ha!” moment… and whet their appetites for the larger transformation offered by their courses, coaching programs, services or digital products. 


I know some entrepreneurs struggle with HOW to offer up those things to TRY. For many in my audience, it can be a bit challenging to take what we know and package it up in a way that inspires action. 

In fact, recently in a Facebook group, a coach asked me… 

“How could I – as a coach – give pinners something to “try?” I’m more of an infopreneur… It’s not like I’m pinning recipes or crafts!” 🧐

So, I am excited to dive into that very question in this blog post. In it, I’m showing you 7 examples of action-inspiring Pinterest content pinned by past students and clients.  

(I’m starting with seven. I may add to this post!) 

And by writing about these, I hope I give YOU some ideas for what to pin – things that will inspire your audience to TRY the ideas you offer. 

A couple of Pinterest marketing basics, first… 

Before I dive into the examples, I want to prep you with two critical pieces of info – for context. 

  1. You can offer pinners things to try via pins of various “formats.

✔️  When pinning your content, you can pin “standard pins” and “video pins” that can link to your website and content.

✔️ And, you can also create “idea pins,” which can be particularly inspiring. They give everything the pinner needs to try your idea – right in the multi-slide pin. 

(*Idea pins are currently being prioritized by Pinterest, and they are really fun to create and view. Their introduction to the platform has made it even more important for us – the infopreneurs – to translate our info-based content into “things to try” – step by step of a process!) 

  1. Regardless of the pin format, it’s crucial to place your pins on relevant, keyword-optimized boards on your account

Pinterest is a search and discovery platform – which we love. The goal is to have women discover your pins – and those actionable ideas to try – when they are searching for what we offer. (It’s so different than social media, so don’t get it confused with social!) 

The main takeaway here: Before you start creating pins on your profile to attract clients, you’ll want to lay a strong foundation for that profile. This means: 

✔️ doing solid keyword research on Pinterest, 

✔️ properly optimizing your profile, and 

✔️ creating boards that use the right keywords to attract your perfect clients.

Note: If you’d like my help with this process☝🏽, you can book a 1:1 Profitable Pinterest Boards Intensive session with me

    Okay… Housekeeping taken care of.

    Now let’s dive into the examples… Online coaches and course creators who are pinning things their audiences can TRY! 👇

    Let’s start with Kim… 

    Kim: a pelvic health coach  

    Kim is a pelvic wellness coach. She helps women overcome incontinence and postpartum prolapse problems. One of the ways she does this is by teaching and coaching around pelvic floor fitness. 

    (So, yeah. She’s definitely not pinning about recipes or crafts. At least not on her business profile!)

    But she has still found so many effective ways to inspire her Pinterest audience to do and try things. Here are two examples that might just inspire *your* content creation: 

    • Kim pins her content (like blog posts and youtube videos) that show women the steps for doing kegel exercises safely and effectively. Whether you’ve never done a pelvic floor exercise, or you’re a regular but want to improve, she makes it easy to stop what you’re doing and TRY a kegel!


    • She also pins the landing page for her free downloadable Bladder Diary. It gives women who experience incontinence something specific to take action on… to bring awareness to what they are experiencing and begin to make progress toward improvement. 
    Wellness Coach Pinterest ideas

    Of course, these ideas and how-to’s are part of Kim’s marketing strategy. She uses them to grow an email list full of perfect clients, help women solve small problems, and motivate them to take the next steps with her, too. 

    So good right? Okay, read on! I have examples from a business coach, a personal style coach, a wellness coach, and more still – all to inspire you!

    (Pssssst…. You can 📌 pin this article for reference to your “Pinterest marketing” board!

    Inspire pinners to try Pinterest ideas

    Sabrina: a business coach for women in online business

    Sabrina empowers women to start and scale intentional and profitable online businesses. And she also knows the power of content that encourages women to take action – to TRY something with her. Here are a couple of examples: 

    • Sabrina has created (and pinned!) a free downloadable PDF with 10 Money Mindset Journal Prompts. Want to feel more abundant about money? Snagging these and sitting down with paper and pen to TRY these prompts… It’s a great place to start.


    • In one of her popular blog posts, “4 Things I Do Every Day As an Intentional Entrepreneur,” Sabrina shares (among other gems!) a short list of online business tools that help her run things. Giving people some tools to TRY (many are free) is a great way to get them into action – and making progress toward their goals. 
    Business coach Pinterest marketing

    Leah: a wellness and self care coach 

    Leah is a wellness coach for women. She specializes in stress relief, self-care, and habit mastery. Here’s an example of her action-inspiring content. 

    • In her blog post, “3 Little Known Ways to Jumpstart Your Day – When You Don’t Have Time for a Morning Routine,” Leah demonstrates a quick, 2-minute chest and shoulder opening exercise that increases oxygen to the brain and boosts energy…. How cool is that? A quick, easy-to-TRY idea that gives you the benefit of early-morning movement without a full workout? Yes, please! 😎


    • Pro Tip: Leah also shares two additional quick, actionable tips in the same blog post. So, in addition to pinning it using a pin graphic with the blog title (or a variation)… She could also create three additional pins – each highlighting one specific featured tip.


    • And… (Pssssst, Leah! Try this! ——>) That chest and shoulder opening exercise demo video would make a great “Idea pin” on Pinterest, too! 😉
    Wellness coach Pinterest marketing

    Cassandra: a personal style coach for C-Suite-bound 20 & 30-somethings

    Cass is a personal style coach for young urban professionals. Her clients are often those who have made it to the “c-suite” in their 20’s or 30’s (or are about to) – and need to uplevel their work wardrobes accordingly. 

    Here are just three of MANY examples of things Cass has pinned – to give her audience ideas to TRY with her:

    • A 3-Step process for a good closet clean out. This is a perfect example of content that is actionable – and also whets the pinner’s appetite to take the next steps with her. (Next steps might be to click on an affiliate link in her blog post… to  read her Instagram post about investing in wardrobe basics, or to book a consult with her so she can help them shop.)


    • A blog post called, “Do This When You Don’t Know What to Wear.” The title of this post peeks curiosity… and the post itself is snappy and short. It offers a solution by way of a “formula” for those “I don’t know what to wear, but want to look chic” days… (If you’re curious about what it is, click here and click through the pin to her blog post! 😉)


    • Last one… Cass created a really simple Idea pin that highlights “5 must have makeup items for minimalists.” It caught MY eye, and I ended up buying – and TRYING – the blush she featured. (Love it, BTW!) 
    Style Coach - Inspire Pinterest pinners to try things with you

    Nagina – a health coach who helps women get off sugar

    Nagina is a health coach who helps busy women get off sugar, eat healthier to lose weight, get more energy, and thrive in their bodies and lives. 

    With a plethora of downloadable meal prep checklists, grocery lists (And okay, yes, some awesome recipes, too! 😉You caught me!), Nagina offers pinners just what they love – loads of actionable ideas to TRY, do, and buy! 

    But one of my favorites that she pinned is an Idea pin that doesn’t include any recipes at all! 

    • It’s a 10-slide idea pin that gives five specific things to TRY – to help women eat healthfully while traveling. (… Which, by the way, I’ve found to be uber-challenging, so these tips are GOLD!) 

    Since this one is an idea pin, I added a video here so you can see it in action. Press play! It’s short.

    Sarah – a brand designer & business coach 

    Sarah is a brand and website designer who now teaches other creatives how to switch to a day rate business model – to simplify, make more and work less.

    When she first got started on Pinterest, though, Sarah was targeting entrepreneurs who wanted to take her course and DIY their own brands. 

    • She pinned (among other amazing content!) her main lead magnet. It’s a free branding mood board template. It was designed to give entrepreneurs a way to TRY 😉their hands at starting to DIY their own branding. 

    Side note: This free download also led into a 5-day moodboard challenge that completely blew up Sarah’s online presence and business, BTW. Later, after she began focusing more on the day rate education piece of her business, she put this moodboard challenge on evergreen, and …

    To this day, her Pinterest pins (see examples below) for the mood board freebie still generate dozens of email list subscribers for her – every day! 


    brand designer Pinterest marketing

    Jana – A Pinterest marketing strategist & educator 

    Oh hey, that’s me! 👋🏻

    I’m a Pinterest marketing strategist and educator for online coaches, course creators, and other online experts. I help them grow their audiences on autopilot and get more clients – using Pinterest.  

    • I’m always thinking about ways that I can inspire my audience to jump in and TRY something that will help them with their Pinterest marketing. Here’s an example of one idea pin I created to demonstrate a quick Canva hack. (Actually, you can TRY it next time you’re in Canva!) 

    Are you inspired? Ready to give pinners your thing to try? 

    So, I hope this post lit a fire in you… and gave you some ideas for creating content and pins that inspire pinners to take action. 

    As “infopreneurs,” we may not be showing the cooking process of our favorite eggplant rollatini recipe… or the before, during, and after of a table stripping and refinishing process… but we still have things our people want to TRY!  

    We can translate our content to this format – it just takes some out-of-the-box thinking. 

    And it’s worth the effort.

    Because when we can engage with our audiences and get them to TRY the ideas we offer, we’re deepening the know, like, trust that’s required for some of them to BUY. 

    (Plus, in case you didn’t notice… Giving your audience things to TRY is a pretty incredible way to grow an email list of action-takers for your paid offers, too. 🤓)

    Oh, one last thing… Let’s get your Pinterest set up for client attraction success! 

    Remember, it’s fun to create and inspire. 

    But what you pin will get waaaaaaaayyyyyy more reach and engagement when they are SEEN / DISCOVERED by pinners who actually care about the ideas and solutions you’re offering! 

    So, be sure to spend time on the keyword research, adding your keywords to all the right places on Pinterest, and setting up the *right* boards on your profile. Having the right boards will help Pinterest understand who to show your pins and content to – so it’s a critical first step in setting yourself up to get real results (i.e. make money!) on the platform. 

    If you’d like my hands-on, 1:1 help with this part… 

    ✔️ with developing your master keyword list & plan;

    ✔️ with choosing the right board topics; and 

    ✔️ with setting those boards – and your profile – up optimally…

    … Then you’ll want to reserve a spot on my calendar for a 1:1 Profitable Pinterest Boards Intensive Session. … I can’t wait to support you, so grab your spot today and we’ll do all this high-leverage work together! 


    Clean up Your Pinterest Boards Intensive