If you’re a coach or service provider, and you sometimes feel a little burnt out by all the content you need to create to market your offers… 

I have a pretty urgent message for you. 🚨

It’s a message that might be hard to hear, but I hope you’ll hear me out.

The sad truth is that a lot of really *brilliant* and talented coaches and service providers don’t make it past year one in online business.

And 👉🏼 Content burnout is the single most common reason.

I’ve personally seen it happen to so many brilliant business owners. 

And the faster you understand how content burnout happens, the less likely it is that YOU will be the one who’s gone in a year…

The less likely it will be YOU, sending out resumes, canceling your VA’s retainer, and writing your website off as a loss on your taxes.

So in this article, I’m going to share an approach that will change the way you think about content and energy.  

I’m going to help you avoid becoming a statistic.

I’m going to show you what I believe is THE BEST WAY to sidestep content burnout… so you can continue spreading your important messages, land more dream clients, and create real staying power for your business. 

Let’s do this… 

First, let’s get real: What *really* causes content burnout?

Let’s start with a very general, “accepted” definition of content burnout for an online coach, service provider, or other online expert:

Basically, it’s the physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that comes from the constant pressure to produce high-quality content to attract and convert clients. 

Over time, the repetitive nature of publishing might cause you to start to feel a lack of creativity, and less enthusiasm for your subject matter… And this dynamic can even cause you to seriously question the impact or relevance of your work.

So that’s pretty accurate, right? 

But I think this “accepted” definition is missing something REALLY CRUCIAL. 

And the piece that it’s missing is actually the key to side-stepping the rampant burnout, so we need to talk about it… 

Here’s my more dialed-in definition of content burnout: 

I believe that content burnout happens when you’re showing up hot and heavy on social media, your blog, Youtube, and/or a podcast, etc… pouring hours of energy and time into content…

… but it doesn’t result in sales. 😬

(i.e. Your content isn’t converting.) 

So contrary to common belief, it isn’t *merely* the exhaustion from endless content creation that can wear us down.

It’s that exhaustion — PAIRED with a lack of financial return.

It’s not just fatigue from doing too much; it’s the disappointment that all that effort isn’t translating to inquiries, clients, and income.  

In my experience, THAT is the true face of content burnout in this online space. 

THAT is actually the dynamic that causes a lot of really *brilliant* and talented people to call it quits on their business and go back to their 9-to-5’s. 

Because when you earn money from your content, and that money funds all the plans and dreams you wanted it to… THAT fuels you. It’s *motivating.* 

And working with the clients your content generates — that is also highly motivating. Helping people and making the impact that you desire will also fuel you. 

Income and impact… 

These two results make it all feel worthwhile, so you can maintain that good energy — and side-step that feeling of burnout. 

But if content just feels like a bottomless pit — and you don’t see a connection between creating it and attracting, converting, and serving dream clients — then it doesn’t feel sustainable or “worth it.” So that’s VERY demotivating. 

And then a vicious content burnout cycle begins…  

… Because a lot of us have been conditioned to believe we just need to work harder and show up more — to earn more income. So if what you’re doing now isn’t producing the clients you want… 

You post and publish more. 

Maybe every day. Maybe multiple times per day. You just keep pumping out more and more content – even though it’s not converting.

And you assume that more content will lead to more reach and more followers… Which should lead to more clients, right? I mean, because… math… right? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Except it doesn’t actually work like that. 

And so this vicious cycle actually creates a downward spiral of burnout — and you still don’t see the results you want. 

(There are just not enough people reaching out to you to inquire about your offers… not enough sales calls, or sales calls with people who aren’t a good fit… And a near-empty client roster…😩Ack. Time to pull out that resume…)  

Okay… So then what’s the solution to content burnout? 

If you ever feel in danger of just throwing in the towel because your content doesn’t seem to be getting you clients… I need you to read the next sentence VERY carefully:

When your content isn’t converting to clients or sales — *AND* you’re feeling burned out by all time you’re investing in it — you don’t need more content.  

(Stop and read that again if you need to.)

👉🏼👉🏼 What’s probably happening here is that your content isn’t saying the things your audience needs to hear — to feel ready to buy.

So, the first part of the solution is to stop cranking out tons and tons of content — and take a step back and re-assess your content strategy.

It’s time to stop pumping out lots of content — and focus instead on High-leverage Content. 

The High-leverage Content system (affectionately called ‘HLC’) is my signature course and toolkit for coaches and service providers

Trading in your current, high-volume, time-intensive, approach for this system will empower you to sidestep content burnout – so that you don’t quit and you become a “statistic.”

Here’s how: 

Inside HLC, you learn how to focus on creating the *right content* — not just pumping out a high *volume* of content.

HLC is based upon this truth: 

There are certain things that your future clients need to hear, learn, and understand more deeply – to feel ready to buy.

When you enroll in HLC, on Day 1 (Yes! The very first day), in the “Orientation” lessons, I’ll introduce you to my simple but powerful ‘9-in-2 Content Pillars’ framework.  

This framework is the backbone of the system.

It details the nine types of content you’ll need to build demand and trust quickly — and sell your coaching offers and programs with your content. There are… 

  • 4 types of expertise-focused content; and
  • 5 types of conversion-focused content

When you center your content around these key things, you go from exhausting yourself, spinning your wheels on content that doesn’t translate to sales… to honing right in on the messages that move the needle and convert your audience to paying clients quickly. 

You don’t become a victim of content burnout. 

Instead, you get real ROI from your time spent on it. Your marketing is sustainable for you. You (and your business) enjoy real staying power. 💪🏼

Here are a few of the things current HLC students have said when they learn the ‘9-in-2 Pillars.’

“OMG. 🤯The 9 in 2. All of a sudden, I can so clearly see what I’ve been doing wrong all along and why my content wasn’t selling. Mind blown.” 

“This has totally changed how I do content.

“I can’t wait to start using the 9 in 2. I can already see how it’s going to dramatically reduce the time I spend on content – and help me get people to buy faster.” 

Inside High-leverage Content, you get *everything* you need (strategies, worksheets, a “scoring” method for all your ideas, plug-and-play content outlines, and more) to plan AND create these key pieces. 

Over time using this system, you’ll instinctively start applying the ‘9-in-2 Content Pillars’ whenever you create content, everywhere. 

Without having to think about it, you’ll always be able to easily cull out the less profitable ideas, and focus your time only on the ideas that will get their audience booking and buying. 

And less time spent on content, and more people taking action and paying you?

THAT is the real secret to avoiding content burnout. 

If you’re ready to stop sinking time into content that doesn’t actually translate to sales — and stop hurtling toward content burnout — visit the High-leverage Content sales page to learn more and enroll today!