Good Pinterest pin title ideas are critical!

Imagine that you’re scrolling through your Facebook timeline.

You see a few cute photos of your friend’s new baby… A funny meme or two… A post in a group asking for help designing their logo…

And then BAM! Right there!—> It’s a headline that’s just BEGGING to be clicked on.

So what do you do? You click on it, of course!

Great Pinterest Pin titles are like this: they stop you in your tracks and get you curious enough to click.

When it comes to writing a great Pinterest Pin title, you should think of it like that Facebook post you couldn’t help but click on: a super juicy headline.

The only difference is that you want to make sure to *ALSO* include your chosen keywords, too. (Don’t worry, we’ll get into what that means in a second…)

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Now let’s talk scroll-stopping Pin titles…

First, What is a Pinterest Pin Title?

Before we dive into the Pinterest Pin title ideas I’m sharing with you, let’s go over the basics of what Pin titles actually are…

Pinterest Pin titles act a lot like a headline for your Pin. It’s the short statement that tells pinners what that Pin is all about – and why they should click on it.

It’s also read by Pinterest for search indexing purposes. For that reason, keywords that are found within your Pin titles can be incredibly powerful in your ability to rank within search results.

At the time I’m writing this blog post, you can find Pinterest Pin titles in bold right below the Pin image or graphic – within the Smartfeed or search results. Or, you’ll also see it to the right of the image when you click on the Pin to enlarge it.

What is a Pinterest Pin Title? (Pinterest pin title example)

Pinterest Pin titles are limited to up to 100 characters, but depending on the device that a pinner is on, only the first 40 characters may show.

You need to either manually enter your Pin title when creating your Pin, or have rich Pins set up in order for Pin titles to show. If you don’t actually add a Pin title, you’re missing out on a serious piece of high-value keyword real estate!

And one more thing I want to mention here: 

Sometimes people confuse the terms “Pinterest Pin Title” and “Pinterest Text Overlay.” In the graphic above, you can see the pin title. The text overlay is the words that you add on top of your Pinterest pin image or video. 

So while technically there IS a difference between the pin title and the text overlay… the good news is that you can use the same basic strategies to craft them. In other words… Everything you read in this blog post about pin titles? You can use what you learn to write your text overlay, too. (Yay!)

Okay, now that we’ve got the basics down let’s dive into crafting some click-worthy Pinterest Pin titles…


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Pinterest Pin Title Ideas

Your Pinterest Pin Titles: 2 Essential Elements

So, what should you title your pins on Pinterest? When it comes to creating Pinterest Pin titles that will attract your ideal clients, there are two things you want to take into consideration…

1) Your Pinterest Pin title should serve as a “hook” to be irresistible to your ideal audience.

When you’re writing your Pin titles, you want to make sure that they’re eye-catching and capture the pinners’ attention. There is a LOT of content for a user to choose from on Pinterest, and an interest-catching Pin title can make the difference between someone pausing and clicking on your Pin or simply scrolling past.

For example, “5 Hormone Balancing Tips” isn’t a very enticing headline…

But “5 Road Tested & Effective Ways to Balance Your Hormones” definitely is.

Or “5 Ways to Balance Your Hormones – Without Having to Completely Overhaul Your Life” also has a nice ring to it. 

When you write a title that is compelling and hooks your audience in, they are much more likely to click on your pin (and to head over to your website – or take whatever the next step is with you… ) than if your title is a snooze-fest. 

There are a couple of go-to formulas I use to help write irresistible pin titles which I’ll share with you further down in the post, but for now let’s talk about the other important thing you need to consider when writing your Pin titles… keywords!

2) Your Pinterest Pin title should include at least one long tail keyword.

In addition to attracting eyes of Pinners, the other thing you need to take into consideration when writing your Pin titles is SEO, or search engine optimization.

Your Pinterest Pin title is one of the key 😉places where you can put keywords on Pinterest. So you want to be sure to have at least one long-tail keyword in your pin title for this purpose.

The further towards the front of your Pin title you can put the keyword, the better, but don’t sweat too much about this if you can’t make it work. It’s still important that the title read and flow naturally, too. So don’t force it. 

And remember… don’t keyword-stuff! With Pin titles, it’s all about finding a balance between optimizing for search and creating that “hook” factor – you need both!

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Pinterest Pin Title Ideas: 8 Formulas to Try

Alright, so now that we’ve talked about what makes a great Pinterest Pin title, let’s get into the ideas!

When it comes down to it, great Pinterest Pin titles generally follow a few different specific formulas. These include…

  • The Ultimate List Title
  • The Burning Questions Title
  • The Proven Methods Title
  • The Testimonial Title
  • The Things You Didn’t Know Title
  • The Objection Preemptive Title
  • The How To Without Title
  • The Versus Title

These kinds of formulas are very similar to formulas for great headlines across the board, so you’ll probably have seen them before. The big difference is that, when you use these formulas for your Pin titles, you include your main keywords so that you can be sure to rank in search results.

So for example, if you have a Pin title formula like [Number] of Steps to [Results She Desires], you should make sure that your keyword is included in the results she desires.

This could look like…

  • including the keyword “get more sleep” in the Pin title “5 Steps to Get More Sleep”
  • Including the keyword “balance your hormones” in the Pin title “5 Sure-Fire Ways to Balance Your Hormones”
  • Including the keyword “women’s weight-lifting workouts” in the Pin title “5 Women’s Weight-Lifting Workouts For Beginners”

Make sense?

Now let’s take a look at those formulas… (This like your very own Pinterest Pin Title Generator!) 

The Headline The Formula  The Example (Keywords are in Bold) 
The Ultimate List Title [Number] of Ways to [Achieve a Desired Result] 15 Road Tested Ways to Balance Your Hormones
22 Self Care Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank
The Burning Questions Title  [The Question You Get *ALL the Time* from Your Audience]?  I hate meditation. Do I need it to conquer anxiety?
Can I do kegels during pregnancy?
The Proven Methods Title [Number] Proven [Ways/Steps/Actions] to [Achieve a Desired Result] 5 Proven Steps to Get Better Sleep
7 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables
The Testimonial Title How [Person] Got [Result] in [Timeframe] How Valerie Got More Tinder Matches in 1 Week
How Jamie Gained 10 Pounds of Muscle in 2 months
The Things You Didn’t Know Title [Number] Things You Didn’t Know About [Keyword] 22 Things You Didn’t Know About Dating as a Single Mom
35 Surprising Facts About Women’s Weight Lifting
The Objection Preemptive Title [No/Yes], You [Pre-Empt Objection] to [Achieve Desired Result] No, You Don’t Have to Follow the Trends to Dress Better at Work
No, You Don’t Have to Work Out Every Day to Lose Weight
The How to Without Title How to [Achieve Desired Result] Without [Unpleasant Action] How to Find the Love of Your Life Without Dating Apps
How To Get More Sleep Without Going to Bed Earlier
The Versus Title [Thing] vs. [Thing]: Which is better for [audience/desired result]? Weight lifting vs. Cardio: Which is better for women who want to lose weight?
Carbs vs. Protein: Which is the better macro for your post-workout snack?

Great list, right? ☝🏽 I’ll add to it over time, so pin 📌 or bookmark this page! 🙂  

Using the right keywords in Pinterest pin titles = getting discovered by action takers! 

Over the course of this blog post, I’ve talked a lot about how important it is to include keywords within your Pinterest Pin titles.

Keywords are the words and phrases that people search for within Pinterest. By optimizing your Pin titles, descriptions, and profile with keywords, you increase your chances of showing up in the searches of your ideal clients.

Basically, keywords help us get discovered by people who… 

  • are already searching for what we offer
  • care about the topics that we create content about. 

So, when they find our pins within their search results (which we’ll pop up in because we’ve optimized using keywords), they’ll be much more likely to take action on the products and services that we have to offer.


Now you know about keywords in Pinterest pin titles… So what’s next? 

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Even More Pinterest Pin Title Ideas…


Oh hey there, over-achiever! 👸🏻 If you’re looking for even MORE Pinterest Pin title ideas than the seven I’ve outlined above, here’s a treat for you…

The beautiful thing about Pinterest Pin titles is that they are a lot like headlines. So there are actually tons of great resources out there on headline creation that can help you with writing your Pin titles.

Here are 3 great resources that can help you write better headlines + include a bunch of headline formulas to spark your inspiration:

51 Headline Formulas To Skyrocket Conversions (And Where To Use Them) – This blog post by Sumo breaks down how to use headlines in different places (like blog posts titles and email subject lines) and offers 51 plug-and-play headline formulas.

30+ Ultimate Headline Formulas for Tweets, Posts, Articles, and Emails -This post by Buffer really focuses on writing headlines that get clicks – perfect for Pinterest Pin titles!

50+ Headline Formulas and Templates to Make Writing Your Next Title Easy – CoSchedule is home to the Headline Analyzer, so you know they’ve got great tips on writing good headlines. This post breaks down 14 different headline types + gives tons of examples to help contextualize them.

And that’s the word on Pinterest Pin titles!

Remember, a great Pinterest Pin title is comprised of two things:

  • A great, eye-catching hook
  • Your main keyword

When you include these two things, you’re on the right track to writing great Pinterest Pin titles!

For the actual step-by-steps of optimizing your Pin titles, descriptions, and profile with keywords, be sure to check out my course, Pinterest with Purpose. <<