The best marketing tips I’ve picked up as an entrepreneur? I’d say they are the these… the crucial lessons that helped me to both: 

(1) become a better marketer in general; and 

(2) master marketing on my platform of choice – Pinterest. 

So, in this post I’m sharing the three marketing lessons that have helped me *most* over the years… the ones that have really helped me ace the Pinterest marketing strategy – for myself and for students and clients. 

But I know you’ll find them helpful regardless of where you show up online to promote your offers. Because they are “tried and true” for ALL platforms – and oh-so-impactful! 

Ready? Cool. Let’s dial in our marketing! 

Marketing tip #1: Specificity sells.

It’s true. It just does. People are looking for specific solutions – especially when they are considering investing their time or money in achieving them. 

They feel their situations are unique. And in many ways, they are. 

And if they are considering hiring you (or buying a digital product from you), they definitely want to know that you truly understand *exactly* what they are experiencing – and what they desire. 

So, being specific about our niches and our ICAs (ideal client avatars)… It’s so, so, critical. That level of granularity gives us the ability to use specific examples in our messages and speak dead-straight to the challenges and deep desires our people face and experience. 

Not convinced yet? Let me show you…

Which “I help” statement is more impactful? ⁠Which one will get the attention of the right person – and motivate her to want to learn more? 

  1. “I help women practice self care and look and feel better.”


  2. “I help busy moms with 3+ kids to prioritize their health and consistently practice self care – even and especially when they feel there’s zero time to do it!”

And which of these two stories/hooks would work better to compel her to keep reading and actually follow your call to action? 

  1. “I know. It’s really hard to grocery shop and not be tempted to toss that ice cream in the cart. You know you should buy more fruit to have on hand instead, but it’s so hard!…”


  2. “You just got to Whole Foods and you desperately need to stock up on your “mom self care foods” for the week. But your three-year-old missed his nap and is juuuuust about to start wailing. Your nine-year-old is still trying to convince you to buy her a razor (#wth!). And your ‘tween just wandered back into your aisle with three tubs of that cherry-chocolate ice cream you both love… Ugh! You KNOW if you have that in the house, you’ll binge on it with her!…”

Yes, the second one is more compelling, of course…

(Pro Tip: If your ICA doesn’t feel “called out” a little by your content, you might not be doing it right!” 🤣) ⁠

And here’s why this specific lesson has helped me ace Pinterest:

Specificity takes on even more importance with your Pinterest marketing. 

This is because a big part of our strategy is to use the KEYWORDS that she’s using to search (to solve problems, get ideas and inspiration for improvements she desires in her life). ⁠

If you’re not specific with what you offer and create – how will you find and use the right keywords? (It’s close to impossible; trust me. I’ve tried to help clients do this when their offers were really generic. #SorryNotSorry.) ⁠

So, don’t be afraid to get specific. ⁠

Oh, and one more thing… Remember, if you work online, you’re not limited to serving people in one geographic area. So, really…. Don’t be afraid to niche down your offers and your messaging… Because you can work with people anywhere. And there are PLENTY of clients and students out there for you! ⁠

*Steps off soapbox. 🤣*Moves on to best marketing tip #2… 

(Pssssst…. You can 📌 pin this article for reference
to your “Best Markteting Tips” board:) 

How to pin your Instagram content to Pinterest

Marketing tip #2: If you confuse them, you’ll lose them. 

This is another one of the marketing lessons that I learned early on… that has *really* helped me to up my own Pinterest marketing game – and to help clients and students get better results, too. ⁠

The online space is sooooooo noisy these days. (Yes, even over on Pinterest, social media’s chill cousin. 🙂 ⁠

And just like in life, people on Pinterest are constantly scanning aaaalllll the information that’s coming at them through the lens of “What’s in it for me? If we don’t quickly and clearly show them exactly what this is about… and exactly what to do… they will keep scrolling – without noticing us or taking action. 

So, in all of your marketing, ask yourself… (“Self…” 🤣)⁠

✔️ Is this copy or text overlay clear and bold? ⁠
✔️ Would a beginner understand what this is? ⁠
✔️ Am I prioritizing clear over clever? ⁠
✔️ Am I avoiding lingo or jargon? (More on that below!) ⁠
✔️ Did I use a clear call to action (CTA)? ⁠

In fact, bookmark this post and use the above as a checklist next time you create a Pinterest pin! (Or any content, really.) ⁠

And read this post about how *exactly* I recommend that you stop the scroll on Pinterest.

Marketing tip #3: Use your ideal client’s words (not lingo/jargon).

This is a powerful lesson. And I learned it by helping clients do keyword research on Pinterest. Here’s the deal: 

In your marketing in general, if you want your messages to resonate, you need to leave *out* any lingo or jargon that you’ve picked up. 

When you’re passionate about something (and you eat, sleep, breathe it!) it’s easy to think others know what we mean when we toss around lingo. 

Newsflash: They usually don’t. 

Most of your ideal clients are many steps behind you. And if you use the “buzzwords” of the coaching industry… or acronyms that others in your space know, etc… your messages won’t land with the people who would actually pay you! #ooooops

(Quick side note: I still struggle with this sometimes. Did you notice above I used the term “ICA?” But then I clarified what that stands for – because many of my readers are just getting started with their marketing. It’s not a “given” that they will know what this means.)

Meanwhile, on Pinterest… 

Remember, Pinterest is a search engine, so we need to use the keywords our ideal clients are searching for. (We use them in seven places. Learn more about Pinterest keywords in my free masterclass – which can be accessed right here.) 

If you want to be found by your ideal client on Pinterest, you MUST also avoid any jargon or lingo that you’ve picked up – especially from the coaching space. Because that’s not what your ideal client is searching for… because that’s NOT what she thinks her problem is. 

Here are a couple of examples of this: ⁠

You’re a dating coach for divorced women and think your ideal client is searching for “dating mindset?” ⁠

Nope. She’s searching for “dating profile photo,” “dating after divorce,” and “dating profile examples.”⁠

You’re a business coach and messaging expert for life coaches? And think your ideal client is searching for “fix my messaging?” ⁠

Nope. She’s searching for “how to get clients,” “how to explain life coaching,” and “how to write my website about page…”⁠

Here’s the bottom line: 

Meet your ideal person where she’s at. Use her words. Solve the problems she thinks she has – not the problems you think (know?) she has. ⁠

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