Your Pinterest pin has two jobs. To help you market your coaching programs, courses, or services on Pinterest, it must:

  1. Stop the scroll; and
  2. Get the pinner to do something / prompt a micro-conversion. 

A pin’s *text overlay* soooooo important – make or break, really! A well-chosen text overlay will achieve the above; while a “meh” text overlay won’t get noticed – let alone convert your pinner. 

So, in the video below, I shared one of my favorite “secret shortcuts” for crafting really good text overlays, based on proven formulas! This is my go-to source of inspiration when I need a jolt of creativity… and to think out of the box when writing these important little blurbs! 

Watch the video training to learn: 

  • What “text overlay” is
  • How it’s different than your Pinterest pin description
  • The best practices on Pinterest – for text overlay that works reaaaaallly well! 
  • My favorite place to get inspiration (and swipe tried and true formulas!) for text overlay 




Notes for the Viewer:

I hope you learned a lot from this training – and got some inspiration, too!

For your reference, below are the examples I offered in the video… courtesy of my growing Real Simple magazine collection! 😉 )

The Magazine blurb: Rest & Recharge: Affordable Vacation Spots
My pin text overlay: ===> Munch & Recharge: Energy-Boosting Snacks

The Magazine blurb: Modern Manners: Catherine Newman Offers Advice
My pin text overlay: ===> Irresistible Email Subject Lines: The Copywriter’s Best Advice

The Magazine blurb: Cleaning Hacks for the Whole House: Freshen Up Every Space Faster
My pin text overlay: ===> Meal Prepping Hacks for Your Whole Week: Make Everything Ahead – Faster!

The Magazine blurb: Mission: Dinner – Bacon-Potato Soup
My pin text overlay: ===> Mission: Upgrade Your WFH Style – Accessories for Zoom Meetings!

These headlines we tap into for inspiration? They are written by the pros – and they’re proven to catch attention and sell magazines!

So, swipe them for your Pinterest pins.

(Psssst… These also work for social headlines, blog post titles, etc! 😉)

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