Once upon a time (like two years ago) Lanie* was getting 40 to 60% of her website traffic from Pinterest! 🤓

But, as of a couple of months ago, that was down to 3%. 😟

So Lanie decided to grab the wheel and make some changes – to get her Pinterest account back to its former glory.

And that’s where I come in.

Lanie hired me for a Pinterest audit… And then she did the weeerrrrrkkkk to implement many (but not all!) of my suggestions… and (drum roll please)…

(*Lanie helps creative entrepreneurs understand and make moves based on their data! You may remember her from past collabs with me?)

Her Pinterest results came quickly – I was like Whoa. 😲

In the first two weeks post-implementation, she saw:

  •  A total audience growth increase of 286%. (per Pinterest analytics)
  • A 240% increase in the number of users coming to her website from Pinterest (per Google Analytics)

Plus, in the first month, she tracked her numbers and learned:

  • Her average session duration from Pinterest click-throughs was up almost 294%!
  • Her “pages visited per session” stats went up 14.3%; and
  • Her bounce rate has dropped by almost 13%.

(*Ahhhhemmmm… this is Lanie’s way of saying that her Pinterest-driven website visitors were sticking around longer and demonstrating more interest in her content and offers. Hello, better quality leads!)

And those were just Lanie’s early results…

There’s more. The story gets better…

And, lucky for us… Lanie has a podcast. In it, she shares juicy behind-the-scenes stories about how bosses make decisions with their data. (Her show is a personal fave of mine!)

And she recorded two episodes (about 12 minutes each, bc this lady knows your time is valuable) about her Pinterest experiments – and her results.

In Episode 20 of the OMGrowth Podcast… (<< click to listen) 

  • Lanie details what she learned in / got from the audit I did for her.
  • (She is revealing DETAILS, people!… And I had my bossy pants on, so get ready. But don’t worry… we’re still friends. 🤪)
  • She describes how she took my audit points and tasked some out to make them actionable.

Then in Episode 22 of the show… (<< click to listen)

  • Lanie re-visits her numbers and shows us what *actually* happened to her Pinterest results over time
  • She tells you what parts of my advice she said, “Nope” to. 
  • She shares 3 specific lessons she learned via this experiment
  • She quotes Axl Rose (in a business-y way)

If all of this sounds fun and interesting…

First, you’re right. It is. Lanie makes numbers fun. And you’re going to love her.

Second, you can listen in to Lanie’s episodes – OR read the detailed show notes – over on her blog. (in less than 25 min total!)



Pssst… You can also pin this article for reference later! 👇